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    Chapter 45. The Underground Shelter.

    It is the fourth day for the patrol on Earth in it’s 24-7 constant daylight. A check on the amount of Element Dust has confirmed that the 12 enforcers have plenty of fuel for several days of operation.

    Drogon and Reigal has stayed in the pen with their human friends. While Reigal is still grieving over the loss of his mate, Viscerian, to the corrupted dragons, he is glad that the patrol came to the rescue of his son and is thankful for the friendship he is forming with Loki. “I sure do miss Viscerian,” he tells Loki with a tear in his eye.

    “A lost like that is always hard to recover from,” Loki tells Reigel as he and Hilda rubs his neck to order to comfort him. “I lost my first wife in battle many years ago before I ended up on Ragnarok. Hilda, I met from the Helena tribe some 14 years ago. We hit it off and eventually got married. Our son was born a year later.”

    “We know how the dragons will go celebrant when they lose a mate. I do know that you don’t need to remain that way should you find a female that has suffered the same fate. Tammy and Tarmac are an example of how two dragons that have lost a mate can become bonded together as mates. Eddie, of all people when he was a teen, made friends with them and talked them into getting together. They now have a daughter that is nearly fully grown that is dating Flame and Torch’s son. I’m glad to have found your son before he ended up getting lost or hurt. He has given Eric a purpose in life in caring for him and becoming his human friend.”

    “Do you think that we will find any lost humans in this cave?” asks Reigel who is soaking in all of the attention Loki and Hilda are giving him.

    “I do not know,” answers Loki. “Captain Powell is calling a meeting in a couple of minutes to plan our exploration for today. If you would like to, come join the meeting. I’m sure that you can help us by flying recon in here. There certainly appears to be plenty of room for you to explore in this place.”

    “Drogon and I will join you at your meeting,” Reigel tells him.

    In the meeting, Captain Powell lays out the goal for the day. “We will work in two teams of five with the Enforcers to explore the cavern. If we need to, we will build a raft to use in the lake. While the enforcers can operate in water, they will just sink to the bottom. We’ll just follow the shoreline where it is possible. Loki and Eric can fly recon on their dragon friends. We’ll start our exploration of this cavern by checking out the Obelisk and the man made structures it is leaning up against.”

    Making a quick recon flight along the lake, Loki has found a route for the ground patrol to get over to the base of the man made structure. “If you climb up on the backside of this ridge, you will find a path down to where you need to go,” They then take off to continue exploring the area in those places that the patrol is unable to reach with the Enforcers.

    The land patrol makes the trip as suggested by Loki up over the ridge. Massive tree trunks soar up to the high ceiling. Large Redwoods are scattered among the smaller conifers and other trees. Bushes are scatter about the boulders and river rock. The birds can be heard overhead making for a peaceful setting in spite of a small pack of Trogons that push their luck with the Enforcers. Another Gaska is seen forging on the stones and ground, they have such a strange diet.

    “This looks like that scene inside the cave of that moon from that old Star Trek Movie Wrath of Kahn,” comments Eddie.

    “It sure does,” answers Major Powell. “The waterfalls, the lighting, the lush vegetation. It sure looks a lot like that old sci fi film from the late 20th century.”

    Heading down the slope of the ridge, the patrol heads towards the base of the towering man made structure. “It appears to be some kind of a reinforced elevator shaft to the surface that has been exposed by what must have been some sort of cave in when Aberration crashed nearby forming the huge crater that can be seen to the South.” comments Major Powell.

    At the base of the shaft by the lake, there are dozens of structures that are half tunneled into the cave wall. Many are finished, while others appear to be under construction with the tunneling equipment still in them. It is a large installation which becomes apparent as they get close to it.

    “This is much bigger then it looks,” Captain Powell comments as they reach the outskirts of the underground installation.

    “It was reported to be capable of housing 100,000 people for several years,” reports Major Powell. “I wonder if anyone was able to shelter down here even though the installation was still under construction.”

    “I’m seeing a lot of dragon tracks around here,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “I don’t think that they belong to Drogon or Reigel.”

    “You’re right,” answers Captain Powell. “These tracks don’t look like theirs. Lets secure a section for the enforcers and start our search of this installation. Eddie, Lisa, you have guard duty while we are gone inside. I’ll radio Loki to watch out for other dragons as well as survivors.”

    Entering the installation through the construction area they find that a makeshift barrier has been erected to block off an entrance to the rest of the installation from the outside. Clearing away the boulders and crates blocking the steel door, they are able to force it open with the help of an Enforcer. Entering the structure, a grisly sight is soon discovered in a storage area. “It looks like the Zombie Virus came down here with them,” reports Sargent Pasenna. Like what was seen at the docks in Seattle, the same carnage is observed at the storage room. Skeletons are seen in various states of clinging to supplies scattered about in the storage area and to the hallway beyond where it looks like that a makeshift wall had been constructed but was knocked down. Many are found hidden in the ransacked storage containers. Others are found in the construction tunnels. None are seen outside in the cave. It is as if the cave itself had been created after the zombie plague had ended.

    “This is interesting,” reports Lt. Jerry. “It looks like that several of these containers have been recently opened with their contents neatly stacked outside.”

    “That is interesting,” answers Major Powell. “While close to their expiration date, these food rations are still good. Now this is most interesting, for being a weapon free society, here are several containers containing military style assault weapons and ammunition for them.”

    “No doubt, they were for the security detail that would have been part of that installation who’s purpose was to keep away anyone that wasn’t authorized to stay down here.” answers Captain Powell. “We’ll take some of these weapons with us in case we have to deal with any more corrupt creatures on the surface. In the meantime, we had better remain on alert that there are going to be survivors down here that will most likely be well armed.”

    “There is a path cleared here that heads over into the main corridor.” reports Lt. Jerry as he continues inspecting the area in the storeroom.

    In the main entrance area, there is holographic map display of the entire underground installation. It shows the elevator shaft down, the dorm, and rec areas, the support areas, storage, and future expansion currently under construction. The area is completely clear of any signs of rioting or fighting.

    Sargent Pasenna soon locates a control panel for the installation in a nearby office. “Good, we still have power down here,” he tells Captain Powell as he gets some of the lighting turned on.

    “Are the elevators to the surface operational?” ask Captain Powell.

    “No,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “The console shows them all jammed halfway down in the broken shaft.”

    “The stair well is blocked with broken concrete,” reports Masucci. “It looks like that the only way out of here is the way we came down.”

    “This is so strange,” answers Major Powell. “We came down here through a tunnel, Loki with his son and the dragons through the hole in the cave roof, yet, there is this concrete shaft with several elevators for people, supplies, and construction mining as if this installation was being dug into of solid granite. Something else must have created this huge cavern. But what?”

    “What are you finding out from the terminal about this place?” ask Captain Powell.

    “The last entries in the log were the evacuation orders from the Progressive Socialist when the Zombie Virus hit,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “It appears that the only people down here were from the construction crews, the security detail, the project supervisors, and some Government officials that happened to be inspecting the place at the time. The Zombie Virus showed up when some of the construction workers and security personnel violated their orders and tried to get their families down here to safety. It took everyone out before the people authorized to be in here could even arrive to this installation.”

    “The supply log shows that two thirds of the survival supplies had already been delivered and placed in storage by the time that the alert took place. According to the construction logs, only half of the installation had been completed with tunnel boring continuing for the rest of the planned construction. There were plans to install special equipment that could be used to drill to the surface from down here but the machinery had yet to be delivered and installed.”

    “That’s interesting,” reports Masucci. “There is a door leading into the cave from here. I can see the lake from the window in it. It appears to have been locked from the outside with this deadbolt lock.”

    “Then, there must be survivors that are out forging in the cave,” answers Captain Powell. “We better barricade it from the inside so we don’t get blindsided while we are busy checking the rest of this place out.”

    Captain Powell now gets a radio message from Eddie and Lisa, who are on watch with the Enforcers. “We have four dragons coming this way,” Eddie reports from his radio.

    “Everyone outside,” orders Captain Powell as another radio message is coming in.

    “Loki here,” the message is received. “We found the survivors from Sanctuary City.”

    When the recon patrol had first arrived at the survival installation, Loki and Eric were checking out the first high place where they could land their dragons. “Captain Powell just called me to report that they found lots of dragon tracks by the man made structures. Reigel, did you and your son land there to check it out when you were gone hunting last night?”

    “No, we didn’t,” answers Reigel. “There must be other dragons living down here. What should we do is we see them?”

    “Lets see what their intentions are when we find them.” answers Loki.

    “I didn’t think that there were any other dragons on Earth other then us and those corrupted ones,” Reigel tells Loki.

    “They may have ran into the corrupt dragons, then made a break for it to hide in this cave,” answers Loki as they land on a high bluff in the massive cave. “Like Sanctuary City, we haven’t seen any corrupted creatures down here at all. Something has prevented them from coming down into the cave.”

    “We never knew that this cave was here,” answers Reigel. “Otherwise, we would have came down here instead of hiding in the underground by the ruined city.” They continue with the exploration of the high ground.

    “Reigel, What’s wrong?” Loki asks when he is suddenly tenses up while staring at something up ahead in the bushes.

    “There’s two dragons hiding in the bushes up ahead of us,” answers Eric as Drogon lands closely nearby.

    Reigel is now staring at the two dragons, who are doing the same, for the longest time. He looks like some deer staring into the headlights on a highway at night. Finally, he tells Loki in a shaky voice as he tears up. “She looks so much like Vicerian.”

    “I know the feeling,” Loki tells him as he is rubbing his neck to comfort him. “It’s too soon for you to find another mate if she doesn’t have one. She does have a young dragon with her. Lets let them approach us.”

    “Hello!” a female voice is heard from someone riding on the female dragon. “Who are you.”

    “I’m Loki,” he answers. “My dragon friend is Reigel. Please take it slow approaching him, He is still in shock from losing his mate to those corrupted dragons yesterday. Your dragon looks so much like his Viscerian. My son, Eric, is riding on his son Drogon.”

    “That is such a terrible lost to have gone through,” the stranger answers. “My name is Dianna. My dragon friend is named Paragon. She lost her mate to the corrupted dragons years ago. She just told me that your Reigel looks so much like her Draco. She really misses him. My daughter Christina is riding on her daughter Tammy.”

    “Are you hiding down here from the corrupted dragons as well?”

    “No,” answers Loki. “We’re part of a patrol of 12 explorers that returned to Earth from the Ragnarok Ark. We were able to kill the corrupted dragons when they attacked us. My son found Drogon hiding in the cave scared out of his wits. He found Reigal when he came looking for Drogon.”

    “Oh, thank goodness that your patrol got rid of those corrupted dragons,” answers Dianna. “Paragon told me how Draco sacrificed himself so she could escape to the cave. He managed to kill one of them before he was killed in battle by the other three. We found Paragon when we saw her falling from the hole in the cave ceiling at the shelter. She crashed landed close to were we were camped next to the shelter. We found her crying over the loss of her mate. It was quite a surprise when she let us come up close enough to touch her and found out that we could talk to each other. Michael treated her injured wing as I went to comfort her. Two days later, she asked us for help in building a nest to lay her egg. Tammy was hatched two weeks later. Do you think that the corrupted dragons have any young ones out there?”

    “No,” answers Loki. “That one corrupted female we encountered had no milk on her. They were all flying together. All adult female dragons that I have been with always had milk on them.”

    “Where have you seen other dragons before?” ask Dianna.

    “From the Ragnarok ark where they are living with us at Viking Bay,” answers Loki.

    “You mean that you were on one of those alien satellites in orbit around the Earth? Dianna asks.

    “Yes,” answers Loki. “I am from your fifth century when my Viking raiding party was caught in a freak storm and ended up on the Ragnarok Ark. The rest of our party was transported up there prior to the damaged Aberration Ark crashing into Earth. Some of them were on that Ark having been transported there by a stealth experiment that malfunctioned in 1945. The others were survivors from the Zombie Plague at Ft Lewis. We were only recently able to teleport back to Sanctuary City when the portal to Earth became active again. Reigel told me that his mate saw you escape when your party was heading for the cave and was attacked by the corrupted creatures in the wastelands.”

    “That is most interesting,” answers Dianna. “It looks like our dragons are starting to get over their shock of seeing each other for the first time since they lost their mates. Let’s head over to my camp in the high cliff side so I can introduce you to my husband Michael and give our two dragons some time to be together by themselves.”

    “Are you going to be all right around Paragon?” Loki asks Reigel as he gets off of him.

    “I will be fine,” answers Reigel.

    “Take as much time as you need to get acquainted with Paragon.” Loki advises him. “We’re going to visit Dianna’s camp.”

    “Take it slow and easy with getting to know Reigel,” Dianna advises Paragon. “After all, he is still in mourning over having just lost his mate.”

    "I’ll take it slow and easy,” Paragon tells Dianna.

    The two dragons are soon engaged in dragon speak as they move next to each other as Loki and Dianna head inland on the bluff to her camp.

    “Drogon, Tammy, come with us so your parents can have some private time together,” orders Loki.

    Back in the cliff side bluff, the foursome and the two young dragons reach the homestead where Michael is tending a garden. “I didn’t think that anyone else survived out there,” Michael answers after the introductions are made.

    “They are warriors that returned to Earth from one of those objects in orbit,” answers Dianna. “Loki says that they got rid of the threat from the corrupted dragons.”

    “This is the best news I’ve had since we made a break for it to reach the cave,” answers Michael. “This world has been so messed up as a result of the disarmament of the world’s population that led to the Islamic Wars and the zombie plague. That gives us hope that this world can be reborn.”

    “Why did you decide to move up here from the shelter?” ask Loki.

    “It is so much more peaceful up on the bluff then down in that depressing shelter,” answers Michael. “There’s plenty of resources up here, no threats from the predators below, and our two dragons like it up here. We do go down there from time to time to look for items that we are unable to craft up here for ourselves.”

    “Where’s Paragon?”

    “She is at the cliff edge with Reigel,” answers Loki. “Hopefully, they will become mates soon.”

    “That would make her so happy if it works out between those two,” answers Michael. “What’s it like up on the surface?”

    “It is still quite dangerous in the wastelands,” answers Loki. “You will need to wear full Gille armor in order to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It appears that the sun is now fixed in the sky with the weather hot and overcast. Sanctuary City remains relatively safe. The force field has been protecting it from the meteor storms that strike without warning. There are still corrupt creatures in that area. We can easily defend ourselves against them with our tec weapons and the enforcer robots.”

    “You have control of the Enforcer Robots?” ask Michael in surprise.

    “Yes,” answers Loki. “Masucci was able to find where their control unit was and reprogram it for us to use them as defense and transport. We just have to make sure that we have Element Dust to keep them powered.”

    “When we came out of the shelter of City Hall after the extinction event, we had discovered that they had gone on autopilot,” answers Michael. “They were randomly attacking us and the other creatures that had escaped from the park zoo and research labs. They were one of the reasons we had to make a break for it to reach this cave.”

    “When we are done with our exploration of this new Earth, you are welcome to come back with us to the Ragnarok Ark,” Loki tells Michael. “When our dragons are done getting to know each other, I’ll take you down to where the rest of our patrol is at the underground shelter.”

    It is an hour later, as Loki, Eric, and the survivors are trading stories of their survival, when Reigel and Paragon fly back to land at the campsite. Both dragons look so happy to be with each other. “According to my Specimen Implant, they are now mate boosted,” Loki tells the others.

    “What is the Specimen Implant?” asks Dianna.

    “It is this special gem that is implanted in our left wrist,”Loki tells her as he shows her his left arm. “It provides us with a lot of creature information as well as information about us. It also serves as a backpack and crafting center for many of the common things that we use for our survival. Only those of us that were taken to the Arks by some unknown beings have these implants. Macucci, Eddie, and Major Powell do not have one as they came directly from Earth using a teleporter to escape its destruction.”

    “Reigel, can you fly double to bring us all back to the underground shelter?”

    “Yes,” answers Reigel. “Just have Michael sit behind you when you get on me.”

    “Then, lets go see the others,” answers Loki. “I’ll radio ahead that they have friendly company coming to see them.”
    “Breaking News,”

    “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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      Chapter 46. Surviving Extinction

      Reaching the edge of the shelter, the four dragons with their five passengers proceed to land inside the protected area. The newcomers are a bit unsure of the mechanical Enforcers guarding the area until they have been assured that they are under the manual control of the members of the patrol.

      Captain Powell and Major Powell come up to meet them. “Thank you for finding us,” Michael tells them. “We didn’t think that anyone had survived the Extinction, let alone those horrible corrupted creatures living out there in the wastelands.”

      “As you probably know by now, our patrol returned through the portal from the Ragnarok Ark to explore the extinct Earth,” answer Captain Powell. “How did you survive the Zombie Plague, then the Extinction Event?”

