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    The Little Bighorn Battlefield on the Crow Reservation in eastern Montana. Unique in how the markers placed where the 7th Cavalry fell, you can see how the battle developed. Well staffed with Park Service historians who hold some very interesting talks.

    I highly recommend it in late June, as you can see what the battlefield looked like on that day, and Montana is beautiful in June.

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      For those in Europe that like to see a small WW1 site that looks like from yesterday because all those trenches and bunkers were digged/carved into solid rock:

      The "Lingekopf" or "Le Linge" where Germans and French slaughtered each other in 1915.

      Its situated in Alsace, France (GPS-coordinates : N 48.083554 E 7.139994) some 40min drive from the city of Mulhouse. It also comprises a nice museum and as stated above original trenches. It was a very exciting but sad visit.
      For me it was so far the best "trench experience" i had. The sick thing is that they still dig out bodies there, nearly 90 years later...
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        I have visited quite a few museums, as far as museums on war, I would say the Musée de l'Armée in France is top notch. The old department has a fine collection of ancient armour and weapons from the 13th-17th centuries.


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          Has the Latrun "Yad Lashiryon" Armored museum been mentioned?
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            Originally posted by toadman View Post
            The MVTF is no longer a "private" museum. Due to our staffing and location, we still do require appointments for tours. However, they no longer need to be made months in advance. If you are an individual or have just a couple of people, you can usually be scheduled pretty quickly. Please visit our website as listed above and click on the "tours" tab to get the tour reservation process started.

            Chris "toadman" Hughes
            Volunteer docent and offsite events coordinator, Military Vehicle Technology Foundation
            As of January 2014, the museum is no longer active. Much of their vejicle collection is being auctioned off and the best pieces, I presume are being sent to a museum out east (Boston?).

            Very sad to see this place go...


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              Another private one is this one:



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                Just visited the US National WWI Museum in KC last week. Worth the visit!



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                  Two museums worth a visit - for two different reasons; both have no website but are mentioned on the web:

                  El-Alamein Museum, El-Alamein, Egypt. Every time my wife and I go to our coastal retreat at Mersa Mattruh (site of Rommel's Cave - his wartime HQ). No we don't reside in his HQ.. just in the area, we pass Alamein on our way to or from Cairo. Its 80 km west of Alexandria and is worth visiting. Quite a bit of equipment in the grounds and much better conserved are the displays inside the museum with many uniforms, small arms and other objects. Anyone interested in the N. Africa campaign should take the trouble to visit. Nearby is the British and Allied cemetry, the German and Italian war cemetries are further west by some km., though not so far out of town.

                  Kuwait House of National Works. Kuwait (The 1990 Invasion Museum). As 50/20 project manager for the British Embassy at the time (50 years since Independence and 20 since the invasion that I witnessed) I curated the British Embassy section in the museum that is twinned with the RAF Museum and the Tank Museum Bovington. This museum will be rehoused at some stage but for those students of 1990 it is significant.
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                    Lāčplēsis - My dad was at Mersa Mattruh, but it was more an advance and retreat 'Benghazi Handicap' at the time.

                    Once during a sandstorm the unit he was retreating with and an advancing German column got a brief glimpse of each other running parallel a short distance away.

                    At the time they had a common 'enemy' - the wind and the whipped up sand.

                    ps. I very much enjoy my periodic visits to Bovington.


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                      Originally posted by Wooden Wonder View Post
                      Lāčplēsis - My dad was at Mersa Mattruh, but it was more an advance and retreat 'Benghazi Handicap' at the time.
                      Woden Wonder, don't know if you have been to Mersa yourself; apart from Rommel's Cave HQ that is worth a visit (I hope renovations have finished and the museum reopened this year). I have rarely enjoyed a beach so much as there. 300 km due south from Mersa is Siwa Oasis, sight of LRDG wanderings. On that leg south one really has a feeling of desert as the road is not marked with pylons and the poor scrub just extends..... and extends.... pity is the place is still littered with WWII mines that have drifted so wandering off into the yonder is not a good option....
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                        Deniz Müzesi (Naval Museum), Beşiktaş, İstanbul

                        A great museum in several sections;
                        A history of the Ottoman Navy with a great accent on the Dardanelles 1915, but also a fascinating section on pre-WWI ships.
                        An art/manuscript section and late Ottoman (late 19th/ early 20th Century) Caiques of the Sultans (and also 2 of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's caiques)

                        There is also a branch in Çanakkale that has a replica of the Turkish mine-layer Nusret - very finely done and worth a holiday in that part of Turkey.

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                          the above mentioned museum list was really amazing.


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                            Wack tac mac hey.


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