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  • Geminga Scenario

    Somewhere over 500,000 years ago, an Interstellar Travel Capable Civilization (ITCC) located between 100-300 Light Years from here (Sol System) in the course of it's General Interstellar Exploration (GIE) efforts stumbled upon this system.

    Finding a couple plus worlds that offered encouraging colonization and/or exploitation(resources) opportunities there followed the System Survey-Suitable Sites (SSSS) program resulting in a Path-Finder Operation (PTO) for anchoring the following Colonial Expedition-Base (CEB) operation.

    Of the two hydro/bio-sphere worlds available at that time, the one with the lesser gravity was selected for initial main base landings and expansion. The other HBS world was the secondary for development.

    About 330,000 +/- years ago the Home World planet of this Interstellar Expansion and Colonization (IEC) effort was lost to a supernova event that occurred in what we humans refer to as the Orion constellation, in what would from our perspective of the time have been the neck/head region of the configuration/pattern.

    Suddenly and unexpectedly cut-off from future colonist shipments to the foundation/base they had been building here, this expeditionary force was also cut-off from further contacts with others in the intra-galaxtic region and also no longer had "spare parts" or "new models" available for it's equipment/kit/gear.

    Decline and Death was one potential path, another was a "by the bootstraps" rebuild High Tech Civ effort ...

    Difficult as it might prove to be, the latter option was obviously chosen, all local resources would be used to fullest effect ...
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    The supernova event produced the pulsar Geminga;
    Which until recently was thought to be the cause of the Local Bubble;

    Some earlier background material;
    A Stone Age Supernova May Have Breathed Fire
    and ...
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      Old Testament, "The Bible" ...

      Genesis, Chapter Six,

      Verses 1-6,

      Ponder ...
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        "Hidden" planets beyond Pluto? New Study suggests so ...

        An essential item to this topic, which I hope some day soon to have time to get back to and develop.
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          A couple of foundation ideas ~ concepts to throw out before developing this further.

          Can one get Something from Nothing?

          If we take a page from many of humanities cosmologies and theologies, a Something Created the Cosmos, so it would seem to follow logic that that Something used some of itself to make the Cosmos.

          Hence the Cosmos is a part of/ portion of/ expression of the Something Creator.

          The Cosmos is Gawd
          Gawd is the Cosmos.

          Taking another page from the above "sources", if that Something Creator is Eternal, so too would be the Cosmos it has "Created" ...

          BTW, the Cosmos might include other Universe's beside's this one we all know and live in ...
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            Among the Rules and Laws that govern the play of Physics and Chemistry within the Universe, a part of the greater Cosmos, there seems to be a "mechanism" for making a pile of chemicals able to self-expand, self-replicate, and do so interacting with other chemicals and energy within it's environment. Eventual some forms of these self-activated chemicals are also able to move about their environment, causing alterations of varying degrees. I'm inferring here to the concept of Life.

            At the least, there would seem to be some "special" form of energy that has gotten the process started, most often and generically referred to as "life force" or "life energy".

            Many theologies have gone so far as to define another level or class of "life force" as the "soul" with some element of sustained self-awareness as part of the qualification. Also with some degree of partial to full "eternal existence" attached.

            The concept of "soul" is theme for the next post, using an example from geometry, will examine some of the idea about "eternity/eternal".

            In context of the OP, Life on Worlds other than Earth is central to the theme here, and/or possible interaction of Life from other Worlds upon Earth is where this is eventually heading ...
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              Geometry of Eternity

              Our geometry example starts at the basic here, the "X" and "Y" grid, so visualize a sheet of graph paper and draw along with me ...

              Making a small circle at the intersection X=3 and Y=3 we have a "Point".

              A series of connected point, say from X=3/Y=3 to X=10/Y=10 is what is called a Segment. The majority of Secular/Materialist Philosophies run that human existence/self-awareness starts about in the womb~birth and runs until you die, a brief flash and that's it. Noting before, Nothing after.

              Many religions have one living a "Segment" of physical/3D existence, a material/physical life, but then based on certain actions of that brief 'segment' one has their "eternal Soul" subject to some scheme of rewards and/or punishments, of such ...

              Taking a "segment" and extending it out to infinity, infinite series of connected "Points", is a Ray. We have a Finite Begin Point, and an Infinite End ???

