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Monte Cassino War Memorial

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  • Monte Cassino War Memorial
    - Your Highness, the enemy is so numerous... they outnumber your army.
    - My friend, first I beat 'em then I'll count 'em
    (Polish King Jan III Sobieski during his campaigns)

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    I've been to Monte Cassino, they have rebuilt the Abby and there is an M10 on display immiediately outside the station.
    "To be free is better than to be unfree - always."


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      My grandfather, Paul Mann Sr., fought at Cassino as a Sergeant in a rifle squad with the 504th Parachute Infantry/82nd Airborne. The following are quotes are from his notebook.

      "We need supplies, food & ammo, water."

      "Can't give up, must clear out fort."

      "Cassino, it's beautiful."

      "(someone) caught one in the arm this AM from a sniper. We got the S.O.B. that did it."

      "Been on the attack for 69 days, my men are exhausted & hungry. They are good Troopers and will fight to the last."

      "We have got to get some food, water and ammo."

      "2:00 AM, I am so tired of being in charge, but love to be this tough Sergeant."
      "This life..., you know, "the life." Youíre not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you donít shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



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