      “We were part of a group of 20 that had locked ourselves into the shelter of City Hall when the Zombie Plague hit,” answers Michael. “I was able to observe through the security system that the plague only affected people. Then, the nukes hit all of the major cities around the world thus cutting off the Internet and all but the local network. A year later, we were able to leave the shelter after establishing control of the Enforcer network to program them to go after the feral dog packs and eliminate their threat to us. We managed to establish contact with the observatory and a couple of other places with survivors. Then, we received a warning from the observatory about an extinction event heading our way. Since we couldn’t gain access to the shelter, we headed back to the bunker under City Hall. By some fluke of Nature, the city survived the impact from that asteroid and the firestorm that struck after. It was a week later that we decided that we needed to make a break for what looked like a cave that had appeared to the North East. We were totally unprepared for the attack from the corrupted creatures in the wasteland as we made the mad dash for the safety of the cave. Four of us made it to the cave when the corrupted creatures suddenly stopped chasing after us and ran off. Unfortunately, both Lewis and Maggie died from their injuries before we could get them down into the shelter where we could properly take care of their injuries and find some weapons that we could use for our defense against the cave predators that started showing up days later.”

      “The cave itself was quite strange. We have no idea it was even here. I don’t think that the shelter engineers even knew about it given that the shelter was being dug into solid granite. It is as if this cave was formed during the extinction event given how half of the construction is now exposed with the construction road falling into it, the broken elevator shafts, and that strange obelisk leaning up against it. Even more strange was the formation of this massive forest. It is as if, it and those strange creatures down here, appeared overnight.”

      As Michael continues with his story, Major Powell conducts a medical checks up of the newcomers. She finds that they are in good health both physically and mentally.

      “Did Paragon have a torn wing when you first found her?” asks Major Powell as she conducts her examination of the female dragon. “She has a scar on her left wing indicating a large tear had happened to it at one time. Oh, how interesting. It looks like that someone has stitched it back together.”

      “Yes, she did,” answers Dianna. “She told me that one of the corrupted dragons tore it with its claw. She managed to get away to the cave as her mate Drago fought them off. With that torn wing, she had a difficult time flying down into the cave where she crash landed close by us. Michael and I found her crying when we found where she had landed. Being a veterinarian, Michael was able to pull the torn wing together and stitch it in place. He use a section of plastic fencing similar in design to medical plastic canvass in order to hold the torn wing together so it could properly heal up.”

      “He did a good job in repairing a most difficult injury to a dragon.” answers Major Powell. “An injury like that doesn’t heal up properly on its own. It can often cripple a dragon for years.”

      “After Michael had stitched it together, he told her that she was grounded until the injury could heal up.” answers Dianna. “She was kept busy with nesting on her egg she had laid a day later. We helped her gather the nesting materials and did the hunting to get food for her. When her egg had hatched, the wing had healed up enough for Michael to remove the netting splint. She was soon flying shortly afters.”

      “Paragon was lucky to have gotten away from those corrupted dragons when she did,” Major Powell tells them. “Vicerian’s wings had been ripped to shreds before they killed her.”

      “I am so thankful for Dianna and Michael finding me when they did,” Paragon tells Major Powell. “I did not know what to expect when I first saw them. I was so upset with losing Draco and being injured that I didn’t care what was going to happen to me. They were so helpful in repairing my torn wing and helping me with raising Tammy. I don’t know what I would have done without their help.”

      “How are you and Reigel getting along together?” asks Major Powell.

      “He is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me after losing Draco to those corrupted dragons,” answers Paragon.

      “Even though it is a bit too soon, she is already becoming a wonderful understanding mate,” answers Reigel.

      “I’m so happy for the both of you,” Loki tells Reigel as he places a hand on each one of them.

      “The two of you finding Paragon was probably the best thing that could have happened to you under such difficult conditions,” Major Powell tells the newcomers. “It gave all of you a purpose in life, Paragon, in raising her daughter, you and Michael in caring for them, then raising a daughter of your own.”

      “What can you tell us about life living in this cave system?” ask Captain Powell.

      “With Paragon’s help, we found that this cave system is even bigger then Sanctuary City,” Reports Dianna. “It defies logic how something so vast and huge could survive the impact and earthquakes caused by the extinction event. Even more amazing is the flora and fauna living down here. It is like a giant temperate terrarium designed as some kind of an Ark. It has more then enough light for the plants to grow which supports a large variety of birds and other animals including several species of prehistoric ones and those strange sloth bears that drop crystals containing tools and other useful items.”

      “I would not be surprised to learn that the Keepers of the Arks are responsible for this place, the safe zone of Sanctuary City, and the two domes we have seen with Ark Obelisks inside them.” answers Helena. “The strange way we can tame creatures for our use that would be impossible in the Jurassic World, the strange creatures that have appeared in this world, and these remarkable highly intelligent dragons that became our friends. It all has to be the result of their experiments they are conducting with us.”

      “During our first days down here, before we found Paragon, we had to remain hidden inside the shelter as we had no weapons to deal with the dangerous predators that were living down here.” reports Michael. “Like all citizens of Sanctuary City, we had been forced to give up all of my guns and any sharp objects. We were totally defenseless as we worked our way down here. It was with a sigh of relief when we found the supplies for the security detail. Armed, we now had the chance to defend ourselves from the predators. Dianna quickly learned how to use a handgun, the riot shotgun, and an AR-15. The predators quickly learned to leave us alone after we thinned them out that first week alone. We hunt them almost exclusively when we need any meat or hide. Otherwise, we go fishing for it’s protean.”

      “One day during our exploration, we ran into a giant living tree that attacked us. Fortunately, I had the large bore Bushmaster with me as protection against Carnos, but, shooting at a tree proved useless. Dianna quickly spotted that it was corrupted with three glowing nodules, so, I took aim at those shattering all three of them. The creature fell unconscious waking up a short time later. With the nodules gone, it was no longer a threat. Through an Explorer’s Note, we found out that we had tamed a Forest Titan.”

      “A Forest Titan?” answers Helena. “I never knew that they even existed.”

      “If you can fly on Reigel, I’ll take you over to where it lives.” Dianna tells Helena.

      “I’ll take you,” Reigel tells her.

      Helena is soon on Reigel as Dianna and Paragon take flight for a location way deep in the cave interior. The flight takes nearly half an hour to reach the far end where the Forest Titan is living.

      “This cavern is as vast as the underground system of Aberration,” Helena tells Dianna. “It is far friendlier here that what that place was.”

      “Were there any dragons living in Aberration?” Reigel asks Helena.

      “Not any flying ones like you,” answers Helena. “They were killed when the surface became corrupted by the early inhabitants that had tried to escape by destroying a control column. Only the Rock Drakes survived that disaster. They came with Captain Powell’s patrol. When working with his men, they successfully killed Rockwell, then escaped to Ragnarok.”

      “Here we are at Grog’s home,” reports Dianna as they come in to land on a high ledge facing a gigantic tree shaped creature.

      “Grog doing better killed nodules infection,” it answers. “Happy Paragon new friend. Now four friends.” Four Forest Dragons come flying out of the giant living tree landing next to the two dragons and their riders.

      “I didn’t know that there were other dragons living down here,” Dianna tells Grog.

      “Hid from me.” answers Grog. “Grog better, they friends.”

      The four forest dragons that have landed next to Paragon and Reigel have taken quite an interest in their human riders. Reigel is a bit overwhelmed with the four female dragons vying for his attention. He has to let them know that he already has a new mate. “How did you become friends with this human?” Molly asks Reigel in dragon speak.

      “Her friends saved my son from the corrupted dragons when they attacked him,” answers Reigel in dragon speak. “Loki’s friends were able to kill them when they were attacked by them. Dianna and her mate came to Paragon’s aid when she escaped an attack from the corrupted dragons so long ago. They repaired her torn wing and helped her hatched her egg to raise her daughter.”

      “That is so remarkable,” Molly tells Reigel. “We made the mad dash to this cave to get away from them when they first appeared. You are the first dragons we have seen since we made our escape.”

      “Do your dragon friends have names?” Helena ask Grog.

      “Yes,” Grog answers. “Tina, Gracy, and Macy. Molly by you.”

      “You have some nice dragon friends,” Helena tells Grog as Molly puts her head up next to Helena so she can rub her forehead.

      “That feels so good,” Molly tells Helena. “How did you know how to do that?”

      “Tammy is a very good dragon friend of mine on Ragnarok.” Helena answers. “She taught me that rubbing your forehead is a good first contact greeting.”

      “That’s remarkable.” answers Molly. “Reigel has told me his story about how he met you and his new mate Paragon. You humans have done well having them as your friends.”

      “Have you had any contact with humans before?” Helena asks Molly.

      “No, you are the first,” answers Molly. “We have stores of contact with humans in the past, centuries ago. It was not pleasant.”

      “I understand,” answers Helena. “Your species was feared and hunted by humans in those dark times. Our tribes are now allied with the dragons back in Ragnarok. They are now raising their youngsters along with us.”

      “Grog, Are there any other Titans on this earth that we need to be aware of?”
      Dome of cold Ice Titan,” Grog answers. “Corrupted like I. Danger Ice Jumper, Owls. Not corrupted, aggressive.”

      Dome of desert flying titan corrupted like I. Hawks protect.”

      “King Titan Rockwell. Far bigger then us. Not corrupted. Controls All. Must kill if chance return Earth normal.”

      $hit,” answers Helena. “Defeating Rockwell on Aberration only set in motion the events of it crashing on Earth allowing him to turn into a giant and totally corrupt the Earth with Element. How in the frack are we going to defeat him this time?”

      “If cure other titans, might help kill Rockwell,” answers Grog.

      “Pacific Rim, Giant Bloody Robots, Those clues could be the key for ridding the earth of the corruption of element and Rockwell to restore it back to normal,” answers Helena. “We need to get back to let Captain Powell know what we are up against if we ever want to make this Earth our home.”

      “Be here ready kill Rockwell.” Grog answers. “Molly, Tina, Gracy, Macy, go help.”

      “Thank you Grog,” Helena tells it. “You are most a most honorable Titan. We will go find the other Titans, rid them of the corruption that has poisoned them, find the blueprints to build those huge mech robots, and assemble our forces outside the forest cave when we are ready to take out the Titan King.”
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      “Breaking News,”

      “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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        Chapter 47. Back to the Green Obelisk Base.

        It is an unexpected surprise for the patrol when Dianna and Helena return to the shelter with four female dragons following them.

        “Grog has some new friends.” Dianne tells her husband. “They have agreed to join us. Everyone, take your time getting to know them. They have never been around humans before.” The four new dragons are a bit timid around the rest of the patrol but are soon accepted as friends as Drogon and Tammy join in with the others.

        “Grog has given us some very valuable information about what has happened here on earth after Aberration crashed into it,” Helena reports to Captain Powell. “It appears that Rockwell has somehow survived our attack on him, caused Aberration to crash into the Earth, then corrupted this world with the pool of Element he was living in. He has somehow taken on the form of something called a King Titan. If there is any hope for restoring life on this world, he will have to be defeated once and for all.”

        “Grog has offered to help if we can get the desert and frost titans to join us. To do so, we will have to kill the corrupt nodules infecting them. If successful, Grog says that they will join us.”

        “Finally, we will need to find the blueprints to build five giant mech robots powered by Element before we go to confront Rockwell with our three Titan allies. When we enter into the final battle, we will have to join our five mechs together into a giant Voltron. If we can defeat him in that final showdown, the damage to the Earth will be healed as the Arks are returned to it. If we fail, we and all the arks orbiting above, are doomed to total extinction when that broken planet in orbit above us crashes into the Earth.”

        “Giant Bloody Robots, giant alien creatures, this is that nightmare of that old Pacific Rim movie all over again,” Eddie warns them.

        “I hope that we don’t have to do this with the personnel we have here with us,” Captain Powell tells them. “Unless we can reestablish contact with Ragnarok for reinforcements, we cannot teleport in any additional help. We will have to depend on our friends here to do the job.”

        “Grog was easy to rid him of his corrupted nodules,” reports Dianna. “He was slow enough for us to avoid his attacks. According to the Helena Notes Grog had on him, the Ice Titan moves much faster and has a ranged freeze attack. We’ll have to deal with the ice jumpers and owls before we even have a chance of ridding it of that corruption.”

        “It will be even worse with the Desert Titan. He is a giant flying creature that has the protection of his desert hawk swarm. He can also summons lightning bolts to attack us.”

        “Checking the alien drops for the blueprint will be a challenge given that once one has landed on the surface, all the corrupted creatures will be attracted to it if we attempt to get near it.”

        “That could be an issue,” answers Captain Powell. “We saw what happened when they were attracted to those corrupted crystals on the surface when they were fighting each other. We will need a lot of firepower if we have to deal with them directly.”

        “There may be a solution to that problem,” reports Helena as she is looking through one of her notes from her future. “There is a creature in the desert that has a frill that fires quills like a natural machine gun. If we can tame them and the ice jumpers, they may give us the firepower we will need to take them out.”

        “As soon as we get back to the Green Obelisk Base, I would like to establish contact with Ragnarok and bring 12 more vikings and marines to reinforce our forces.” Captain Powell tells Helena. “Them, with the additional personnel to help us with these new creatures, we should have a fighting force strong enough to wipe out the corrupted hordes, get those blueprints, construct those huge Mechs robots, and free the Earth from Rockwell’s influence once and for all.”

        The rest of the day gets spent loading the Enforcers with military supplies to take back to the base camp. The four new dragons have been interacting with Eddie, Lisa, Hilda, and Barbara. They quickly become bonded in friendship with them.

        In the morning, the dragons are called in and stocked with some basic supplies in preparation for the trip through the wastelands. The enforcers are packed with extra medical supplies, 12 more assault rifles, several heavy sniper rifles and lots of ammo.

        “We’re ready to leave for base camp,” reports Captain Powell to the group as he conducts a briefing with everyone, including the dragons. “Everyone that has a dragon friend will be flying on them as our air cover and recon. Eddie, Lisa, Loki, and Dianna will be armed with assault rifles in case any of the corrupt pteradons try to attack them or our ground patrol. Let your dragons take out any of the smaller corrupt creatures in our path. Gang up on the larger ones with your fire weapon. Eric, Christina, you can be our spotters for any areal targets. Don’t engage anything with your young dragons, they are not yet old enough to be involved in such combat. I don’t expect to see any more corrupt dragons out there, but just in case any more of them show up, don’t risk your dragons getting in a fight them. Fly back to us so we can take them out with the tec weapons. Leave the big flying worms alone. They look like they are corrupt but they are not. They won’t harm you. Dragon flight, you can fly up out of the cave and wait for us at the entrance. It’s going to take us a while to climb up out of the cave.”

        The four forest dragons are a bit astonished as they follow Reigel out of the cave into the entrance of the wasteland. “This looks different then when we first made the dash for the cave,” Molly tells Eddie who is riding on her.

        “I would not be surprised given this harsh environment.” Eddie tells her. “Lets land on these high structures at the entrance. Keep an eye out for any corrupted pteradons while we are waiting for the rest of the patrol.”

        Loki and Dianna fly up ahead to scope out part of the path back to the camp. Their dragons take out several smaller corrupted creatures in the area leading up to the crystal structures. That area remains free of creatures other then for the decaying corpses of the dead piled up around the remaining crystals.

        “Something is not right,” Loki tells Reigel. “I don’t see Viscerian’s body. Something must have taken her while we were gone. Given that corrupted creatures don’t eat their kill, there must be something else dangerous that is nearby.”

        “What’s that over there?” warns Reigel.

        “That looks like a Giga,” Loki tells Reigel as he places a spotting scope on it. “Don’t try to take that thing out, they are as dangerous as a corrupted dragon. Lets fly back to the cave and tell Captain Powell where that thing is hiding.”

        Landing by the cave entrance, they meet the land patrol and inform Captain Powell of the situation up ahead. “Sargent Pasenna, Lt Jerry. Form up on me. Have your rockets on the ready. Loki, fly CAP with the dragons. Hit it’s head from the air with a fire attack. We’ll take it down with rockets.”

        The land patrol advances forward out of the cave towards the Giga threat. Two corrupted pteragons get spotted by Molly. Eddie and Lisa take them out with a short burst from their assault weapons as the rest of the dragons fly over the patrol keeping an eye out for danger.

        Reigel and Paragon both set the approaching Giga on fire with a flame attack. It soon loses its head with the impact of three rockets. A corrupted Reaper King shows up and is quickly dispatched with more rockets. With the threat over, the patrol continues on towards the Green Obelisk. Their flying escort finding a safe path back to the safety of it’s dome force field.

        “We’re going to need a bigger pen,” orders Captain Powell as they approach their base. “With eight dragons, there is no more room inside for all of them. We’ll get a construction detail under way as soon as we get back.”