              Sort of sounds like half Eternal to me. We have the "No Ending" part, but the "No Beginning" part has some holes, gapes ...

              Now if we were to make two Rays, another series of connected dots going in the complementary direction, heading towards the "No Beginning" vector, then we have a "Line".

              Most Re-Incarnation Themes work on the idea that we are distinct "entities", "souls", "Life Forces" moving along a Line (try Circle ) playing out a series of "Segments" as life forms, progressing thru the scheme laid out for this level of detached experience ...
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                Somewhere ten years ago ... formulative ...

                Here's some advance reading material on the subject...

                NASA SCIENCE BLOG


                A supernova that shone in the ancient sky like a second moon is the probable cause of a huge void known as the "Local Bubble" that envelopes the solar system and many nearby stars, a NASA scientist reported in today's issue of the British journal "Nature."

                The bubble is an area about 300 light-years across that, compared to other parts of space, is relatively empty of gases except for super-hot hydrogen. The bubble's origin has been the subject of intense speculation for the last 20 years.

                Now, researchers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., say evidence suggests it was formed by the supernova or explosion of a star known as Geminga about 340,000 years ago.

                Could a Nearby Supernova Explosion have Caused a Mass Extinction?

                A supernova explosion of the order of 10 pc away could be expected as often as every few hundred million years and could destroy the ozone layer for hundreds of years, letting in potentially lethal solar ultraviolet radiation. In addition to effects on land ecology, this could entail mass destruction of plankton and reef communities, with disastrous consequences for marine life as well. A supernova extinction should be distinguishable from a meteorite impact such as the one that presumably killed the dinosaurs at the "KT boundary." The recent argument that the KT event was exceedingly large and thus quite rare supports the need for other catastrophic events.

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                  More 'Blasts from the past...'


                  ... Your two excerpts above set a fitting context for re-booting this thread as the foundation of the "Geminga Scenario" rests upon this event and it's effects upon Earth/Sol System and the 'displaced' inter-stellar colonists that Z. Sitchin broadly refers to as "Anunnaki". GS grew out of various discrepancies and 'errors' to Sitchin's various observations and conclussions that while not detracting from the larger and general endorsement of Interventionism that his books have acheived, did confuse some essential details of ' ... getting from there to here. ‘in the story humankind's origins'.

                  In your second excerpt the "10 pc" would refer to 10 parsecs or 32 light years distant. In context of the article, those probabilities and effects would apply but speculations I was last familiar with placed Geminga about 50-200 light-years distant at time of Supernova but the 3D geometries of Sol/Earth's movement relative the approximate center of the diffuse gas~nebula of the Orion region would help to quantify this issue. At what ever scale applies for effects upon Earth (and "evolution"~'Humans'), the proposed destruction of the Real Homeworld and related inter-stellar culture of the Anunnakis is suggested as having placed them in a most desperate ' survival mode ' mindframe that one might imagine. In addition, assorted probable aftershocks of the Geminga Supernova have likely been displayed in Sol/Earth System since that event @340-330,000 years ago.

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                    Origins ~ Intervention

                    The idea of "Geminga Scenario" devolves out of a broad area of investigation known as "Ancient Astronaut/Ancient Cosmonaut" later "Intervention Theory" which focuses on the case (and evidence) for Alien/ET Visitation and/or Interaction(Intervention) in the Past to the Present of history for Earth and/or the Solar System.

                    Out of the wide ranging facets such concept(s) above present, a few decades ago the late Zecharia Sitchin presented an interesting Take based upon his translations and interpretations of earliest human records suggesting there may be bits and pieces of evidence, jigsaw puzzle like, scattered about from which to piece some form of whom, where, what, why, etc. ...

                    Sitchin's dozen plus books mostly worked around about five main themes;

                    1) That an Intruder World, (more massive than Earth, perhaps as near as Jupiter, or more, ... maybe Brown Dwarf) was captured, at least of awhile if not still in a very long orbit ...

                    ... and such jostled the various planets in it's wanderings about the Solar System, knocking them askew in them orbital inclinations and a-kilter in their rotations.

                    2) That about 500,000 years ago (or more ...) an organization of Extra-Terrestrial (ET) Beings began to colonize Earth and/or other parts of the Solar System. To Earth's earliest civilizations, the tale would be They came from the Intruder World, or there abouts (as told to earliest Humans by their Gawds). ...

