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  • Second Civil War scenarios

    I would like to write an AH on a Second War between States, focused on the military aspects, but with a political background that is not completely off. Occurring in the 20th Century, pre-1990 because I'm not that knowledgeable on post-Cold War/Gulf War military developments. Do any of you guys have suggestions or ideas for possible scenarios? The point of divergence shouldn't occur much earlier than 10-15 years before the war, because I believe that in a long time frame events would change so much to become totally unpredictable. So nothing like Turtledove Great War or Settling Accounts series, where the point of divergence happened in 1862, more than half a century before the events described. In Turtledove AH military developments parallel those in OTL and many historical characters are present even if they were born after the POD. That's extremely unlikely. Not only you wouldn't be born if you parents had never met - which could have happened in an alternate timeline - but you wouldn't be born even if they hadn't done... certain things exactly at the day and the time they did nine months before you were born. As for military development, changes would be immense and unpredictable too. It's just enough to consider how many prototypes didn't make it that could well have been produced but for political or even bureaucratic decisions, bad luck etc . Even more important, different war experiences and different requirements due to mutated political conditions would have an enormous impact on both military doctrine and weapon development over a time of several decades.

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