        With the rest of the trip made safely, the patrol unpacks the supplies from the enforcers placing them in storage. Extra weapons and ammo from the bunker has been brought back for the additional marines and vikings they plaqn to bring over. Construction tools have been brought back which will speed up the enlargement of the base. Sufficient corrupted nodules have been harvested from the dead creatures to craft up a dozen more Gille Armor for the newcomers. Masucci takes a forest dragon with him to go look for more high level Enforcers in Sanctuary City so they can have them for additional transport. Barbara has its mate carrying the Doed to harvest element dust from the light poles of the elevated walkways. By late afternoon, Masucci is leading back a dozen high level enforcer robots under his command all packed with element dust, scrap metal, electronics, and crystal. Barbara takes the Doed and the two dragons back to camp into the now enlarged pen.

        “I’ve made contact with Rollo on Ragnarok,” Sargent Pasenna announces as he access the City Terminal next to the base. “He has assembled a force of 11 others to transport over to here.”

        “Make sure that they wear Gille or Desert armor and bring two canteens with them” orders Captain Powell. “They will likely teleport into the Bus Station area. Tell them not to engage anything there unless they are attacked and stay put. We’ll come for them.”

        A minute later, Captain Powell gets a radio message from Rollo. “We have made the teleport to Earth.” he reports. “We are in a park where there is a pond with fresh water and a shelter like structure nearby where you left some storage bins.”

        “That’s good news,” reports Captain Powell. “It looks like that you ended up where we first started. Stay there. I’ll send Loki and Dianna out on their dragon friends to escort you back to where we are camped.”
        “Breaking News,”

        “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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          Chapter 48 The Plan.

          Flying towards the city park on Reigel to where the 12 additional personnel have teleported back to Earth, Loki is surprised to see Tammy with Rollo riding on her with Cleo riding on Tarmac. They all land on a cross section of the elevated sidewalk to talk.

          “She insisted on coming with us,” Rollo tells Loki when he ask him about the two dragons coming with them.

          “Tammy,” Loki scolds her. “This is an extremely dangerous world for dragons. Come over here and have a look at Paragon’s left wing. Look at the size of that scar on it. She was lucky that Michael and Dianna found her when they did before that crippling injury ended up killing her. That injury was caused by corrupted dragons attacking her. They killed her mate. They also killed Reigel’s mate a couple of days ago. When they attacked us, we were forced to take them out with tec rifles. We have found corrupted Rexes, Spinos, Reaper Kings, Pteradon, and numerous other creatures out there in that wasteland. This is one of the reasons why we didn’t want to bring you here at this time.”

          There are several minutes of dragon speak before Tammy responds to what Loki has told her. “I’m sorry,” she tells him. “I didn’t know. Paragon is lucky that Michael was able to repair her torn wing. That injury could have grounded her for years.”

          “It’s all right,” Loki tells her. “We can use you and Tarmac’s combat experience to help reinforce our force here. Lets go find the others and escort them back to our camp over by the Green Obelisk. Then, Captain Powell and Helena can fill everyone in on what we are facing here.”

          As they head back to the city park, Loki radios for Captain Powell to have Masucci bring over the new enforcers. They land back in the park to talk to the rest of the group that has teleported in to the city.

          “You found dragons on earth?” Olaf asks in surprise as they land in the park commons.

          “Yes, we did,” answers Loki. “This environment has been far more cruel to them then Eric Bloodaxe ever was on Ragnarok. Reigel and Paragon both lost their mates when corrupted dragons attacked them by shredding their wings before they killed them. We found six more that have been in hiding ever since they arrived on the Earth.”

          “Captain Powell is sending Masucci back here with enforcers. They are intelligent robot that will carry you back to our camp. They will protect you from any corrupt creature that have managed to enter the city.”

          “Is the weather always this hot here?” asks McDonald.

          “Currently, this Earth is tidally locked to the sun along with the weather,” answers Loki. “We have some protection inside the force field from the intense radiation and meteorite storms. Otherwise, the weather conditions are as frozen as the position of the sun.”

          “How did this place survive the Extinction impact?” ask McDonald.

          “Given that Aberration crashed into the Earth some 50 miles from here, we really don’t know.” answers Loki. “Here comes your rides. Helena and Captain Powell will fill everyone in on what has happened here and what we plan to do in an attempt to fix the mess Rockwell has made of this Earth.”

          “Are you telling us that Rockwell had somehow survived when we blew him to smithereens with that rail gun?” questions Sargent Gulliver.”

          “Apparently, he has,” answers Loki. “It appears that we will have to kill him a second time if there is any hope of repairing the damage he has done to the Earth. I don’t know how we are going to be able to do that given that the Forest Titan tells us that he is now grown so huge that Tammy would appear to be just a small bird flying next to him.”

          “That sounds like the battle of Pacific Rim,” answers McDonald. “How are we going to be able to accomplish that?”

          “According to some of Helena’s futuristic notes, we are going to have to remove the corruption of two other creatures called Titans and build giant mech robots to fight him.” answers Loki. “Here comes Masucci with your rides.”

          “So, these are the Enforcers,” answers McDonald. “I had heard that they were being used for law enforcement in Denver. I just have never seen one for real.”

          “They took over all law enforcement duties when we were disarmed by the Progressive Socialist when Denver was renamed Sanctuary City,” Dianne tells McDonald. “They’re automated programming went haywire when the extinction event hit taking out the central computer. Masucci was able to figure out how to take manual control of them. We still need to keep our distance from the ones on autopilot given that their programming has been corrupted causing some of them to attack for no apparent reason.”

          “How many people were able to survive the zombie event in the new security shelter that was being constructed?” asks Mc Donald.

          “The shelter was a total failure,” answers Dianna. “Michael and I were fortunate enough to reach the cave it was in without getting killed by the corrupted creatures that attacked us when the harsh conditions forced us to leave Sanctuary City. When we finally gain access to the survival shelter, we found that everyone had been killed by the zombie virus. We survived that event only because we had sheltered in place in the basement of City Hall.”

          Dianna and Loki stay with the new group to guide them back as their dragons escort Tammy and Tarmac back to the base. Tammy gets another lecture from Captain Powell and Helena about the dangers on Earth when they talk to her. “Still, I’m glad that you are here,” Helena tells Tammy. “We can use your help with our planning to get rid of Rockwell once and for all.”

          Riding on the Enforcers, Dianna continues to provide Mc Donald and the rest of the group with additional information about Sanctuary City, what life was like there as the rest of the world was falling apart around them, and how they survived the corruption while hiding in the cave.

          “It is a most interesting story,” he tells her. “I was correct in being prepared to save my family when I saw how things were politically falling apart. My work at Ft Lewis helped me to obtain the equipment needed to survive the Zombie Plague. Captain Powell and his rock drake friends helped us to escape from Earth before the extinction event hit it.”

          “What are these strange colored banners all about?”

          “The Progressive Socialist had installed them in an effort to distract the working population of Denver,” answers Dianna. “It was an effort to further control information in order to prevent a rebellion over the taxes being collected in order to pay for all of the construction needed to house the undocumented immigrants flooding the city. The confiscation of guns and knives was part of that plan to control the growing violence between the working class and the undocumented immigrants. The enforcer project was added to replace the dwindling manned police force in order to keep the two groups under control. If it wasn’t for the interruption of the Islamic War and the zombie plague that soon followed, I suspect that there would have been an all out civil war taking place as a result of the total collapse of the economy due to the Government going bankrupt from all of that spending.”

          “What a mess those politicians ended up creating,” answers McDonald. “No wonder some alien power has decided to intervene with this socialism experiment of theirs in order to see if we are worthy of survival or not.”

          “Hopefully Captain Powell and Helena have found an answer to that question.” answers Dianna. “If not, we are all doomed to extinction should that destroyed planet ends up crashing into the Earth.”

          Arriving at the newly enlarged base, the new arrivals are introduced to Michael, Christina, the six other dragons, and each other. Captain Powell calls for a meeting that evening to lay out the mission they will conduct in the next several days.

          “As you probably already know, Rockwell has somehow survived the battle on Aberration and has corrupted the Earth.” Captain Powell tells everyone. “According to Helena’s notes, he is now a monster that is something of the size of Godzilla from those old Sci Fi movies of long ago. He is reported to be living to the North of here in a place called the Forbidden Zone. Unless we are able to stop him, he has the power to completely destroy this Earth and all of the Arks orbiting above it. If we are successful, the Arks will be returned to restore the Earth back to normal. If not, we are all doomed to extinction.”

          “From the notes we have found written by a future Helena and others, we will need to do the following in order to get rid of Rockwell once and for all. One, We need to go over to the Blue Obelisk, find the Ice Titan, and rid it of its corrupted nodules in order to get it to join us. Before we do so, we will have to become allies of the giant Snow Owls and the Moon Dog Dragons. Helena’s notes says that the Moon Dog, or what she calls the Ice Jumpers, are going to be most difficult to trap and tame. Two, we will then need to go to the Red Obelisk and rid the Desert Titan of it’s corrupted nodules. That will be most difficult as we will have to be flying above it while dodging attacks by it’s lightning bolts and the flocks of hawks it has flying escort to protect it. Three, we will need to find blueprints from those capsules that land in the Wastelands in order to build five giant Mech Robots. The corrupted creatures roaming out there are certain to attack us in force when we attempt to access their content. Once we have done that, we will construct those five giant mech robots, take them and our Titan allies into the Forbidden Land to the North, and take out the King Titan Rockwell. The good news, Michael and Dianne have already form an alliance with the Forest Titan. It was easy for them to remove the corruption on it since it was slow enough for them to avoid his attack. It’s not going to be that easy for the other two and especially, when we have to take on Rockwell before he is able to pull down that broken planet into the Earth.”

          “Everyone, get some rest. We will get prepared and launch an expedition to the Blue Obelisk in the morning.”

          This is as far as the story is finished. Chapter 49, currently being written, has the expanded patrol leading to the Snow Dome to confront the Frost Titan. Chapter 50, the Desert one. Then it is on to the final showdown for the future of the Earth.
          “Breaking News,”

          “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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            Chapter 49. The Ice Dome.

            After the meeting, a patrol of all the newcomers, with Captain Powell and Sargent Pasenna in charge, is sent out on enforcers into the Wastelands to get them familiar with the conditions beyond the protection of the forcefield. The patrol heads out to the remains of the corrupted crystals to harvest what is left of those formation. The newcomers have been armed with either crossbows or military assault rifles. The patrol heads out into the Wastelands to the crystal location. Three corrupted Pteragons are shot out of the sky when they in to attack the patrol. “I never knew that Pteragons would ever attack anyone unless you stole their egg.” comments Olaf.

            “Every normal creature that has been corrupted will attack any non corrupted one on sight, even if those corrupted creatures were once peaceful herbivores,” answers Captain Powell. “If you see them coming towards you, kill them with a ranged weapon or use your enforcer when they get closer. Don’t be surprised if you see dead bodies of creatures out here. The corrupted carnivores do not eat their kill. They don’t even attack corrupted hervibores unless they are fighting over element crystals. We’ll harvest them for their hide if we are not encumbered by the element we are going after. Be warned that the corrupted nodules that you get from them is as toxic as cyanide. Don’t accidentally end up eating it.”

            Reaching the remains of the crystal formation, the patrol finds that the area has remained clear of any new corrupted creatures. “Lets get what we can with the metal picks before more corrupted creatures start showing up in force,” orders Captain Powell. The harvesting goes well with everyone loading some 400 pounds of various crystal types on their enforcers. Some hide is collected from the dead corrupt creatures laying nearby before the patrol leave to go back to the base.

            “What do we need this stuff for?” ask McDonald as they are heading back to base on the Enforcers.

            “We use the element dust to power the Tec Rifles and the enforcers,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “Helena tells us that we are going to need the shards and crystals to build and power the Tec Replicator we need to built the Mech Warriors that we will need to attack Rockwell.”

            “It looks like that we got everything that was left,” answers Captain Powell after a final inspection. “We’ll go looking for more when we get some of those Ice Jumpers and machine gun creatures to help us.”

            Back in the base, the Element Dust, shards, and crystals are placed in secure storage in metal vaults surrounded by metal spikes. “This stuff attracts corrupted creatures like honey does to bears,” warns Captain Powell. “We’ll have to keep a patrol of Enforcers here to take out any that wander over to the camp. We caught a corrupted dilo tearing a hole into the stone wall in order to get after our stores. That is why we have placed several layers of spike walls around the outer fence. We are going to leave four high level Enforcers in here take out anything that gets past the spike fence and into our camp.”

            While they were gone, Loki and Dianna have taken their dragon friends on a recon flight over to the Blue Obelisk. It has been a long non stop flight to that dome following the trench at the far eastern part of the city, then through the wasteland to enter the dome for a quick look, then the return flight back to the base. It is 2300 hours when they finally return on two very tired dragons. After praising Reigel and Paragon for a job well done, Loki reports to Captain Powell on what they found during the survey flight.

            “I find it so hard to believe but we are going to need cold weather gear when we go inside the dome of the Blue Obelisk,” Loki reports to Captain Powell. “Not only did it look like we were in Norway in the middle of winter, the sun set leaving us in the dark. The place is loaded with Mammoths, wolves, and bears. We also saw one of those Ice Jumpers. It can move extremely fast. It was quite a shock when we flew back through the dome force field to watch the moon lit snow capped mountains suddenly vanish as the world ahead of us changed back to the glare of the morning sun with the heat of the Wastelands with Sanctuary City in the distance.”

            “That certainly explains why that dome looks so dark when the time here registers that it should be night time,” answers Captain Powell. “We’ll take a Smithy and metal with us so we can craft winter gear from the pelts we gather from the fur bearing creatures living in there. In the meantime, I’ll have Major Powell craft up some Frea Curry to help keep us warm.”

            It is 0600 the next day when a general meeting is called to go over the expedition to visit the Snow Dome and the upcoming battle of the Ice Titan. Captain Powell has ordered Eddie and Lisa for guard duty. He has also ordered Eric and Christina to stay to fly CAP over the camp with their juvenile dragons.

            “We want to go with you,” Eric and Christina complain.

            “No!’ orders Captain Powell. “What we are about to do is far too dangerous for you and your young dragons to be exposed to. You can be a big help flying recon over our camp while we are gone to watch out for corrupted creatures that get into the area.”

            Both Drogon and young Tammy get the same lecture from their parents who have seen for themselves what the patrol faces. They promise to stick around the camp and Sanctuary City with their human friends until the patrol has returned.

            “He is probably right,” Drogon tells a disappointed Eric. “My father told me it was very scary over there. He says that the ice dragons he saw act like they are crazy. He also told me that there were predators everywhere.”

            “Lets go see Eddie, get a radio, and go flying around the camp to look for any dangers.” answers Eric.

            The patrol heads to the edge of the wasteland following the edge of the city East to where the trench is located. With the dragons flying escort, the patrol continues along the north side of the canyon to the direction of the Blue Obelisk.

            Up ahead on point, Sargent Pasenna has spotted a shimmering object that vanishes when it stops. Placing a spotting scope on it, he gets a warning. “There’s a corrupted rock drakes ahead of us,” he warns everyone. “Be careful, it is cloaked. Use your infrared to find it.”

            “Damn, the infrared is not working in this heat,” warns McDonald.

            “I can’t see anything in infrared either!” warns Tammy who now has all of the dragons on alert.

            “I got movement!” answers Loki as he guides Reigel in for a flame attack. It is successful as the overhead strafing causes three corrupted Rock Drakes to come out of stealth. The four new female dragons flush out two more corrupted rock drakes when they lose their stealth as a result of a strafing flame attack.

            “Take them out!” orders Captain Powell. The five corrupted rock drakes soon succumb to the combined attack of tec rifles and rockets. The four new female dragons spot several other corrupted creatures coming in to attack and take them out with their flame and bite attacks.

            A sixth corrupted rock drake suddenly materializes as it lunges after Captain Powell. Tammy, who has spotted the shimmering movement, dives down grabbing it by the neck in her mouth as they both crash to the ground. Rollo gets thrown off as Tammy rips into the corrupted rock drake’s neck killing it. He avoids injury by rolling as he hits the ground flying.

            “Are you all right,” a concerned Major Powell ask Rollo as she quickly arrives on her Enforcer.

            “I’m fine,” he says. “We better check out Tammy. I’m afraid that she may have taken on more then she can handle.”

            “I’m OK,” Tammy tells them as they run over to check on her condition.

            “I’m checking you over just in case,” orders Major Powell. “These scrape and bruises you got from that fight need some medical attention.”

            “Thank you for saving my life,” Captain Powell tells Tammy as he comes over to help Major Powell apply medical brew on her scrapes and bruises. “Those are sure some fracked up rock drakes. It’s a good thing that their feathers are defective so that they can’t glide. They would have been much harder to kill if they were gliding.”

            “I now know why you and Loki were lecturing me about the dangers of this place,” Tammy tells them. “Not only are those corrupted creatures living here crazy, that was a well organized attack those corrupted rock drakes conducted.”