                    3) About 300,000 years ago, +/-, some event(s) compelled these ET to modify an native species of hominoids on Earth, adjust their genetics/DNA to accept a Splice of ET (Annunaki) DNA. Story goes so as to provide the Gawds with a 'worker(slave) species' to do the toiling(worship) for Them ...

                    4) About 12-15,000 years ago a Global Cataclysm on Earth disrupted the system of scattered human enclaves, property and in service to the local Gawds, Whom kept their "feuds" in Play, dragging humans into the fray ...

                    ... Such that much of the Earth was disrupted for habitation, and Recovery was "spotty" at best about the globe ...

                    5) About 4,000 years ago a "Conflict" among the Gawds was the final confrontation in Overt style upon Earth. In the wake of such Final Battles on Earth, the Gawds seemed to have left and disappeared, or 'Moved Behind the Curtain' ...

                    6) Might the Annunaki/ET still pull stings about the face of Earth ???
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                      The OP is a concept I've been working, off-n-on, for about 20+ years now, and what follows are some copy-paste posts of material I did about ten years back which has been stashed away on another, small, private, BBS; presented now, unedited and not updated (for now) ...

                      Intended to put a bit of "meat on the bones" to the 5-6 themes in earlier post above ...
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                        I. A Wandering Intruder plays billards with the Solar System

                        I) "Captured Nemesis World" ... wreaks havoc upon the planets and other bodies of the Solar System. There are a number of planet, planetoid, asteroid, comet, etc. "anomalies" in the Solar System highly suggestive of events from either several sources, or a single source, as the cause of such. Conventional Science/Astronomy leans towards the 'several sources' scenarios while Sitchin suggests a more likely, "Occam's Razor" approach, single source in form of a Nemesis planet he believes the earliest texts label "Nibiru".

                        General theory regarding formation of the Solar System is that the Sun, planets, etc. coalesced out of a swirling cloud of post-nova debris, "planetary nebula", about 5-4.5 Billion years ago. When viewed from the perspective of the 'North Celestial Pole", i.e. the direction of the star we call Polaris, the Solar System has main bodies that rotate upon internal axis in a counter-clockwise direction and revolve in approximately circular orbits also in counter-clockwise direction about the central mass/gravitational object star we call the Sun. In theory everything moving in our solar system that originated here should have this "counter-clockwise" orientation to both spin and orbital direction, with clean geometry of nearly perpendicular spin axis, circular orbits, and all with no inclination to the angular momentum ecliptic of motion.

                        However, we find the current lay of the Solar System displays numerous aberrations/anomalies to the this ideal and theoretical pattern.

                        a.) Venus spins upon it's axis in "clockwise" direction, counter to baseline angular momentum of the Solar System.

                        b.) Earth alone has two forms of 'crustal layer' generating "plate tectonics" that results in a high level of 'earthquakes', volcanoes, and other internal planetary churnings; plus a near planetary-sized companion - producing what could be argued is double-planet orbital system.

                        c.) an Asteroid Belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where some calculations suggest another planet should exist. Hence either such a planet never formed or was 'destroyed' sometime in the early history of the Solar System.

                        d.) several satellites/'moons' of the planets orbit in clockwise paths that are counter to the prevailing direction of solar system angular momentum.

                        e.) All planets display some degree of tilt of their rotation axis of self-spin suggestive of a form of disruption to their own ideal angular momentum profiles. Uranus is the most dramatic with it's south polar axis pointing nearly direct to the Sun and that planet rolling it's equatorial line upon the plan of it's orbital path.

                        f.) All planets vary to some degree from the ideal of near circular orbits with Pluto having the greatest known elliptical (oval shaped) orbital path.

                        g.) All planets vary from the ideal of being upon the main Solar System ecliptic plane of orbital motion (angular momentum) with some degree of inclination to that plane. Pluto again wins honors of the greatest deviation with an inclination of @17 degrees.

                        h.) Many of the asteroids/comets/meteors share some to all of these anomalies of movement regarding spin/tilt, orbital direction (clockwise or counter-),orbital shape (highly elliptic~'oval'), and orbital inclination.

                        Again, as mentioned above, Conventional Science/Astronomy has lent towards separate causes and explanations for each example of the above whereas Sitchin, via his interpretations of the Sumerian "Enuma Elish" and other earliest writings, suggests that most to all have resulted from a single source event; the 'capture' of a wandering planet like object that the Sumerians referred to as "Nibiru".

