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Woburn, MA Memorial to Woburn Veterans of all Wars

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  • Woburn, MA Memorial to Woburn Veterans of all Wars

    My hometown of Woburn, MA within the last year erected a new monument on the town common which commemorates the veterans of all American Wars (even pre-Revolution), who ever lived in Woburn. The idea was that the previous monuments were just the people who lived in Woburn during their service; Woburn had a big population surge after WW II, so many WW II and Korea Veterans in particular had moved out of Boston or the inner suburbs. Of course many veterans who served in Vietnam and later wars also moved to Woburn after their service. And of course many came from and returned to Woburn.

    The memorial is quite impressive - is hard to photograph since you have to walk around 360 to get the full view. The pictures inscribed with the names are quite impressive.

    My hats off to all the Woburn people involved in this.

    I salute all the veterans of all of America's Wars listed there.

    Link to Woburn Honor Roll with names on it.

    A thumbnail picture below with my father's and one of my uncle's names on it.

    I salute all the Woburn veterans.

    I salute my relatives
    WW I - My great-uncle Anthony Buontempo(also served in WW II)
    WW II -My uncle Guy Gianino, my father Antonio Tramonte, my uncle John Tramonte
    Korea - My uncle Michael Tramonte

    Link to Dedication story in Woburn Patch November 13, 2012

    From (the Boston Globe website)
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