            “Still, I’m glad that you are here,” Captain Powell tells her. “Your past combat experience has proven valuable in finding those threats. The last thing I was expecting was a well organized attack by corrupted rock drakes. This is the first time that we have ever seen them in the Wasteland.”

            “Good job girls,” Tammy tells them in dragon speak after everyone has had a chance to rest and reflect over what has just happened. “When we can get back to Ragnarok, there are several eligible young bachelors that would love to be with you.”

            “Thank you Tammy,” Reigel tells her in dragon speak. “They have been so desperate to find a mate that they have been making it hard for me to be with Paragon.”

            “High level armor, three pump shotguns, another Tec Rifle, I have to be wondering if Rockwell sent these corrupted Rock Drakes after us,” ask Helena.

            “It’s possible,” answers Captain Powell. “Between how organized the corrupted dragons were, it’s more likely that their leader was intelligent enough to organize their attack against us. Mayor certainly has been capable of planning such attacks when he helped us with the raid on Eric Bloodaxe. Lets consolidate what we have found here, take a break for a moment, and continue on.”

            Reaching the edge of the dome, a temporary camp is set up with a forge and smithy. A patrol of dragons fly in to kill some of the predators for pelts so that fur armor can be prepared for everyone. Dressed only in leather armor, it is a cold trip for those riding in on the dragons. In about an hour, enough wolves and bears have been taken to produce fur armor for everyone.

            What a contrast it is as the patrol enters the Snow Dome having to quickly switch to fur armor in order to stay warm. Like Loki’s description from his brief inspection, the terrain inside looks a lot like Northern Norway with it’s snow covered mountains, deep valleys with pine forest, flowing streams of ice cold water, and low clouds of fog with blowing snow at times.

            “This appears to be a self contained Ark on the Earth,” Major Powell reports. “It has its own weather and day night cycle totally independent of what is taking place outside of its force field.”

            “I see a very fat looking Argy close by,” reports Sargent Gulliver as he takes lead on the Enforcers.

            “Careful, they are aggressive,” warns Helena.

            “Tranc darts,” orders Captain Powell when it flies in attacking the patrol. It is quickly dropped unconscious.

            “Most strange,” Major Powell reports. “It looks like that mechanical owl from an old movie Clash of the Titans.”

            “How fitting,” answers Private Grobbal. “We are about to be involved in a clash of the titans for real and we get this mechanical looking owl to tame for our use.” With prepared kibble, the owl gets quickly tames and saddled.

            “This is most interesting,” Helena comments when she gets on the saddle. “This creature has the healing ability of those Hell Pigs back in Ragnarok, but far more efficient. Tammy, get over here.”

            “That, is, amazing,” Tammy tells her after being frozen for several seconds by the owl. “Those scrapes and scratches I got from killing that corrupted rock drake are fully healed. Thank you so much.”

            “He is a most worthwhile tame,” comments Major Powell after watching it’s healing ability on Tammy. “He works far faster them this medical brew or the Hell Pigs that have to eat like crazy.”

            “He is a good tame, but he sure does flies so slow,” comments Helena as she gets off the Snow Owl.

            As the patrol continues on following a ridge above the flowing stream below, a loud screech is heard overhead as several ice jumper dragons show up out of nowhere. One comes crashing down into the middle of the patrol and gets promptly dropped with over a dozen tranc darts. Seeing it’s buddy lying there unconscious with it’s head shaking in fear, the rest of the ice jumpers break off their attack landing nearby. Alfred and Olaf are holding onto it’s ear like horns as Major Powell removes the tranc darts in its neck and checks on it’s health. “Be gentle with him,” she tells the two men as she places some of the prepared kibble in his inventory, “He’s scared out of his wits.”

            In the meantime, Reigel and Paragon have trapped a frightened female ice jumper between them. They are soon engaged in dragon speak as Reigel and Paragon tell her to calm down.

            “They killed my mate!” the trapped ice jumper complains.

            “He is all right,” Loki tells her in dragon speak. “We just knocked him out with tranc darts to stop him from attacking us. He will wake up soon. This is what they look like.” Loki shows her the dart.

            “Have a kibble,” Dianna tells her in dragon speak as she hands the ice jumper a kibble. “It will calm you down so we can go over to see your mate.” She takes and eats the kibble offering quite reluctantly at first, then calms down enough so that Dianna can rube her on the neck.

            “I never knew that you humans could talk to us,” the ice jumper tells Dianna as she starts to regain her composure.

            “Reigel and Paragon taught us dragon speak,” Loki tells her. “If we can trust you that you won’t attack us, we should go see your mate so we can calm him down to let him go.”

            “I won’t harm anyone,” she answers.

            “Walk down with us so that the others don’t think that you are going to attack them,” Loki tells her. The dragons move apart so that she can get up. They all walk down to there the male is lying in a semiconscious state.

            “How did you manage to tame one?” Helena asks Loki in surprise as the three dragons come over to see them.

            “We didn’t,” Loki tells Helena. “She made the choice to allow us to talk to her in dragon speak. This is her mate.” Loki tells the female ice dragon to go comfort him as the effect of the trancs start wearing off.

            “Do you have names?” Loki ask the female ice jumper in dragon speak.

            “I’m called Frieda,” she answers. “My mate is Ferral.”

            “Alfred and Olaf, You can let go of his horns now,” Loki tells them. “We don’t need to tame him.”

            “Ferral, It OK.” Loki tells him in dragon speak. “Frieda is here with me. Lie still until the effects of the tranc darts have worn off.”

            “Ohhhh, My head.” Ferral finally answers in dragon speak as he starts to come to and look around.

            “Does this help,”Helena asks him in dragon speak as she rubs his forehead.

            “That feels so good,” answers Ferral. “I’m sorry that we attacked your tribe.”

            “It’s all right,” Helena tells him. “You didn’t know. We came here looking for the Ice Titan so that we can rid him of the corrupted nodules infecting his mind.”

            “That would be so wonderful if you can do so,” answers Ferral. “He has been a threat to us ever since he became infected with them. I’m feeling a lot better now.”

            “Go ahead and get up,” Helena tells him. “Just take it easy until the effects of the trancs are gone.”

            Getting up, Ferral walks around to get steady. Then, he and his mate jump off to see the rest of their friends. After several minutes, Ferrel comes back to talk to Helena. “My friends are going to spread the word that you are not here to harm us,” Ferral tells Helena. “If you can stay on me, I’ll take you to where the Ice Titan is living.”

            “We have a rock drake saddle that should work on you,” Helena tells him. “It will allow you to jump without us sliding off of you.” Ferral allows himself to be saddle so Helena and Captain Powell can ride on him. They soon take off to the home of the Ice Titan.

            “I never knew that you could talk in dragon speak,” Captain Powell tells Helena.

            “Tammy taught me her language when I first met her,” Helena answers. “Ferral is going to take us to an overlook so that we can study the Ice Titan from a safe distance so we can see where the corrupted nodules are located on his back.” The Ice Jumper soon lands on the overlook.

            Down below, the Ice Titan is observed smashing away at the terrain below. “That thing is HUGE,” he comments. “There’s those three nodules,” Captain Powell tells Helena as he finds and makes a mental note of their location. “We just need to plan how we can get a shot at them without killing the titan, or getting killed ourselves, in the process.” They jump back to where the others are waiting.

            “Thank you for helping us locate and observe the Ice Titan,” Helena tells Ferral in dragon speak as she and Captain Powell unsaddle him.

            “That was most enjoyable,” answers Ferral. “Give us a call if you need our help.” He is soon off to join the rest of his friends.

            A meeting is called by Captain Powell to formulate a plan of attack. All eight dragons that are with them join in on the meeting. “The Ice Titan is far too large to take him on with our Enforcers. He moves too fast for us to attempt to surround him. As we need to get behind him in order to target the corrupted nodules, we will have to hit him from the air. We can’t risk using rockets to target those nodules as he can move fast enough that we will end up hitting him instead. This is going to be a job for the dragons to get us into position to hit the nodules with our tec and sniper rifles while staying out of range of his freeze attack, his fist, and his feet.”

            “Tammy, Tarmac, your job will be to help us distract the Ice Titan while avoiding his attacks so that the others can get behind him to target the corrupted nodules. I’m going to be riding on Tarmac for this mission. Rollo and I will target his horns with a sniper rifle to get his attention. Be careful, he could freeze you with his ice breath. Don’t get too close to that thing or he could kill you with one blow from his fists.”

            “Any questions? Then, lets go get it done.” The flight takes off heading to the direction where the Ice Titan was last observed. It isn’t long before they find him chasing after the Ice Jumpers.

            “This is it,” reports Captain Powell. Lets go free him of those nodules.”

            Tammy and Tarmac fly directly towards the Titan which soon spots them. The rest of the dragons hug the ground to get into position behind it. The Titan spots two of them and turns to attack which earns it two shots that bounce off of its huge horn. He turns back to take a swipe at Tammy who ducks out of the way just in time.

            The Titan roars in pain as six shots from three tec and sniper rifles hit the corrupted nodules on its back. One of them shatters in a huge purple explosion. He turns to go after his tormentors firing his ice breath at them as they hide behind the rock outcroppings which gains another layer of ice. His attention is soon focused upon the Ice Jumpers that come in to get into his face. He takes a swing at them as they jump out of his way. More shots ring out as another corrupted nodule explodes. Screaming for a third time from the pain, the Ice Titan hits the ground unconscious.

            Landing next to the unconscious Titan, Captain Powell does a quick examination of him. “Good job everyone,” he tells the others after finding that the injuries done to the Titan are minimal. “Lets give him room to wake up and determine if he will help us defeat Rockwell or not.”

            It is several minutes later that a strange metallic helmet materializes on the unconscious Titan as he wakes up. Ferral lands on it along with Tammy and start talking to the Ice Titan in dragon speak. “He has agreed to help us, with our new Ice Jumper friends to battle Rockwell when we are ready. He wants his revenge against Rockwell for making his suffer so with the corrupted modules that were infecting his mind.”

            “That is excellent,” captain Powell tells her. “Tell the Ice Jumpers that I thank them for their help in helping us to ridding the Ice Titan of those corrupted nodules. We will send someone back for everyone when we are ready to confront Rockwell.”
            “Breaking News,”

            “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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              This chapter was inspired by a video about the other dragons from the Game of Thrones book series.

              Chapter 50. The exciting Wastelands.

              Flying back on the Owl, Helena has spotted trouble on the path up ahead. She tells Tammy, who is flying close by to flame an outcropping of rock with a dead tree on it by its base. A corrupted Rock Drake comes out of cloak in flames as Sargent Gulliver finishes it off with an assault rifle.

              “How did you know it was there?” asks Captain Powell.

              “Unlike your infrared goggles or the Dragon’s infrared vision, this owl was able to spot it in this heat with his special radar vision.” answers Helena. “In fact, every living creature is showing up in his vision. He can distinguish between friendlies, foes, and corrupted creatures. He lets me know what he can see by sending those images to my vision in different color outlines.”

              “That is an incredible ability,” Major Powell tells her. “This will make it so much easier to detect danger as we are patrolling in the Wasteland.”

              Back in the camp, the two young dragons have been flying on patrol with their young riders. “This has been so enjoyable,” Drogon tells young Eric. “You are a most wonderful friend. I really like you.”

              “You have been a dream come true,” Eric tells Drogon. “Even though there are young dragons on Ragnarok, I never became close to any of them.”

              “I do believe that you two have now bonded,” Christina tells them. “This is what I learned from reading the electronic books about dragons in the Game of Throne series. I pray that they never meet the tragic end of what happened to so many of the dragons in those stories. Take good care of each other. Little Tammy has been so enjoyable to be with from the day she was hatched when she came over to play with me when I was two years old.”

              “I see the patrol coming back from the Snow Biome,” reports Eric.

              “It should be safe to fly out to them at this time,” answers Christina. “Lets let Eddie know where we are going.”

              “Be careful out there,” orders Eddie. “Captain Powell has warned me that they were attacked by corrupted rock drakes. If you see any corrupted dragons or rock drakes, get away from them. They could easily kill you.” With Eddie’s permission the foursome fly out to meet the incoming patrol. However, Drogon has spotted trouble in the distance beyond them and is imminently frightened by what he sees coming their way.

              “There’s two corrupted dragons flying towards us,” Eric warns Loki as he struggles to keep Drogon from flying away in a panic.

              “Land by Captain Powell,” orders Loki. “We’ll take care of this.”

              The six dragons that are carrying riders armed with tec and sniper rifles fly out to intercept the corrupted dragons heading their way. “Stay out of range of their fire weapon,” Loki orders. “Dragons, get us into position so we can take them out.” Six dragons split up into a group of three as their riders take aim dropping the two corrupted dragons from the sky.

              “Reigel, Look Out!” warns Loki as a shadow from an unseen corrupted dragon dives at them out of the glare of the sun. Reigel banks hard just being missed by a purple ray of fire that aims down at him. In another hard turn that almost result in Loki loosing his grip, Reigel lunges at the diving corrupted dragon grabbing it under the neck ripping its throat out. It goes spiraling down to the ground crashing into the rocks next to Eric and Drogon scaring them out of their wits.

              Tammy and Tarmac spot another corrupted dragon diving down from the sun that hasn’t seen them. They catch it from behind and flame its head. It gets finished off with a sniper rifle from Captain Powell as it too hits the ground nearby.

              “Your father killed it,” Eric tells a frightened Drogon who has his head pressed tightly into Eric’s chest as he is getting his neck rubbed in an effort to calm him down. Loki and Reigel land next to them, the purple flesh and blood still dripping from Reigels mouth.

              “Good job,” Loki praises Reigel. “You finally had a chance to get your revenge for what they did to your Viscerian.”

              “That felt sooo good,” Reigel says with a nervous laugh as he spits out the bloody mess in his mouth. “Drogon, are you all right.”

              “I’m so scared,” Drogon tells him.

              “I was too,” answers Reigel. “Stay with your friend Eric. He’ll take good care of you.”

              “Good job spotting those corrupted dragons,” Captain Powell tells Eric and Drogon.

              Paragon has now landed next to Reigel. She comes over and nudges his neck with her head. “She was really worried about you,” Dianna tells Reigel. “She was so scared that she was going to lose another mate to those corrupted dragons,”

              “I have to give Reigel credit for his combat skills,” Loki tells them. “After I spotted the threat, he took control and turned the tables on his attacker. I think that we have had more then enough excitement for the day,”

              “I agree,” Rollo tells them. “Tammy tells me that they have never had to face dragon to dragon combat before. We need to be sure that we all study their offensive and defensive capabilities so we don’t lose any of them to those corrupted dragons. I need to read those books about the Game of Throne dragons and what happened in those battles between them.”

              “From what I read in the electronic copy, they were mostly one sided fights with the loser being outclassed or ganged up on by bigger stronger opponents,” Dianne tells him. “All but one of the dragons in those stories were bonded to a human warrior or child. They were either killed in combat by a stronger dragon, brought down by the opposing armies with iron crossbows and chain bolas, or killed by an angry mob that had them trapped in their barn. More often then not, the victor was so badly hurt that he died from his injuries days later. What you and Reigel did today is likely a far better tactic that what you could have learned from combat in those stories.”

              “I have to agree,” Captain Powell tells Loki. “We can best prepare them with training in the tactics of air to air dog fighting combat. We may need those tactics when we go after the Desert Titan to defend ourselves from the hawk flocks protecting it. Lets get back to camp, get some rest, then proceed with dog fight training.”

              Back in the safety of camp, Drogon is laying on his side next to Eric as he rubs Drogon’s head to comfort him. “That took a lot out of you” Eric tells him. “You know that you are a hero. You saved the day by warning everyone that there were corrupted dragons coming their way.”

              “I was so scared when it hit the ground next to me,” Drogon tells Eric.

              Christina comes over with Little Tammy to check on Drogon. “Poor little guy, he is still shook up,” she says as she starts rubbing his neck. Little Tammy starts nudging him as well talking to him in dragon speak.

              “It has to be from the shock of seeing his mother being killed, then having those dead corrupted dragon crashing into the ground next to us.” answers Eric.

              “I’ve seen this before with Masucci and the three ladies that were Crazy Harry’s hostages,” Major Powell who has come over to check on Drogon, tells them. “Your marine friends call it Shell Shock. It’s modern name is post traumatic stress disorder. Give him lots of attention and praise. It will help him get over his frightening experience he had today with you. With time, we can build up his confidence when facing a dangerous situation in the future.”

              “Captain Powell would like to see you four with the rest of the dragons and their riders. He wants to start your training in dog fighting tactics.”

              “Drogon, are you coming?” ask Eric as he heads over to the group.

              “Yes, I’ll join you.” he answers.