                        "Nibiru" was supposedly 'captured' as it wandered close to the Solar System about 4 Billion years ago and it's many interactions with the Solar System's planets produced most of the above listed anomalies either directly or as 'aftershocks'. Nibiru originally had an orbital path that was opposite the angular momentum of the Solar System, i.e. 'clockwise' and may have had some degree of inclination. Encounters with the various planets during various orbits likely produced most of the anomalies listed above and key for consideration here is it's encounter with the proto-Earth and that aftermath.

                        Sitchin suggests that originally Earth was a planet of about twice it's current diameter (more than double in size and mass) and in an orbital path where the Asteroid Belt is located, the Sumerians called it Tiamat. It was two or more close encounters with Nibiru, along with collisions of each others satellites/moons that resulted in Tiamat being broken in half, part becoming the Asteroid Belt, the other half reforming into circular planet the Sumerians called KI (which translates as "cleaved, as in two parts") and we know as Earth. These close encounters and collisions also sent Ki/Earth to a new orbital path (it's current one), locked Kingu/Moon it a joint orbital dance with Ki/Earth, and produced debris on varied and tangential orbits of assorted asteroids and comets.

                        Nibiru would seem to have gone through a series of adjustments to it's orbital track, varied ellipses, and orbital inclination as result of all these close encounters and possible collisions with the planets of the Solar System and best clues to date that Sitchin has found and presented suggests that Nibiru's orbit is likely about 30 degrees inclined to the 'South' hemisphere of the Solar System and is highly elliptic with a period of about 3,600 (Earth) years, with perigee (closest point to the Sun) and crossing of the ecliptic somewhere in the region of the Asteroid Belt. Per Sitchin's chronologies, last closest approach/transit of Nibiru would have been about 250BC, leaving it only a few hundred years into it's inbound leg towards the Sun.

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                          II. Colony Earth (Ki)

                          II.) "Colony Earth" - @450,000 years ago, Extra-Terrestrial explorers, whom are presented as being very similar to current Humans in appearance/biology, made initial explorations of the planet Earth. About 430,000 years ago they began a program of colonization of Earth with primary goal of 'mining' the element gold for sending back to their Homeworld. Per Sumerian accounts based upon what these ET/'Gawds' told them when establishing Sumerian Civilization about 6,000 years ago, these ET colonists claimed they came from the same Nemesis body/world mentioned in item (I) above, known as "Nibiru".

                          The initial colony operations allegedly established themselves in the region we know today as Iraq and immediate environs of the Middle East~Persian Gulf Region. The very first enclave/base (city) was established as the 'head' of the Persian Gulf as it existed back then, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow into it. This first base/city was called E-Din. These ETs who came to Earth were called by the Sumerians the "Anunnaki" which translates as 'those from Heaven to Earth came', and per the Anunnaki accounts as conveyed to the Sumerians, the initial 'ruler' of this colony was an Anunnaki known as E.A. or EnKi. "EnKi" is more a title than a name, translating as "Lord of Ki(Earth)", but assorted references through out history as recorded by the Sumerians suggests the same person/entity associated with this 'title' throughout a span of a few hundred thousand of years.

                          EA/EnKi was presented as a son of the ruler/King, "Anu" who supposedly ruled over the Anunnaki homeworld of Nibiru. Initially EnKi's colony on Earth, in the E-Din, tried to mine gold from it's dissolved nature in the Earth's oceans, but yields were far below that desired. So an expansion of efforts and shift in methods was employed. The gold was now sought via mining of ore in the grounds of what we know as southern Africa and the larger sized colony was to be ruled over by EnKi's brother EnLil (that name also a 'title'; "Lord of Sky(Air)/Command"). Colony sized supposedly grew to 600 Anunnaki here on Earth with another 300 known as Igigi involved in operation of various air/spacecraft and space-stations and other 'flight related' activities. The "900" may be more a symbolic number rather than an actual true count.

                          Friction between EnKi and EnLil over whom had real authority to rule over Earth and also ascend to their "Father's" throne of rulership over all Anunnaki/Nibiruians lead to numerous conflicts and wars between these two "brothers" and their followers/factions in the years/millenniums to come.

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                            III.) "... I will make a worker, an Adamu, ..."

