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From "The Star Gate, a Most Unusual Adventure."

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  • From "The Star Gate, a Most Unusual Adventure."

    Chapter 24, Ten Years Later.

    It is Spring of 2030. The world is slowly returning to normal as a result of a bitter world war that had erupted between the forces of good and evil. It had been a bitter wake up call to the sleeping people of the Western World to the threat that Radical Islam had created world wide. That war was launched worldwide by a coordinate series of attacks on September 11, 2024. It had mostly been a nasty uncivil war involving the military, the National Guard, law enforcement, and local hastily formed militias as the fighting against the radical religious terrorist has erupted everywhere. There had been a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel, another between India and Pakistan. Several Terrorist smuggled in nuclear warheads have been set off in various port cities around the world. China has had to put down a major Islamic rebellion in it’s country in spite of it’s past effort to contain the Islamic threat by rounding up it’s believers by the millions. There was also a short lived nuclear war in Korea. The city of Mecca is vaporized by a suitcase nuke. Still, much of the worldwide fighting had been of a Civil War nature within the countries as the believers of The Religion of Peace, that infiltrated into the countries through encouraged illegal immigration, then sheltered in the Sanctuary Cities by the bleeding heart Progressives, had launched their attacks in those countries worldwide.

    The elections of 2024 has taken place in spite of the country being involved in a bitter most uncivil war. It has been a most difficult time for voting due to the violence taking place in the Sanctuary cities, the 24 hour martial laws making it difficult for voters to reach their polling place, the censoring of news both by the Socialist loving news media trying to influence the voters and the social media providers that were censoring the post of millions of their subscribers, and the massive voting fraud that soon surfaced in Democrat location causing their candidates lose big everywhere. Eventually, it all gets sorted out although the inauguration of President Pence had been threatened by the numerous lawsuits financed by that same aging billionaire and the Hollywood elite, who’s illegal activities are eventually exposed resulting in numerous arrests for treason. This uncivil war finally ends by 2026 as the inner city purge gets complete, the military moves in using high tech killer drones to eliminate the last pockets of terrorists activity, the surviving leaders are executed or deported to Gitmo, and their surviving enforcers get locked up in hastily reopened mothballed prisons.

    It had been a costly uncivil war with the populations of most major cities being all but wiped out by the violence as local law enforcement, the National Guard, and an army of armed volunteers from the suburbs have formed a defensive ring to confine the rioters to their urban neighborhoods. Mostly, those rioters end up completing the destruction of their neighborhoods as they lose their mobility due to a gasoline shortage, then fighting each other for any remaining food, drugs, ammo, and gasoline.

    As a whole, the smaller towns and rural areas of the country, has been spared the worst of the violence. Between local law enforcement and an armed population, any terrorist activity in the suburbs and rural areas has been quickly put down with deadly force. Basic services and overall food distribution gets slowly restored as the residents of those areas work together to become self sufficient. Barter becomes the new currency in those communities given that all electronic forms of money are suddenly unavailable with cash being in short supply. Overall, the world ends up losing half of it’s population in this brutal war of Armageddon.
    “Breaking News,”

    “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”

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