              “I want to start this training session by thanking Eric and Drogon for spotting those corrupted dragons in time so that we were able to confront them on our terms,” reports Captain Powell. “Back on Aberration, we trained the Rock Drakes in the tactics of torpedo bombing so we were able to take out Rockwell without suffering any casualties. By teaching them the tactics of gliding in an attack formation, our soldiers were free to train their weapons on their targets. While it was easy for you dragons to get us into position to destroy the corrupted nodules on the Ice Titan, you didn’t have to worry about something else attacking you at the same time. Thankfully, Loki and Reigel survived their first encounter at dog fighting. They were hit with a tactic known as coming out of the sun. Loki saw the shadow being cast by the attacking corrupted dragon diving at them and warned Reigel to dodge the fire attack that was aimed at them. Reigel then turned the tables on the attacker by going after it’s throat.”

              “In air to air combat, altitude can be your friend. Tammy and Tarmac took advantage of that when they spotted the other corrupted dragon flying in to attack and took it out with a diving assault. I’m glad to see that your flame attack worked. You could have also knocked it out of the sky with the claws on your feet to take out it’s wings. That is the tactic they used to kill Viscerian and cripple Paragon.”

              “Drogon, Little Tammy, I want the both of you to participate in this training. You have an advantage over the adult dragons due to your smaller size. You can maneuver faster then they can. Use that to your advantage. We’ll train with blunt tip primitive arrows so we don’t hurt each other.”

              Captain Powell and Sargent Gulliver now show everyone some flying tactics using wood models of airplane as props. They show them the tactics of the role of the wing man and communication between the two so they are working together. The dragons and the personnel that are not from the torpedo squadron are soon asking a lot of questions about tactics.

              “Why are we doing this?” Gracy, one of the female forest dragons asks Captain Powell.

              “Given that we ran into more corrupted dragons today, there is a good possibility that we could be hit by large numbers of them when we go to confront that King Titan Rockwell,” answers Captain Powell. “We are likely to be so busy with attacking him that we will be unable to protect ourselves from any other threats such as corrupted dragons. It is going to be your job to take them out without getting killed in the process.”

              “He’s right,” answers Tammy. “It was bad enough when we were fighting Eric Bloodaxe as an unorganized group. When I listened to Captain Powell, he organized us into a fighting force to take him out without any of us getting killed. I volunteered to be the bait to get him out in the open. McDonald rigged up an armor vest for me. It saved my life from one of those crossbow turrets he fired at me. I lost too many of my friends in the past to his dragon killing crossbow turrets. It will be much worse if we have to fight large flocks of corrupted dragons in air to air combat if we can’t hit them from a position of strength. Reigel and Paragon already know just how dangerous they are. Their mates were killed by them.”

              “Molly, Tina, Gracy, I’m assigning your friends Hilda, Eddie and Lisa to ride on you for combat aircraft duty.” orders Captain Powell. “They have the combat experience from riding on their rock drake friends in Ragnarok, Hilda is a natural warrior. Macy, I hope that you don’t mind having Belvelto riding on you. He is a very experience gunner. He can better protect you in combat then Barbara. Besides, she is already bonded with Sleeper on Ragnarok. While I know that Dragons that are bonded to a human friend can also have other human friends that they allow to ride on them, they tend to get very jealous of other dragons that get too close with their bonded human. I’m just concerned that you and sleeper may end up killing each other in a fight over Barbara if she ever makes it back here to Earth.”

              “Dianna has told me the story how Danarys raised three dragons from their eggs. Like Cleo’s egg tamed rock drake, they could not talk to her. When they were at Drogons age, she had problems with them getting into fights with each other and raiding the flocks of the shepards for food. It nearly destroyed her relationship with them when she was forced to chain them in the dungeon for the protection of the children and livestock of her kingdom. Months later, her Drogon managed to remove the pin on the collar and escape. In a brave move, Tyrion, the dwarf warrior, released Reigel and Viscerian from the dungeon. She saw Drogon when he landed on the castle roof above her, but he wasn't ready to bond with her. A month later, when her party was attacked in the arena by a superior force of assassins that hid their identity with masks. Surrounded with no escape, the end was near when Drogon appeared attacking the rebels with fire and his biting attack. Even though he had been wounded by several spears that were thrown at him, he mentally told Danarys to get on him and took off flying. He took her back to his lair in the countryside. Even though he was suffering from his injuries, he finally bonded with her. While her Reigel and Viscerian had settled their differences and soon joined them, she never rode or bonded with either one of them. Her Viserian ends up killed in a fight with the White Walkers. He is later reincarnated by the Ice King as a corrupted dragon and becomes his war mount. The end of the stories were corrupted so Dianna couldn’t tell me whatever happened to Danarys or if her Reigel ever became bonded to Jon Snow who’s hidden name in the story translated to green dragon.”

              “I understand,” Macy tells Captain Powell. “I did not know that Barbara was already bonded to another dragon.”

              “Macy, I’m sorry,” Barbara tells her. “I should have told you that I am bonded with Sleeper.”

              “It’s OK,” Macy tells her. “I should have asked you if you had ever ridden other dragons before. We can still be friends.”

              “Thank you,” Barbara tells her. “Belvelto is a good man. He will take good care of you.”

              “Can we agree to be friends if you decide that you don’t want to bond with me?” ask Belvelto as he rubs her forehead in greeting.

              “Yes,” Macy tells him.

              “Take her flying so that you two can get familiar working together,” orders Captain Powell. “Then, we can get some dog fight training done before we go visit the Desert Biome.”

              “Have you done this before?” Macy tells Belvelto in surprise as he gets on her.

              “Yes,” he answers. “I just never had a chance to bond with any of the Ragnarok Dragons. They all had bonded with a human friend before I arrived there.”

              “Tammy and Tarmac seem most interesting,” Macy tells him as they continue flying together. “Who are they bonded to?”

              Being the Alpha Dragon, Tammy is unique.” answers Belvelto. “She first let Eddie ride on her when they made first contact with us. Then she asked Helena to ride on her out of curiosity. She eventually ended up bonding with her Viking enemy, Rollo Bloodaxe, who she wanted to kill when she first saw him. That happened when she let him ride her into combat to confront his evil brother that had killed her mate. They became bonded together in close friendship by the end of that day. Helena tells me that no alpha dragon has ever allowed a human to touch them before, let alone ride on them and become bonded to one.

              “Tarmac became bonded to Cleo on the day that they first met. He reminded her of her egg tame Raymond that a t-rex had killed. He does let Captain Powell ride him into combat because they work well together in that situation. Otherwise, Captain Powell works with his rock drake friend Mary.”

              “That is so interesting,” Macy tells him. “I like you. Lets tell Captain Powell that we are ready to go practice some air to air dog fighting.”

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              “Breaking News,”

              “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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                Chapter 51. Dog fight training.

                “How are you getting along with Macy?” Captain Powell asks Belvelto.

                “She is a most wonderful dragon,” Belvelto answers. “I like her.”

                “I’m ready to learn dog fighting with Belvelto.” Macy answers.

                “That’s fantastic, Lets get started.”

                “The first thing I want to do is assign you to work in pairs so that you have a flight leader and a wing man. Our two mated dragon pairs, Drogon, and Little Tammy are the natural choice with the male as the attacker and their mates as wing man. Molly, Tina, Gracy, Macy, form up two pairs to work together.

                “As you can see, we have placed several kites in the sky for you to practice the tactic of diving out of the sun on. What I want you dragons and your riders to do is practice coming out of the sun at those kites. I do have one bit of advise to give you when you do so, don’t cast your shadow on your target. As Loki can tell you, the shadow from that corrupted dragon that attacked them, alerted him to the danger coming from above. Pick out your targets as a squadron and hit them all at once. We’ll use blunt arrows for now, so don’t flame or tear them up on your first practice attack run.”

                Forming up on Tammy and Rollo, the ten dragons, in pairs of two, take flight and climb for the clouds. Rollo shouts out to them which target they will take. The dragons peal off into a dive quickly learning to watch where they cast a shadow as their riders hit the kites with blunt arrows.

                “Good job everyone,” Rollo tells them as they fly back up to regroup. “Lets try tearing the wings out of those kites.” The dragons pick out their targets and dive on them ripping several to shreds on the first impact. Three kites end up being flamed as they are hit.

                “That was harder to do then it looked,” Tammy tells Captain Powell as they land for their training evaluation.

                “You did well flaming your target when you realized that you were not in the right position to rake it’s wings with your feet.” Captain Powell tells her. “My only concern is that you can quickly run of of stamina if you are constantly using your fire weapon to attack them. The showdown with King Titan Rockwell is likely to be a long one, so, you need to be careful that you don’t run out of fire when you need it the most.”

                “Everyone, good job.”

                “What I want to do now is to have your riders practice air defense. For now, we will practice with blunt arrows by having six of you pretending that you are the attacking corrupted dragons. If you are hit with the blunt arrows, they will sting, but they won’t hurt you. When we end up doing this for real, your riders will be armed with tec and assault rifles. Your job, get on the tail of your attackers while trying to avoid being tailed yourselves. Your rider’s job will be to protect you from corrupted dragons that get on your tail. You will have one big advantage over the corrupted dragons when fighting them, they will not have any one riding on them for their protection. Tail gunners, target your attacker’s body. I don’t want any of our dragon friends to accidentally get a blunt arrow in the eye.”

                The dragons are split up into two teams of six aggressors and four defenders to simulate fighting against a superior force. They switch off into those groups as the training continues. “Excellent move,” Captain Powell comments as he is taking notes. “Macy put on the brakes allowing Tarmac to overshoot her. I bet that he won’t make that mistake again after getting smacked by a blunt arrow to his body.”

                The makeshift mock battle continues for the next hour. There are a couple of mid air collisions. Then, a head on that knocks the two dragons involved out of the sky. “Everyone calm down,” orders Captain Powell as he is forced to call a halt to the training exercise when Molly and Gracy, the two dragons involved in the head on, start getting into a fight with each other.

                “Knock it off!” orders Tammy as she gets between the two angry female dragons.

                “Calm down,” both Michael and Hilda are yelling at them.” It takes several minutes of scolding to get the two dragons to finally settle down. They eventually apologize to each other for getting into a fight.

                “That was intense,” Tammy tells Captain Powell. “The dragons are taking this training too seriously.

                “I don’t think that your mate was too happy with me hitting him with a blunt arrow when I had Macy put on the brakes,” Belvelto tells her.

                “Flight crews, get the frack over here, now!” orders Captain Powell. The ten dragons and their riders soon gather around.

                “When I get done with this meeting, I want everyone to apologize to each other for taking it personal when one of your friends took a wack at you during aerial combat training. I need all of you to work together, to watch out for each other, cause when this $hit gets real, you will only do so if you are all friends.”

                “Now, given that this is over with, I saw some real good combat tactics taking place in this training phase. What Macy did to Tarmac is a classic move to force an attacker out in front of you. Molly and Gracy, your head on attack is another classic move. Just be sure that you duck at the last minute so that you don’t collide with your enemy knocking you both out of the sky. Drogon, good move folding your wings to drop quickly out of harm’s way. Wing men, good job protecting your partner. Everyone, get some rest for an hour. Then, you will fly out into the wasteland armed with crossbows for a live fire exercise to kill corrupted pteragons. Go see Major Powell if you were injured during this exercise.”

                “I’m sorry that we got into a fight with each other,” Molly and Gracy tells Captain Powell as they come over to talk to him with their riders.

                “I never knew that a dragon could get so angry with another dragon while you are riding them,” Michael tells Captain Powell. “Molly has told me that she is so sorry for picking a fight with her best friend Gracy.”

                “It’s quite all right.” answers Captain Powell. “I’ve seen this happen before when we do aggressor defender training in the Marine Corp and the $hit gets really serious. The important thing is you two are no longer making it personal. Go see Major Powell so that she can treat those scrapes and bruises you got from fighting.”

                “That was some really serious combat training you put them through,” Major Powell tells Captain Powell after she has checked over everyone.

                “Given that we ran into four corrupted dragons and how one of them nearly took out Reigel, I felt it was necessary for them all to experience what it could be like if we ever get hit by a large number of them,” answers Captain Powell. “How bad were the injuries?”

                “It’s a good thing Tammy got between Molly and Gracy,” Major Powell tells him. “Their injuries could have been a lot worse had they started biting and clawing at each other. Fortunately, it was just scrapes and bruises. The rest had a bruise or two from being tagged with blunt arrows at close range.”

                “Well, that’s a relief,” answers Captain Powell. “I’m having them going after corrupted pteragons next. They should make good targets for a diving attack to practice ripping the wings out from them and for their riders to practice hitting a moving target coming after them. It should help Drogon gain some confidence when he learns that he can take out a flying creature on his own.”

                The flight group, under the leadership of Rollo and Tammy, soon formed up and take off to the Northern Wastelands to go hunt corrupted pteragons. Spotting one from above, Rollo sends Eric after it with Christina flying wing man on Little Tammy.

                “Go for a wing,” Eric tells Drogon.

                “They frighten me,” Drogon answers back. “They look too much like corrupted dragons.”

                “Do it!” orders Eric. “I’ll guide you.”

                The two young dragons dive on the corrupted pteradon with Drogon in the lead. He slams his claw feet into the corrupted pteradon’s wings breaking them. It falls to the ground hitting it so hard that the impact kills it.

                “Good job,” Reigel tells him when they fly back to the clouds. “You are now officially a dog fighter.”

                The flight training continues with the rest of the dragons picking off every corrupted pteradon that they can find in the Northern Wastelands. Molly misses her target when it veers off at the last second. Tina takes it out as it cuts across her path.”

                With all of the corrupted pteradons cleared from the sky, the flight is coming back to base at high altitude when Drogon spots two corrupted fliers way down below. He and Little Tammy dive down to attack the one on the left. Rollo puts his spotting scope and suddenly realizes that they have taken on a lot more then they should have.

                “Everyone, dive! Kill those things, NOW!” he orders the rest of the flight of dragons.

                “What’s the problem?” ask Loki as Reigel has launched himself into a screaming dive. He doesn’t get any time for an answer as the two young dragons ahead of them crash into the wings of their target ripping them to shreds.

                The other corrupted dragon has spotted them but before it can react, it gets it’s wings shredded by Reigel and goes crashing to the ground. The other dragons quickly follow, tearing up the two grounded dragons killing them.

                “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” Drogon is shouting in a panic as he flies torards the camp as fast as he can.

                “You did it!” shouts Eric. “You took out a corrupted dragon.”

                The two young dragons are still in shock as they all fly back to camp landing in front of Captain Powell. “What happened out there?” he ask Rollo. “Drogon and Little Tammy look like they have just seen a ghost.”

                “They took a corrupted dragon out of the sky before they realized that they weren’t attacking corrupted pteradons,” Rollo tells him.

                “Outstanding!” shouts Captain Powell as he runs over to praise the two young dragons. “Their training has paid off. I declare Drogon and Little Tammy experienced dog fighters with their first official kill.”

                “Did we actually kill a corrupted dragon,” Drogon ask Reigel as he comes over to congratulate the two youngsters.

                “When you two shredded it’s wings, it was as good as dead,” Reigel tells him.

                “I never realized that we were attacking a corrupted dragon until it was too late to avoid hitting it,” Drogon tells Reigel.

                “The important thing is that you were able to take it out without getting hurt.” Reigel tells him.

                “That is enough excitement for you two for the day,” Major Powell tells Drogon and Eric. “Eric and Christina, Praise Drogon and Little Tammy for a job well done. Everyone should get some rest before we head to the Desert Biome.”

                “I agree,” Captain Powell tells her. “Everyone take the rest of the day off to get some rest. We go find the Desert Titan in the morning.”
                “Breaking News,”

                “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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                  Chapter 52 The desert Biome.

                  Drogon is lying on his side in the pen with Eric rubbing his neck. “I can’t believe that we actually did it,” Eric tells him. “We knocked a corrupted dragon out of the sky.”

                  “We sure did,” Drogon tells Eric. “I tore out it’s left wing as Little Tammy did the same to it’s right one. I didn’t have time to be afraid until we actually did it. It looked like one of those corrupted pteradons until we hit it.”

                  “How are you feeling?” Captain Powell asks Drogon as he comes over to check on the two young dragons.

                  “I feel so much better then I did when Eric made me attack the corrupted pteradon.” Drogon answers.

                  “Drogon, it’s OK to be frighten by combat so long as you don’t let that fear prevent you from getting the job done when you engage the enemy.”

                  “When Tammy was flying with Rollo to attack the fortress of Eric Bloodaxe, she had her moment of fear and wanted to turn back. Rollo convinced her to be brave and follow the plan of landing in front of the fortress to get Eric Bloodaxe out into the open. While they both got hurt in the battle that followed, she was able to accomplish the mission of getting rid of Eric Bloodaxe so we could rescue her friends.”

                  “I never knew that an alpha would ever fear combat,” Drogon tells him.

                  “So long as you don’t let that fear take over, it will help you stay alive,” Captain Powell tells him. “Get some rest, You and Little Tammy are going to be flying with us to the Desert Biome to confront the Desert Titan in the morning.”