                            III.) "... I will make a worker, an Adamu, ..."

                            Per Sumerian sources and King Lists, Sitchin suggests that it was about 300,000 years ago, after about 100,000 years (+/-) that the Anunnaki assigned the tasks of mining gold out of the ground decided the work was too difficult and backbreaking to endure, and went on strike. Rather than bring in strikebreakers from the Homeworld of Nibiru, or increase the 'robotics' of such an undertaking, or 'killing the mutinous workers' which was EnLil's knee-jerk suggestion; EnKi proposed to relieve the toil and burden of his fellow 'naki working in the mines by producing a 'worker species' thru genetic manipulation of an indigenous species of Earthly homonids. This would be done thru manipulation of that hominids DNA combined with some infusion(gene-splicing) of Anunnaki DNA to produce a worker species intelligent enough to labor for the 'Gawds', but hopefully, per Enlil and others concerns, not quite so capable of supplanting the Anunnaki in their dominance over Earth.

                            While the exact timeline needed to perfect this worker species; Adamu - to be known as Cro-Magnon Man or Homo Sapiens Sapiens (we Humans), isn't clear, it appears some experimentations and adjustments were needed before the final acceptable and self-replicating version was available. Initially meant to work the mines, versatility of the Adamu was such that they were soon employed in the gardens and cities of the Earthly Anunnaki.

                            Current Human genetic research, especially in mitochondrial DNA would seem to confirm this approximate time-frame for the appearance of the Human species and as mentioned above, Lloyd Pye's book/DVD provide a better detailed explanation of the genetic(laboratory) process involved as well as detailed evidence of much 'Humans' divergence genetically/biologically from our alleged "ape-man" predecessors. Note that per the Sumerian accounts, it would seem that part of that process included adjusting the DNA of the selected Earthly hominids enough that the resulting hominoids could be cross-breed with the Anunnaki.

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                              IV.) "Deluge ~ Great (Noah's) Flood"

                              IV.) "Deluge ~ Great (Noah's) Flood"

                              Sumerian records don't go into extensive details, but implication is that the 'naki colonies on Earth grew and flourished with the infusion of the human worker species, to the point that there may have been several cities nominally built and run by 'humans', under supervision of the 'naki Gawds and serving the agenda of the Anunnaki up till about 13,000 years ago. Such a situation likely gave rise to Atlantis and similar "myths" of a pre-Diluvean "Golden Age".

                              Somewhere about 13,000 years ago the Anunnaki had advance notice regarding an inevitable and unpreventable cataclysm that would occur on Earth. Because EnLil and many others of the Anunnaki were having doubts and second thoughts regarding the "creation" of humans, were upset about too much cross-breeding with the humans infusing too much longevity traits into humans, and possibly so signs/attempts already by humans to threaten or usurp the authority/position of the 'naki/gawds; it was agreed to let humans perish in the upcoming cataclysm while the Anunnaki would slip off-planet to ride things out.

                              Enki found a way around his oath of since to humans on this impending disaster and arranged for a select group to build a vessel to ride out the 'floods' and other cataclysm with enough provisions, supplies, and specimens to repopulate the Earth afterward. As it turned out, the cataclysm was more destructive than the 'naki had projected and next to nothing of their infrastructure on Earth survived. In fact, the ancient texts suggests that the Anunnaki were more dependent than ever now on working with Humans to assure mutual survival.

                              Hence a new "Dur-An-Ki", "Bond-Heaven-Earth", was established and the 'naki began to work with the assorted and scattered enclaves of Humans on the post-Deluge Earth to re-establish civilizations and technology growth. It is in this post-Deluge period that most all of the domesticated plants and animals needed to make civilization possible appear. The suggestion/implication is that many such may have been developed/preserved/introduced by the Anunnaki to speed up the reconstruction efforts of the humans.

                              Sitchin draws extensively from the "Epic of Gilgamesh" for part of this thesis, but also weaves in elements of similar "flood/disaster myths" from earliest human cultures around the world. Sitchin suggests that the main mechanism of this cataclysm was a sliding of the Antarctic icecap off of the continental landmass, with resulting tidal-waves and climatic disruptions, producing an end of the last Ice Age. Other evidence and researches would suggest the event may have been larger in nature and cause, with crustal displacement/pole-shifting the more likely nature of such cataclysm, possibly initiated by an asteroid/cometary impact.

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