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  • Sci-Fi Novels Become Movies~TV Series

    At first I was thinking this might go in another thread; then thought maybe another sub-forum. But got to think perhaps a thread of it's own, but then realized that what I'm doing the OP with isn't the only one that some might want to discuss. While nominally for sci-fi books made into movies/TV series, could also include those some think should be done in visual~video~screen as well. Lead title in next post.

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    ‘Brave New World’ Arrives in the Future It Predicted

    On Wednesday, Peacock premieres an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1932 science fiction novel. The world the book anticipated — designer drugs, casual sex, near-instant gratification — is already here.

    Ready for a thought experiment?

    Imagine a society that has solved the problems of overpopulation and environmental collapse. Crime is a nonissue, as are homelessness and hunger. Racism? Sexism? Homophobia? Sorted. Science has conquered disease and disability. Everyone has useful work, perfect skin, total emotional equilibrium. Every day is a pleasure. Every night is a party.

    Pop quiz: Is this a paradise? Or a prison?

    Answer: It’s the social science backdrop for “Brave New World,” the flagship drama from Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. All nine episodes are available on Wednesday. Based on Aldous Huxley’s alarmingly prescient 1932 novel of free love and social control, it’s a dystopia dressed up as a utopia. Or vice versa.

    “It seems perfect,” said Jessica Brown Findlay, who plays the geneticist Lenina Crowne. “But the minute you scratch the surface, you start to discover stuff.”

    “But yeah, a couple of days there?” she added. “That would be great.”

    Prestige television likes its glimpses of the future and those futures usually skew dark: “Westworld,” “Black Mirror,” “The Handmaid’s Tale.” But “Brave New World,” which most viewers will remember — vaguely if at all — from some high school or college syllabus, presents a more ambivalent prospect and particular challenges.


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      It would be more of a prison than paradise. Humanity didn't get where we are by living in the Garden of Eden. If anything, history shows those nations, societies, and peoples that had it good with little adversity and no real challenges tended to languish rather than advance. We are where we are today because of war, famine, drought, you-name-it, than because of plenty and peace.


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