                  “That’s great, they got their revenge against a corrupted dragon,” comments Major Powell to Captain Powell. “I believe that Drogon has been cured of his shell shock with today’s strange turn of events. He looks so much better mentally. He and young Eric make a perfect match.”

                  “I agree,” answers Captain Powell. “I’m glad that I included those two in combat training. Even Little Tammy performed well out there together with Drogon. My concern is with all of those corrupted dragons that are now showing up the further we continue with our mission to kill Rockwell. I fear that we could be hit with a significant number of them at the worst possible moment. We need to have better protection for our dragon friends along with tec rifles for everyone.”

                  “I think that I may be able to help.” McDonald tells Captain Powell. “Before I left, I was handed a blueprint for a Tec Replicator. With the availability of Element, electronics, metals, and corrupted nodules which will substitute for organic polymer, I believe that we can soon build one. With the Tec Generator, we may eventually be able to build those giant mechs. We will also be able to construct tec rifles and another rail gun or two. But most important, we can craft up tec armor for us and our dragon friends.”

                  “That would be outstanding,” answers Captain Powell. “Take Masucci, Sargent Gulliver, and four other people that are not involved with our dragons and craft up that Tec Replicator. We’re going to go find that Desert Titan and rid it of its corrupted nodules.”

                  That morning, the patrol is assembled consisting of all the dragons with their riders, Helena riding on Owl, and the rest riding on enforcers. This time, they take the broken road to the South of the great split as they find the path to the Desert Biome.

                  The trip remains relatively free of threats with only one corrupt Carno that the lead Enforcer takes out and two pteradons that Drogon and Little Tammy ambush from the sky. It is at the edge of the dome when Rollo and Loki spots real trouble.

                  “What are those two corrupted dragons doing down there,” ask Loki.

                  “They look like they are hunting for something,” answers Rollo.

                  “Lets take them out!”

                  The fight is quick as the two corrupted dragons, intent on looking for their prey, get body slammed and have their throats ripped out by Reigal, Tammy, and their mates.

                  “What is that noise?” ask Loki when they land next to the dead corrupted dragons.

                  “That sounds like a dragon crying in pain,” answers Dianna. “Lets go check it out.

                  “Be careful,” answers Rollo “They may not know that we are here to help them.”

                  Loki is walking over to investigate a shape hidden in the rocks when he quickly jumps behind a boulder just being missed by a blast of fire. “Stay away!” a frightened voice shouts out in dragon speak. A flurry of dragon speak soon follows from Tammy and Reigel. Soon, a frightened injured male dragon steps out from the shelter of the rock outcropping.

                  “What’s going on out there?” Captain Powell has radioed Rollo with concern.

                  “We found a pair of wild dragons that survived an attack by corrupted ones,” answers Rollo. “Send Helena over here with Owl. One of them is badly hurt.”

                  “Oh, Nooo!” Reigel tells Loki when he gets to see the badly injured female lying at the rock outcropping base turning his head away from her. “They took out her wings the same way they did my Viserian!”

                  “Stay here,” orders Loki. “I have to go see if she is still alive.”

                  “Loki is talking to the male in dragon speak who has allows him to see his badly injured mate. She is crying from the pain as he goes to rub her forehead. “It hurts so bad,” she tells him. “I don’t want to die!”

                  Hang in there.” he tells her in dragon speak as he continues rubbing her forehead. “Help is coming.”

                  Helena soon arrives with Owl as the rest of the ground force is now by Reigel. “Can Owl heal her,” Loki asks Helena with concern.

                  “I don’t know,” answers Helena with concern after looking at the badly injured dragon. “Her wings are a shredded mess. Lets give it a try.”

                  Helena is now talking to both dragons as she tells them what she wants to do with Owl. Several stacks of raw meat are harvested from the dead corrupted dragons and placed on Owl and on the badly injured female dragon. Owl is positioned over top of the crippled dragon as she activates his healing freeze. The process takes several minutes, most of the raw meat, and nearly all of Owl’s stamina is used by the process but it works. As she thaws out, she is no longer crying in pain. The shredded wings are now mended together. “Take it easy,” Helena tells her. “You’re still very weak from your ordeal.” The male is crying tears of joy as his mate gets up to embraces him.

                  “Thank you. Thank you so much for saving my mate.” He tells her while still crying.” I am Draco. My mate is called Firefox.”

                  “Oh dear, you’re left wing has been torn.” Helena tells him. “Go over by Owl so that I can have him heal it.”

                  Loki has now returned to Reigel to see if he is all right. “That was such a shock to see what happened to Firefox,” Reigel tells him shaking from fright. “I’m all right now.” He puts his forehead down to Loki so that it can be rubbed. “It was so upsetting to see her wings torn up like that.”

                  “Looks like that your son is not the only dragon to have ever suffer shell shock,” Loki tells Reigel ‘We’re lucky to have Owl with us to heal her up. I doubt that Michael would have been able to repair that much damage to a dragon’s wing.”

                  “I never knew that you humans could even talk to us let alone be friendly to us,” Draco finally tells Loki after Owl has healed up his wing.”

                  “We learned that we could do so when we met Tammy,” answers Loki. “It is likely from your history, when my ancestors were hunting dragons because we feared them, that you learned to be afraid of us. It was by pure luck that we spotted those corrupted dragons looking for you. If you and Firefox are willing, we can use your help.”

                  Captain Powell and the rest of the group have now arrived in the clearing next to the rock outcropping. The rest of the dragons remain on air patrol as Captain Powell talks to the two dragons using Helena as a translator.

                  “I never knew there were other dragons out here,” Draco tells him.

                  “We didn’t either until we found a dead female dragon, then the three corrupted dragons that killed her that attacked us.” answers Helena. “Later, we found her son, who was hiding in the cave, and her mate, Reigel, who was looking for him. We soon found six other dragons hiding in the great cave North of the ruined city. Tammy and Tarmac came with us from Ragnarok.”

                  “What brings you out this way?” asks Draco.

                  “We came looking for the Desert Titan so that we can destroy the corrupted nodules that are controlling him. Hopefully he can help us kill the King Titan Rockwell to free the Earth from Extinction,” answers Helena.

                  “I can take you there,” answers Draco. “Come, fly on me. Teach me your human language as we fly into the Desert Dome.”

                  “Take Owl,” Helena tells Captain Powell. “It looks like that we are going to have a lot to talk about. We’ll look for a safe area for you to set up camp before we look for the Desert Titan.”

                  “If it is all right with you and Firefox, I would like to have Alfred ride on her. He can be her tail gunner so that she doesn’t get ambushed by another corrupted dragon. All the Vikings with us have been learning Dragon speak from Tammy, so they will be able to talk to each other.”

                  “I’ll let Alfred ride on me,” answers Firefox without hesitation in dragon speak. “I don’t ever want to go through that hell again.”

                  “I’d would love to be able to bond with a dragon,” Alfred tells Helena. “I so wished that we had made friends with them instead of going to war against them.”

                  “That will be up to Firefox,” answers Helena. The flight is soon off heading into the Desert Dome as the others proceed through the barrier below.

                  It is a constant stream of dragon speak between Helena and Draco as they fly through the Desert Dome. They talk about her mission on Earth, their past history, the stories from Game of Thrones, and what has happened that allowed the dragons to return to Earth in their present form.

                  “I find it interesting that dragons would bond with a certain race of humans in those stories,” Helena tells Draco. “They were never able to talk to each other. It is only from other stores from the Vikings and Mid-Evil ages where I found stories of dragons being able to talk to us and having humans riding on them into combat.”

                  “I’m starting to pick up your language now,” Draco tells her. “Does that mean that we could be bonding soon?”

                  “My research and duties doesn’t allow me to have the time to bond with a dragon,” Helena tells him. “I nearly bonded with Tammy when she asked me to ride on her, but I let her go when she became bonded with her worst enemy, a Viking Bloodaxe. They really hit it off together when he rode her into battle to confront his evil dragon killing brother. They have been a perfect match ever since. Thank you for your offer. If you don’t mind, I think that you and Harold would make a good match. He and Alfred are close brothers. It would be a perfect match if they became bonded to you and your mate. In spite of being bonded to Rollo, Tammy and I remain the best of friends.”

                  “When you have rid the Desert Titan of his corrupted nodules, I’ll give it a try,” Draco tells her.

                  In the safety of the dome, the patrol has assembles on a plateau overlooking the desert below. The rest of the dragons have landed and been introduced to the newcomers. Rollo is now on Tammy with Captain Powell on Tarmac as the foursome of dragons prepare to look for the Desert Titan. Harold meets Draco as they quickly get to know each other. They soon take off with Draco in the lead as Harold is riding on him.

                  The recon goes well with the flight landing on a bluff. They spot the titan in flight over the Eastern end of the dome. Taking flight so it can be observed from above, they study the flying titan locating where the corrupted modules are located and observing the flock of hawks flying with it.

                  Landing back at the temporary camp, Captain Powell gets a surprise when he sees four most unusual tames the rest of the patrol have obtained.

                  “Olaf found them quite by accident,” Major Powell tells him. “He accidentally walked in front of one of them and was nearly killed by their darts. They shredded his Enforcer as he ran away from them. By observing them from a distance, we found that we could easily knocked them out to tame them.”

                  “They are literally living machine guns,” Lt. Jerry tells him. “They are extremely accurate when we are using them in machine gun mode. Best of all, those darts on their frills can quickly regenerate. They could be most useful for taking out large numbers of corrupted creatures on the ground.”

                  “Outstanding, how do you pet them?” ask Captain Powell.

                  “You don’t” Major Powell tells him as she shows him one of the darts she has recovered from the destroyed Enforcer. “They respond to your implant so only those of us that have implants can ride on them or pet them.”

                  “Wow, those darts look as lethal as a 50 caliber machine gun bullet,” Captain Powell tells her. “No wonder we lost an Enforcer to them.”

                  Captain Powell now calls for a meeting with the dragons and their riders. “Gather around. Here is my our plan to go tame the Desert Titan.”

                  “Since we are going after a flying creature, this will be a mission for our dragon friends and their riders. We know that this Titan is protected by flocks of hawks. As they will likely stay together when they attack, we will need several of you to bait and distract them. Eric and Christina are the logical choice for this job since their young dragons can maneuver so quickly. Tammy, Tarmac, Reigel, and Paragon will conduct the coordinated attack on the corrupted nodules. I’ll be riding Tarmac on this mission. We’ll be using tec rifles on the corrupted nodules. The rest of the dragons and their riders will keep watch for anything that may fly in to attack us. Otherwise, help out Drogon and Little Tammy in case they get swarmed by the attacking flock of hawks.”

                  “Any questions? Then lets go tame it.”

                  Heading to the East side of the dome, they find the Desert Titan flying in a large circle. Now in position, Captain Powell leads in the attack on the first corrupted nodule. Four shots from the Tec rifle causes it to explode into a purple cloud as the Titan screams in pain.

                  “Look out! Here comes his defenses,” warns Loki as Drogon and Little Tammy cut across their path causing the flock to go after them.

                  “I’m feeling an electrical charge forming on us,” warns Tarmac.

                  Fly close over that corrupted nodule,” orders Captain Powell. “When you feel it lock on you, get the frack out of there.”

                  A powerful bolt of lightning strikes the corrupted nodule as Tarmac gets out of the way just in time. It too goes up in a puff of purple smoke.

                  Paragon lands on the Titan’s back in an effort to give Dianna a steady shot at the third corrupted nodule but they get thrown off when the Titan does a barrel roll. Reigel just misses getting a tail slap that monumentally stuns him and Loki. The four dragons quickly form up above the Titan.

                  “I can’t warn everybody enough that this thing can fight back and hit hard,” Captain Powell tells them in alarm. “Form up on me. We’ll try dive bombing that third nodule and hit it with the tec rifles. Dragons, don’t pull up, do a hard bank away from it. Everyone, be careful that you don’t shoot your dragon in the head when they bank away.”

                  The maneuver is executed, but the outcome is not quite what is planned. Four shots hit the corrupted nodule causing it to explode. Three of the four dragons end up in a hard landing on a metal platform that suddenly forms on the Titan’s back. They end up rolling to the edge of the platform but manage to stay on it.

                  “Everyone all right,” asks Captain Powell with concern.”

                  “Loki.” “Dianna”. “Rollo.” “Tammy.” “Tarmac.” “Reigel.” “Paragon.”

                  “We’re all OK,” they answer back.

                  “Where are we?” ask Rollo.

                  “We’re on a platform on the back of the Desert Titan,” answers Captain Powell. The mission was a success.

                  The rest of the dragons have now landed on the platform as the hawk escort land in the hanger in back of the Titan. Captain Powell has now found the bridge on the platform that has allowed him to have direct contact with the Titan. He steers it to land by the bluff where the temporary camp is located. Tarmac flies ahead to let the others know that the Desert Titan is now under their control. It comes in turning until it’s wingtip has formed a bridge up to its back and goes into a hover.

                  “He has agreed to help us defeat King Rockwell.” Captain Powell announces to the other. “Everyone, get on board. He can easily carry all of us back to camp.”

                  With the entire land patrol on the platform and the dragons flying escort, the Desert Titan soars back to the base, lands nearby and places a wingtip at the barrier base so the land patrol can get off of it.

                  “Three Titans allied to us, mech warriors to go,” Captain Powell says to the men and women with him as he exits the bridge control as everyone gets off of the flying Titan.
                  “Breaking News,”

                  “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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                    Chapter 53 The Tec Replicator.

                    “Fantastic,” McDonald tells Captain Powell as he sees the Desert Titan floating next to the barrier wall. “You tamed us a flying aircraft carrier. Soon, I will turn him into a battleship for you with our new rail guns.”

                    “You have the Tec Replicator running?” ask Captain Powell in surprise.

                    "It’s huge,” answers McDonald. “It is housed in this large shed we had to build for it.”

                    “I have been able to make some special items with the resources we have so far,” McDonald tells Captain Powell. “Have Rollo and Tammy come over here. I have a surprise for them.”

                    “What is it?’ asks Tammy and Rollo as they come over to see what McDonald had made for them.

                    “I have some new weapons and armor for you to test out,” McDonald tells them. “Rollo, put this on. Then, help me put this tec armor on Tammy. When we fasten it on her, it will not only protect her better then that heavy stuff she had to wear when you confronted Eric Bloodaxe, it will also protect her wings from a surprise attack from those corrupted dragons.” The new tec armor is fitted onto Rollo, then on Tammy.

                    “McDonald, you are a genius!” Tammy tells him in surprise after being outfitted with her new tec armor. It hardly weighs anything.”

                    “Tammy, this is very important.” McDonald tells her. “Along with your new tec armor, you are now carrying two very powerful weapons mounted to your helmet. Those two antenna like things are called tec rifles. You are going to have the ability to use them against anything that is attacking you. Be very careful when you use them. You have already seen how they can one shot a corrupted dragon from the sky. Know what you are shooting at before you fire it.”

                    “When I have Rollo activate the weapon, both of you will have a targeting sight showing up in your vision along with a readout of how may shots you have left. Aim the weapon by moving your head and body to place the cross hair on the target. When you are ready to fire, Rollo will take the safety off. Think ‘Fire’ and the rail guns will fire on your target.”

                    Rollo activates the targeting console for Tammy. “That is interesting,” she tells him. “Now, I know how you are able to sight in on a target with your tec rifles.”

                    “Aim for the tree on that high platform,” Rollo tells her. “When you are ready, I’ll take the safety off so you can shoot at the target. When you get good at aiming, I’ll just tell you what I want to shoot at. As I have the same targeting information that you have, you won’t have to tell me when to fire at the target. Later, I’ll put the weapon on local so that you have complete control of it.”

                    Tammy takes aim at the distant tree telling Rollo that she is ready. He takes the safety off and places the control on local. Tammy thinks fire. A fraction of a second later, the tec rifle fires causing the tree up above to explode into a shower of splinter.

                    “Awk,” she says in shock as a result of the flash and crack of the tec rifle mounted so close to her head. “That scared the wits out of me.”

                    “Take a look at your target,” Rollo tells her.

                    “Where is it?” asks Tammy.

                    “Fly up there and look for it,” Rollo tells her.

                    “That’s incredible,” Tammy tells Rollo in surprise when she lands by the splintered stump. “There is no way that I could have done that much damage with my fire attack, especially from such a distance.”

                    “Take her out hunting,” Captain Powell radios to Rollo. “Let her get familiar with using the tec rifles. When she is used to targeting with the tec rifles, let her take control of firing them. Just remember, you have to reload those rifles after you have fired off 50 shots from each of them, so, pay attention to how many rounds you have left. They cannot be reloaded in flight. You will have to land somewhere so you can get off her to reload them. In a day or two, we will have tec armor and rifles for all the dragons.”

                    Tammy takes off to fly into the Wastelands with Rollo guiding her. She targets some corrupted creatures on the ground as Rollo takes them out using his remote. He then gives her complete control over the tec rifles mounted on her helmet. A corrupted rex bites the dust as Tammy is amazed by the firepower she is now controlling. Rollo spots a corrupted Rock Drake which is quickly taken out by Tammy. With its ammo exhausted, they land on an old structure so that Rollo can reload the tec rifles on her helmet to continue their training.

                    An ominous shadow shows up as Rollo completes the job. “Corrupted Dragons!” warns Rollo as he scrambles to get back on Tammy and turn on the local control. “A purple blast of fire hits Tammy on her left wing causing the edge of the tec armor to crackle in response. “Ow!,” Tammy yells. “That hurt!”

                    “You’re all right,” he tells Tammy as she takes off in a panic. “It’s a warning mechanism built into your armor. Target those corrupted dragons and take them out!”

                    Spinning about, she fires off a shot just missing the lead dragon coming after them. Taking better aim, she gets off a second shot that rips a hole in it’s wing causing it to spiral down to the ground. She gets off another shot at the second corrupted dragon as it unleashes it purple fire attack. It loses part of its claw on it’s wing as the tec armor crackles once again from the incoming blast of purple fire.

                    “Good shooting,” Rollo tells her. “Get on its tail and take it down.”

                    The second dragon fires another blazing blast of purple flame which completely misses as a result of Tammy’s pull up maneuver. Zooming ahead of Tammy, she dives back down targeting it’s head which explodes in a cloud of flesh and blood as two bolts from the tec rifles are right on target dropping it from the sky. Flying back towards the ground, she strafe the grounded attacker to finish it off.

                    “You did well!” a frightened Rollo tells her. “We should have never flown out here alone. Next time, we better have Tarmac with us so that he can watch our six when we have to reload.”

                    “That was so scary, and fun.” she tells Rollo.

                    “That was some good shooting back there once you were able to concentrate on your target.” Rollo tells her as they fly back to camp. “You will get better with more practice. Next time, we fly with a wing man.”

                    Landing back by the Tec Fabricator, Captain Powell and McDonald come over to inspect the performance of the new armor and tec rifles. “What the frack happened out there?” asks McDonald when he sees the damage done to the tec armor.

                    “We got ambushed by corrupted dragons while reloading.” Loki tells him. “Once we got airborne, Tammy took them out with the tec rifles.”

                    “Did you get hurt?” McDonald asks her.

                    “No, I’m fine,” she tells him. “It just stings when the armor gets hit by something.”

                    “You need to be more careful,” he tells her. “Every time your tec armor takes a hit, it will be weakened. If it breaks, you will lose it’s protection. I’ll get this damage repaired so it will be ready next time you go combat flying.”

                    “We better set up some auto turrets around the base targeted for corrupt creatures,” orders Captain Powell when he learns what has happened during the test flight. “As I feared, those corrupted dragons are becoming more common out there in that Wasteland. Rockwell must know what we are planning and is sending them in to harass us. We had better get a stronger base defenses set up and the rest of the tec gear crafted up as fast as we can.”

                    “I can rig up some defensive auto turrets and program them to target corrupt creatures,” McDonald tells Captain Powell. “I’ll also place two of them on our Desert Titan to help defend him from overhead air attacks.”

                    “Excellent,” Captain Powell tells him. “Get it done.”

                    “I have one problem.” McDonald tells him. “I am running out of resources for crafting everything up. I need a lot more corrupted nodules. Our Element supplies are running low. We are running out of lamp post to get the dust with the doed.”

                    “I’ll send out a patrol to harvest those corrupted creatures Tammy and Rollo took out.” answers Captain Powell.

                    “Those orbital supply drops out there are loaded with materials that we need,” reports McDonald. “However, they tend to be well defended. We tried to access one while you were gone but was forced to abandon it when we were hit by large numbers of corrupted creatures. We only got away because they targeted the capsule eventually destroying it.”

                    “We’ll go out and get you the corrupted nodules.” answers Captain Powell. “As soon as you can, craft up tec armor for me and Tarmac. Then, we will go out and access one of those supply drops with overwhelming firepower.”

                    The two new dragons, along with the four Forest ones, fly air patrol as they watch over a dozen Enforcers that head out to clean up the kills from Tammy’s target practice. They quickly load up with raw meat and corrupted nodules. Fortunately, there are no other corrupted creatures observed or any corrupted dragons seen. A Quitzel is found flying overhead but nothing else. Draco and Firefox guide it to the safety of the city.

                    Stopping at the Desert Titan, they feed it with the raw meat gathered by the enforcers. It is now fully healed from the rigors of having the corrupted nodules removed.

                    McDonald gets a large supply of corrupted nodules which he places in the Tec Replicator. Tec armor for Tarmac is soon crafted along with a set of armor for Captain Powell.

                    A meeting is called to assemble a force to go access a supply drop that is nearby. McDonald tells everyone what to expect once they activate it’s force field. Four of the personnel are assigned to ride on the Velonasaurs, the living machine guns, to provide ground support. The rest are on high level Enforcers with the dragons providing air cover. Because the dragons are going to be flying air support, Captain Powell has ordered the ground forces to be armed with pump shotguns. They are to use them on the flying targets since he doesn’t want to risk a dragon accidentally being hit by a tec weapon or sniper rifle. Tammy and Tarmac, with Rollo and Captain Powell riding on them, are going to supply heavy air support with their armor and tec rifles.

                    “I have modified their tec rifles to carry 500 shots each.” McDonald tells them. “That should give them plenty of ammo to avoid what happened with Tammy and Rollo yesterday.”

                    “Outstanding!’ Captain Powell tells him. “Lets get this show on the road.”

                    The patrol heads out to where one of the supply capsules has crash landed. Approaching it, Sargent Gullivar activates the force field which soon results in the screaming of every corrupted creature in the area. The ground forces place their Enforcer and the Velonasaurs in a circle to protect it. Spike fencing has been place to slow down the advance.

                    Meanwhile, Tammy and Tarmac have spotted four corrupted gigas advancing on the supply drop from the North. They dive down to attack the targets. “Tarmac, what’s wrong!” Captain Powell asks him in a panic.”

                    “I can’t get the tec rifles to fire,” he tells him.

                    “Just target those thing and I’ll use the remote to hit them,” orders Captain Powell. The tactic works as Tarmac targets a giga as Captain Powell pulls the trigger firing the tec rifles.

                    With the combined firepower of four tec rifles, the four attacking gigas are soon taken out.

                    “You have incoming!” warns Loki who is flying on Reigel.

                    “Watch what you are shooting at!” warns Captain Powell and Rollo as the two armored dragons turn to engage four corrupted dragons diving at them from above. Two volleys from the tec rifles drops the threats out of the sky.

                    Meanwhile, an organized wave of corrupted creatures hit the ground forces from all directions. Tammy and Tarmac strafe the t-rexes and spinos as they push through the force field eventually taking out the spike fences. The Velonasaurs are taking out the smaller creatures by the dozens with their darts as their riders fire upon the corrupted pteradons attacking them with shotguns. Some smaller creatures break through the defenses. They are taken out with the Enforcers and shotguns. The all out assault soon ends as the perimeter is covered with a circular mound of dead corrupted creatures.

                    “Jackpot,” McDonald announces as he accesses the ejection panel on the capsule. It contains a major stock of supplies, a load of Element, and several blueprints. The Enforcers are all loaded to the max as the stone and wood are pitched in favor of the bounty of more rare items.

                    Back at the base, the loot is cataloged and place in storage. Ten customized to fit tec armor for the rest of the dragons is being crafted up. So is the tec armor for their riders and everyone else. As that process gets under way, Captain Powell comes over with Tarmac to have McDonald check out why Tarmac can’t fire his weapons.

                    “Their must be a sensor out of alignment,” answers McDonald. “He should have been able to fire the tec rifles as easily as Tammy was.”

                    “I don’t know what the issue is with them,” Captain Powell tells him. “I had to fire his weapons with the remote.”

                    “Let me check it out,” orders McDonald. With the ammo removed, McDonald runs the system through a series of tests. Then, he puts on the tec armor he has crafted for Captain Powell.

                    “Tarmac, I know that you are bonded to Cleo and are a good friend of Captain Powell. I need to sit on you to find out why this thing isn’t working.”

                    “You may go ahead,” he answers. A series of test firings follow when McDonald finally gets off of Tarmac and has him place his head by a platform so McDonald can reach the weapons console on his helmet.

                    “I think that I found the problem,” McDonald tells Tarmac after clicking a connector solidly into a control box. “Give it a try now.”

                    “Click,” the two tec rifles respond.

                    “Captain Powell, Take Tarmac back out when I arm his weapons. Lets make sure that I have resolved this problem.”

                    Tarmac and Captain Powell head back out to the Wasteland testing out the tec rifles. Tarmac aims at a corrupted carno which explodes in a shower of blood and guts as the tec rifles fire on it.

                    “It’s working now,” Tarmac tells Captain Powell. They are now flying back to the base.

                    “How did two corrupted dragons get inside of the Green Dome?” asks Captain Powell to himself when he spots two dead ones near the Desert Titan. “Tarmac, land by them.” A quick inspection finds that they are the victims of the two auto cannons McDonald has placed on the Desert Titan prior to their leaving to raid the supply drop.

                    Back to base, Captain Powell tells McDonald that Tarmac’s tec armor is now working properly. “I never had the chance to fully test it before you two took off after the supply drop,” he tells him. “I’ll make sure that they are all tested before you have to rely on them in the final showdown.”

                    “Your little surprise that you placed on the Desert Titan paid off,” Captain Powell tells McDonald. “There are two dead corrupted dragons over behind him.”

                    “They must have tried to raid our base while we were gone,” answers McDonald. “You had better bring the other titans over here before something happens to them.”

                    “Sounds like a good idea,” answers Captain Powell. “I’ll send our Forest Dragons to get Grog, and Reigel with Paragon to get the Ice Titan and the Ice Jumpers.”

                    “Lets raid the rest of those nearby supply drops before we split up our dragon force to bring out Titan friends back here.”
                    “Breaking News,”

                    “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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                      Chapter 54. The Final Battle for Earth.

                      With the tec rifles on Tarmac now working properly, Captain Powell organizes a raid on the four other supply drops sitting nearby in the Wasteland. Those raids go well with far less resistance then from the first one. “We must be killing off all of the corrupted creatures,” McDonald tells the patrol as they access the last drop for it’s supplies. As with the other supply drops, they get a full load of rare resources which include the blueprint for the fifth mech warrior.

                      Flying recon over an unexplored area of the Wasteland, Loki has spotted another outcropping of glowing purple crystals. Landing nearby, he confirms that they are made up of pure Element.

                      “Excellent,” both Captain Powell and McDonald tells him when he reports the find to them. “This will give us plenty of fuel for the Mechs and ammo for the tec weapons. We’ll take the Desert Titan over there and load him up with this find.”

                      The trip is made with the dragon escort and Enforcers riding on the platform. They ferry the Enforcers down for guard work, then transport the Element back to the Titan as Tammy and Tarmac fly air defense. The formation is harvested with very little resistance with the titan loaded with over 100 tons of Element.

                      Docking the Titan, his platform is outfitted with storage for the extra Element which is organized into fuel and ammo. Those are placed behind the Bridge where there is easy access for the dragons and Mech Warriors to get at it. The rest goes to the Tec Replicator as they are used to create and fuel the giant Mech Warriors.

                      The next morning, everyone is taking it easy as the two dragon groups go out to lead the other two Titans back to the base. They have all been outfitted with tec armor and weapons, even Drogon and Little Tammy.

                      “Five giant bloody robots,” Helena comments to Captain Powell when she sees them in the field outside the base. “Who’s going to control them?”

                      “You are,” Captain Powell tells her. “Refer to your notes on how they function in combat. McDonald, Masucci, Sargent Gulliver, and Private Ledfoot are going to operate these four. You’re in charge of the master mech so you can assemble them into Voltron when you reach the final assembly terminal in the Forbidden Zone.”

                      McDonald has requested a meeting with Captain Powell, Tammy, Tarmac, and Rollo. They all meet by the Tec Replicator building. “Put on this new tec armor and help me put these on Tammy and Tarmac.” The tec armor is put in place as the Captain Powell and Rollo get on their respective dragons. “You will notice that there is a new control feature next to the weapons console. Both of you, press that button marked Stealth and observe what happens.

                      “Interesting,” Captain Powell tells him. “I have a display in my targeting vision that looks like that of Owl in his radar mode.

                      “So do I,” answers Rollo

                      “So do I,” answers Tammy. “What does this mean?”

                      “Captain Powell, Look over at Tarmac, then take off your tec helmet.”

                      “Where did he go?” asks Captain Powell in surprise.

                      “We’re still here,” answers Rollo as he turns off the stealth as he and Tammy reappear.

                      “I have been able to give you Rock Drake’s stealth technology in these upgraded tec armor,” answers McDonald. “Unfortunately, I cannot modify any of the other tec armor with it. We only have these two control units which I obtained from that last supply drop. Be careful using it. I suspect that like the Rock Drakes when they are in stealth, if you get hit by something, you may become visible.”

                      “McDonald, you are a genus,” Captain Powell tells him. “This is exactly what we need to do a recon flight into the Forbidden Zone without being spotted. We’re going to fly over there now to plan out our attack.”

                      With the stealth mode activated, the two dragons fly due North to the beacons marking the Forbidden Zone. “My display is showing some kind of a huge tunnel ahead of us,” Warns Loki.

                      “We better fly in low through that,” answers Captain Powell. “It could be the boundaries of that death zone the beacons warn us about.”

                      The flight continues through the tunnel that is showing up on their stealth display. It eventually opens up where a huge clearing with a giant concrete parking lot like surface dominates the center. “Land here and use these rocks to help hide us,” orders Captain Powell. With their spotting scope, the two leaders observe what they are seeing ahead and take mental notes of the layout.

                      “There’s the terminal for assembling the Mech,” Loki tells Captain Powell. “Look at all of the corrupted nodules in the ground around here. They look like those thing that were infecting the Titans.”

                      Tarmac suddenly jumps in fright when he spots something huge in the distance, then quickly ducks back down. “Is that the King Titan Rockwell?” he asks in a nervous voice.

                      “Yes, it is,” answers Captain Powell. “Lets get the frack out of here before he spots us.” The two dragons take flight hugging the deck as they locate and fly back through the nearly invisible tunnel.

                      Back in the Wastelands, Loki has noticed a problem with his and Tammy’s stealth unit. “Captain Powell, I’m loosing my stealth ability. We are becoming visible again.”

                      “I having the same problem,” Captain Powell reports. “Frack, it just burned out.”

                      Landing back by the Tec Replicator, Captain Powell has McDonald come over to inspect the two stealth units. “The units must have been fried by the radiation from the Forbidden zone. There is no way to repair them. Were you able to get your Intel before they failed?”

                      “Our mission was a success,” Captain Powell tells him. “We found a safe passage in to where Rockwell lives. We found the assembler for the tech robots. We also found Rockwell. I’ve never seen any living thing that big before. It even startled Tarmac. As soon as our Titan friends arrive, I want to hold a tactical meeting for taking him out.”

                      “They had better hurry,” answers Loki. “That mass of asteroids is getting larger. It is about to blot out the sun. I have a very bad feeling about what might happens once it start gets dark around here.”

                      “I do to,” answers Captain Powell. “Good, here comes the other Titans. Lets have everyone meet up at the Desert Titan and formulate our attack plan.”

                      “Grog is here with the Forest Dragons,” Helena announces. “He is ready to fight King Rockwell.”

                      “Here comes the Ice Titan,” announces Loki. “It looks like he has brought along all of the Ice Jumpers with him.”

                      “We’re here to help,” Ferral tells Helena.

                      “Thank you for coming,” Helena tells him in dragon speak. “It’s good to see you again. We are going to need the help.”

                      It is a crowded platform as Captain Powell conducts the planning meeting. “When we reach the edge of the Forbidden Zone, we will need to go in low to avoid the deadly radiation surrounding the entrance at the beacons. Once inside, we will have room to maneuver. The Mechs will be in the lead as they need to reach the assembly terminal as quickly as possible. They will be followed by our three Titans with our dragons flying air support. Ground support will be dropped off from the Desert Titan as soon as we enter the arena.”

                      “Helena has warned me that the corrupted nodules we observed on the concrete floor are the source of the corrupted creatures that have been attacking us. Take them out as quickly as possible so we are not overwhelmed by them.”

                      “We need to protect the Mechs until they get assembled. Then, we will supply as much support as possible as it goes after King Titan Rockwell.”

                      “I need not tell you that this will not be an easy fight. Rockwell is far bigger then the Desert Titan. He may have other powers that we are not aware of. He has to be taken out at all cost before he destroys the Earth resulting in our extinction.”

                      “Be careful using the tec rifles. Know whats beyond your target. Make every shot count.”

                      “Cleo, you’re back on your friend Tarmac. I’m taking command of the Desert Titan for this mission. Major Powell and Lt Jerry will be with me to help everyone get resupplied with ammo and take care of your injuries. I suspect that we will be a major target so I’ll have our Forest Dragons and our newcomers do their best to protect us.”

                      “Lets saddle up and get this show on the road.”

                      Forming up on the five Mechs the titans follow from behind with the dragons flying air cover and the other two titans following the Desert one. All the land patrol are on Enforcers or Velonasaur ready to be deployed to the ground as soon as they have reached the Arena.

                      While McDonald has been unable to obtain any more stealth units, he has been able to outfit all of the tech armor with Owl radar vision. It is something that will quickly pay off once the battle takes place.

                      “Owl Vision,” orders Helena as she sees the dark shadow approaching from the West as the lead mech enters into the Forbidden Zone. “It will outline the death zone for you.”

                      Suddenly, it gets very dark as the mass of asteroids has now crossed the path of the sun. Lightening starts lighting up the sky as they continue forward. The wind has changed direction as the dust and debris kicks up, further obscuring everyone’s vision. They are still in the tunnel when a flying force of some 20 corrupted dragons and 60 pteradons is spotted heading directly towards them.

                      “When you hit them, don’t let them force you into the death zone,” warns Captain Powell. “Don’t try to turn around in this confinement and end up getting killed. We’ll take out what gets by you.”

                      Tec rifles are blazing on the Dragons as most of the attackers get dropped. Three corrupted dragons fly past with several of their pteradon escorts. The auto cannons on the platform open fire taking them out. One corrupted dragon flies up into the death zone above in an effort to dive bomb the bridge on the Desert Titan. It soon comes tumbling out of the sky crashing into the platform behind the Bridge while screaming in pain. Lt. Jerry puts it out of its misery with his tec rifle.

                      The Mechs have now cleared the confines of the tunnel entering the huge very dark arena. Rail Guns are blazing as they are taking out a wave of corrupted Gigas waiting for them. “Target those corrupted nodules,” orders Rollo as he spots more corrupted creatures coming out of them.

                      “The land force quickly departs the Desert Titan as he hovers next to a structure that forms a natural ramp. The dragons are targeting corrupted nodules taking many of them out as corrupted dragons and gigas are climbing out of them. Rockwell is soon spotted heading towards them as the Mech head directly for the assembly terminal.

                      “Get the Titans between Rockwell and the Mechs,” orders Captain Powell as the battle continues. The forward rail guns on the Desert Titan open fire as the ones on the helmet of the Ice Titan responds in kind. Ice Jumpers are hitting smaller corrupted creatures in force. Several corrupted spinos go down. One ice jumper falls to the deck near the bridge mortally wounded as Major Powell goes over to comfort him at his last moments.

                      Suddenly, the entire platform shakes violently as Rockwell grabs the Desert Titan by a wing. He lets go when the now assembled Voltron hits him in the face with it’s fist.

                      It is a rough landing as the Desert Titan crashes to the ground badly wounded. “Is there anything you can do for him?” ask Captain Powell as he leaves the bridge.

                      “Unfortunately, no,” answers Major Powell in alarm. Owl can’t heal anything that big. He is already out of stamina trying to heal ice jumpers. They are taking a beating out there.”

                      “Lets keep our supply platform operational as long as possible,” orders Captain Powell as he grabs a tec rifle out of the bridge footlocker.

                      Flying above Rockwell, Christina asks Eric a question in a panic. “Why don’t they form the blazing sword?”

                      “They probably can’t so long as Rockwell keeps hitting them,” Eric answers.

                      “Can we blind him?” Drogon asks Eric.

                      “Yes, we most certainly can,” answers Eric. “We still have ammo left for your tec rifle. Little Tammy, form up on me. Lets take out an eye with the tec rifles.”

                      Diving at high speed, the two young dragons cut loose with their tec rifles on Rockwell’s left eye. They get several direct hits which breaks Rockwell’s concentration on the Voltron. He swats the two dragons out of the sky as a blazing sword is formed. The battle soon ends when Rockwell loses his head.

                      The impact to the ground is hard as the foursome crash next to the downed Desert Titan. All of the tec armor gets broken by the impact. Drogon has broken a wing and is crying from the pain as Eric crawls over to be by his friend. Little Tammy and Christina are laying nearby. They are not moving. It looks like that the end is near as a corrupted spino spots them when the sound of a machine gun takes it out. “Way to go pin cushion,” Eric says in a painful voice as the Velonasaur stands guard over them. Then all goes blank as he passes out.

                      “Breaking News,”

                      “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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                        Chapter 55 Reborn

                        The sun is shining down brightly from a beautiful clear sky as Eric regains conscious. Drogon is laying next to him nuzzling his body with his head. Major Powell helps him stand up as Christina and Little Tammy comes over to check up on him.

                        “Drogon! Are you all right?” Eric asks him as he gets up.

                        “I’m fine,” Drogon answers. “Owl healed up my broken wing when you passed out.”

                        “What happened,” Eric asks Captain Powell when he comes over to see him.

                        “You four are war hero,” Captain Powell tells them. “You distracted Rockwell just long enough so Helena could have Voltron form it’s blazing sword to kill him.”

                        “Where’s Owl? The Ice Jumpers, Pincushion? Our Titan allies?

                        “That is the strangest thing about what just happened here today,” answers Captain Powell. “When the darkness ended all the corrupted creatures, even our friends and tames with the purple veins, just vanished. We lost all of our tec armor, weapons, and anything else powered by element. Those of us that had Specimen Implants have now lost them as well. We only have the clothes on our back and our basic gear in a backpack. We got a message saying ‘Survival Quotient Determined’ just before they vanished.”

                        “Then, we won?” asks Eric.

                        “Yes,” answers Loki as he arrives on Reigel. “The Earth has been saved. All the corrupted creatures are gone. Our friends with the purple veins as well. Even the Enforcers are gone. But we were told that we can keep our dragon friends for as long as they want to remain with us.”

                        “That is great!” Eric tells his father. “Drogon is such a wonderful dragon friend, I don’t know what I would do without him.”

                        “I’m so glad that you found him in his hour of need.” Reigel tells Eric. “He thinks the world of you.”

                        “I’m so happy that he is here with me,” answers Eric. “I was so afraid that I had lost him after we made that desperate move to distract Rockwell.”

                        “The important thing is that your mission was a success,” answers Captain Powell. “Lets get back to camp in the Green Zone and start exploring this reborn new world.”

                        The sun has now risen high in the sky as the weather in the Wastelands has moderated with a light breeze from the East. There is no sign of the orbiting mass of asteroids. All the beacons marking the Death Zone are no longer active. The Blue Dome to the North East is no longer there, but the snow capped mountains beyond remain. There are lights all over the sky that are descending towards the Earth that vanish beyond the horizon. Then, there is a rumbling noise to the South as a huge object, clearly recognizable as an Ark slowly descends down from above, it’s three giant supporting pillars landing it gently into the huge crater in the South. Once landed, the glistening dome vanishes. Tammy and Tarmac fly up to the highest point in Sanctuary City so that Rollo and Cleo can get a better look at the Ark that has landed to the South.

                        “Oh, my Gosh!” Rollo says when he places the spotting scope on the landmass he can see beyond the sea. “That looks like Viking’s Bay.” They fly back to the patrol that is mostly on foot hiking back to their base in the Green Zone.

                        “You are not going to believe what just landed South of the city,” Rollo tells Captain Powell. “It looks like the Ragnarok Ark. I can clearly recognize Viking Bay from the vantage point of the skyscraper.”

                        “Incredible,” Captain Powell tells him. “Instead of us teleporting back to Ragnarok, Ragnarok came down to us.”

                        “Then, it is true,” Major Powell remarks. “That voice and giant image that looked like Helena, after we had killed Rockwell, told us that this was going to happen. That the Arks were returning to earth to help heal the planet and restore life back to normal.”

                        “What are we going to feed our dragon friends if the Ark creatures are all gone?” asks Loki.

                        “I think that they will be OK,” answers Dianna. “I am seeing elk, wolves, and wild sheep up in the mountains in what used to be the Death Zone. There will be sufficient game around here for them to thrive.”

                        “There’s plenty of supplies for us to live on in the shelter until we can become self sufficient with farming,” Michael tells the other as he dismounts from Molly so that she can fly free for a while.

                        “I’m wondering what we are going to find when we return to the Green Zone?” asks Captain Powell.

                        “I guess that we will know once we get there,” answers McDonald.

                        While walking, the trip back takes much of the afternoon. Prehistoric herbivores are observed in the distance as they are grazing on the berry bushes that are now showing a lot of green color. Turning a corner around a boulder, Sargent Gulliver nearly runs into a Trike. It looks at him with curiosity, then proceeds to continue grazing.

                        “Well, it looks like that they won’t be a threat so long as we don’t harm them,” comments Helena as she goes up to examine the trike. She offers it a hand full of berry bushes which the trike accepts. “It will be a lot different to be able to passive tame these creatures instead of knocking them out like we used to do.”

                        Reaching the door to the camp, they open it up to see what is left. The Doed and anklyo, come over to Helena looking for handouts and attention.

                        “Looks like they are still domesticated,” Helena tells the others as she rides the Ankylo outside, then takes his saddle and bridle off so he can graze in the field nearby. “We’re going to have to relearn how to use them given that they no longer have inventories that we can access.”

                        “It’s the same with our dragon friends,” reports Rollo. “They don’t have their inventories any more. They have back packs on them just like we do.”

                        “Indeed,” reports Cleo. “Tarmac has raw meat in his along with some of our supplies.”

                        “We’ll have to set up a purification station for our drinking water,” reports Major Powell. “Our pond is going to be quickly unsafe for drinking once the natural bacteria return to it.”

                        “Did Andy just go over to the pond to get a drink?” asks McDonald.

                        “Yes, he did,” answers Helena. “It looks like that all of the creatures here will now need to obtain drinking water like we do.”

                        “It looks like the laws of Nature are going to behave the way they did before we ended up on Ragnarok,” Major Powell tells the others. “If you are outside of our camp, be watchful of the environment out there. The wild creatures may start behaving differently then we are used to. Be careful of approaching any nest you start finding out there, their mothers may start getting very protective of them and of any offspring that may soon start showing up around here.”

                        It has been a long exhausting day as the sun starts setting in the West for the first time since their arrival on Earth. Captain Powell organizes the night watch as the rest settle down for the night. Even the dragons are laying down next to their mates and their bonded humans as they soak in all of the attention from them. The full moon rises in the East in the bright starlit sky. There are no Arks, or strange planet visible anywhere in the night sky.

                        “This is like paradise,” Rollo tells Tammy as he is rubbing her forehead.

                        “That feels sooo good,” she tells him. “Will we be able to fly back to Vikings Bay in the morning?”

                        “If you can fly across that long stretch of open water, I don’t know why not,” Rollo tells her. “If not, our longboats can easily make that trip in half a day. They can bring the rock drakes and the young dragons with them.”

                        The night remains quiet with the occasional splash from a wild pteradon that is fishing in the pond for a meal. A spitter has been hanging around the north fence. Even though wild, it has not posed a threat to the night watch. Olaf gives it a dodo that has impaled itself in the spike fence. The spitter accepts the offering eating part of it, then burying the rest next to the fence for later. He hangs around allowing himself to be petted, even appearing to be enjoying the attention.

                        “This is so much different from their normal behavior,” Helena tells Olaf when she comes out to take watch and the dilo comes up to her for attention. “They are starting to behave like their Jurassic cousins, yet, they have retained the intelligence of domesticated animals.”

                        Helena has observed that the predators are only hunting when they are naturally hungry, there is none of the constant chasing and fighting that has been the norm under an Ark environment. They avoid any confrontation with the larger herbivores only going after the weak or injured. In the days to come, she learns that the balance between the two has now been stabilized to a real environmental level as it was back in the Jurassic period and beyond.

                        That morning, a patrol is assembled to head South to the sea. All the dragons fly escort exploring through the city as the land forces hike to the southern border. The weather has cooled considerably from the constant hot dry 95*F. It is actually quite cold as the patrol starts out but warms up to a comfortable temperature as they leave the bounds of the city to enter the wasteland which is starting to green up.

                        A weather front moves in from the West soaking everyone from the rain as they seek shelter in the ruins of an abandoned hanger. It is an easy access for the dragons given that the doors have been blown away by a meteorite strike some time ago. “If we can find some way to haul them back, we can use these tools and plutonium power unit for fabricating additional items we will need.”

                        “We can use the horses from Ragnarok to pull a wagon,” Helena tells him. The rain soon quits as the sun returns in a partly cloudy hazy sky.

                        “Oh My Gosh! Is that the Philadelphia?” Masucci says in alarm as he spots a rusting hulk of a WW2 warship wedged in the rocks decked out with antenna arrays.

                        “Can it’s existence still change our history?” Captain Powell ask.

                        “The ship is dead,” reports Dianna as she and Loki fly back from a quick inspection. “It’s back is broken. It looks like it has been resting on the ocean floor for over 100 years.”

                        “Thank God! That nightmare is now over,” Masucci says in relief.

                        Reaching where the huge crater used to be in the South, they find a metal wall that looks like the ones that had seen in the Snow and Desert Biome. They find a place where they can climb up to the top to observe a most remarkable site. “That definitely looks like Viking’s Bay,” Captain Powell tells the rest as he observes the distant shoreline with the spotting scope.

                        “Can we fly across?” ask Rollo.

                        “If your dragons can fly that distance, go ahead,” answers Captain Powell. “Take Cleo, Tarmac, Loki, Reigel, Dianne, and Paragon with you. You can use the skyscraper as a landmark to find your way back here.”

                        The rest of the patrol set up camp as the four dragons make their flight across to Viking’s Bay.

                        Back in the village, Coronal Powell has sounded the alarm when he hears that four dragons are flying in from the strange land mass, with towering structures, that has appeared on the horizon. “How did you get back to Ragnarok?” he asks when they land in front of him. “Where did you find these two dragons and the woman riding on the female?”

                        “This is going to be a major shock to everyone here,” answers Rollo. “This Ark has landed into a huge crater on the Earth. You are looking at Sanctuary City on the other side of the sea.”

                        “Incredible,” answers Coronal Powell. “We have finally returned to Earth. We knew that something had happened. We just didn’t know what happened. Is there any way to get over there to see Captain Powell and my wife?”

                        “Fly back on Tarmac,” Cleo tells him. “I’ll get the longboats organized to sail across with the Rock Drakes. Sleeper and Slumber want to join you so they can be with their human friends. Flame and Torch want to come with their friends as well.”

                        “Try to leave someone here to mind the fort,” answers Coronal Powell. “There has to be a lot that need to be done before we can make Earth our permanent home.”

                        It is late afternoon when a large flock of dragons return to the temporary camp where the others are exploring. “Sleeper, Slumber,” both Masucci and Barbara say in surprise when they see the two poison dragons land by them. “We really missed you.”

                        “I now understand why Captain Powell had me bond with you,” Macy tells Belvelto. “Barbara and Sleeper are inseparable.”

                        “It certainly was not her fault,” answers Belvelto. “She never realize how serious you dragons take the commitment of being bonded to one of us.”

                        “Thank you for being such a good friend,” Macy tells him. But then, her attention gets focused on four strange dragons that come in to land on the wall nearby. Molly, Tina, and Gracy are also staring at them as well.

                        “Reigel, I have kept my promise,” Tammy tells him. These young bachelors are looking for mates.

                        Dismounting, the four riders of the four female dragons give them permission to go pick out a mate and get acquainted with them. It is quite a shuffle as the eight all crowd together. Eventually they separate out in pairs as there is a lot of dragon speak going on. They all look so happy.

                        “Thank you so much,” Loki tells Tammy. “Reigel can now concentrate with being with Paragon without the forest dragons constantly pestering him for attention.”

                        The next morning, a huge reunion is taking place as the Longboat fleet pulls into the edge of the Ragnarok wall. The Rock Drakes hop out to meet their riders. Lisa and Eddie greet their Rock Drake friends. Everyone is sharing the adventures of the past couple of weeks.

                        By the end of the week, a trade route has been set up between Sanctuary City and the village of Viking’s Bay. A new village is being constructed by the wall as the Earth continues healing up. The Southern plains by the wall has greened up considerably having been turned into farms and pastureland. Many of the prehistoric creatures roaming in Earth are successfully tamed and put to use.

                        It turns out to be the same story around the Earth at all of the thousands of places where Arks have landed in the craters from where they originated. Their occupants soon leave the boundaries of those Arks to explore and settle in the newly healing Earth, even those of Grumpy Town which has landed in the Western Deserts of Australia. It’s just punishment to Eric Bloodaxe and his enforcers, who just hate the life in that harsh desert climate.

                        Thus ends that most interesting adventure of what ever happened to the crew of Training Flight 19 and the crew of the flying boat sent looking for them.
                        “Breaking News,”

                        “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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