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    A couple of reference articles for future integration;

    Michael Brown and Planet Nine — What is the Real Planet X Agenda?

    The planetary collision that formed the Moon may have been way more violent than we thought


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        Kazem Finjan, Iraqi Minister for Transport, told a packed press conference the space station was developed in the El Naciria area in around 5,000 BC.

        It was used as a launch site for spacecraft to explore our solar system and discovered mythical planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, he said.

        Mesopotamia, now in south Iraq, is largely seen as the birthplace of civilisation, but according to Mr Finjan, it was also the birthplace of space exploration and even saw an ancient mission which first identified dwarf planet Pluto, long before its official discovery in 1933.

        The press had assembled to hear about a new airport in Dhi Qar, south Iraq, but according to news website The New Arab, Mr Finjan said "the world's first airport was built 7,000 years ago in Iraq by ancient Sumerians".

        In keeping with the popular "Ancient Aliens" myth, Mr Finjan suggested the Sumerians were aided by sophisticated visitors from other worlds to develop the way ahead of its time space centre.

        Mr Finjan is not alone in his theory that ancient spaceraft were regularly coming to and from Earth and meeting with our ancient ancestors.

        The "Ancient Aliens" myth, which even has a long-running documentary series of the same name, centres around alien astronauts arriving on Earth to share their superior technology with ancient civilisations to help them build the fascinating monuments such as the Egyptian Pyramids.

        BTW, the site, per the ancient Sumerian texts, was known as Sippar.
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          Ninth Planet - modern science catches up with ancient Sumerian accounts (given by the Anunnaki);


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            Baby Moon-Birthing Collision Slapped Earth Sideways

            The impact that formed the moon was a very violent and dizzying time for our planet.


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              A key concept here is that early hominoids had to be genetically modified in order for the Gemingian DNA to be accepted into the future human genome. Hence it starts with adjustment to the females, then once modified to the 23 chromosome pattern, they can accept the Y-gene sperm of the ET Gemingians. Would suggest we humans are about half "alien/E.T.". For reference and from another post/thread;

              Don't forget about mitochondrial Eve ...
              The researchers looked in two places for their figures. First, they compared mtDNA from humans with that from chimpanzees, and then used paleontology and additional molecular data to determine the age of the supposed common ancestor. This (and similar calculations on other species) revealed a mutation rate in the range of 2% to 4% per million years. Second, they compared the groups in their study that were close geographically, and took the age of the common ancestor from estimated times of settlement as indicated by anthropology and archaeology. Again, 2% to 4% every million years seemed reasonable to them.

              Since the common mitochondrial ancestor diverged from all others by 0.57%, she must have lived sometime between approximately 140,000 (0.57 � 4 � 1,000,000) and 290,000 (0.57 � 2 � 1,000,000) years ago. The figure of 200,000 was chosen as a suitable round number.

              The results obtained from analysis of mitochondrial DNA eventually led to what is known in evolutionary circles as the “Out of Africa” theory. This is the idea that the descendants of mitochondrial Eve were the only ones to colonize Africa and the rest of the world, supplanting all other hominid populations in the process. Many (though not all) evolutionists claim that such an interpretation is in accord with archaeological, paleontological, and other genetic data (see Stringer and Andrews, 1988; for an opposing viewpoint, see the written debate in the April 1992 issue of Scientific American).

              Oh yeah: Y-chromosomal Adam


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                Another piece of the puzzle;
                Egyptian Archaeologists Just Discovered a 7,000-Year-Old Lost City Along the Nile


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                  Another key archive ...

                  Curiosity Finds Mars May Be Covered in Organic Materials
                  With strong evidence that Mars indeed was habitable at some point in its past — and may still be so today — scientists began using the rover to learn more about possible niches for life and how evidence of it might be preserved.

                  A key part of the search focused on organics, a quest that has led to the surprising discovery that organic matter may be widely distributed on Mars.

                  "To me this is the biggest take-home message. Four years ago, we would never have said this," Eigenbrode said.

                  Scientists don't know the source of the organics, nor how the material has managed to survive in the harsh radioactive environment on Mars. It was found in samples drilled out from rocks and chemically analyzed.

                  Whether biological or geologic in origin, a rich supply of organics has implications not only in the search for past life, but also in supporting future endeavors, such as farming.

                  "That organic matter could be really important," Eigenbrode said. "The door is really open here to an expanded habitability potential."

                  In related research, California Institute of Technology geologist John Grotzinger, said Curiosity, which has been slowly making its way up Mount Sharp, has found multiple examples of primary igneous minerals being altered.

                  And the thread where it was found ...
                  Exploring and Colonizing Mars


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                    Looks like there won't be any follow-on fly-bys past Iapetus;
                    The Endgame at Saturn Begins
                    hen there will be one final event. After 22 such short orbits, Cassini will plunge into the planet’s atmosphere, burning up. That will ensure it doesn’t crash into the moons, possibly contaminating them, and will also give us a last few bits of data on Saturn’s upper atmosphere. Even in its last seconds Cassini will continue to do its job, as it has so dutifully these past 12 years.


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                      Why Newton Believed a Comet Caused Noah's Flood

                      In the 17th century, scientists used physics to explain the miracles described in the Bible.
                      Sir Isaac Newton observed the comet, and his calculations of its trajectory confirmed his universal theory of gravitation. The astronomer Edmund Halley also studied the comet. Newton’s equations helped him determine the orbits of 24 other comets and predict when they would reappear in the night sky.

                      The comet of 1680 would likewise inspire one of Newton’s closest colleagues and friends: the mathematician William Whiston, whose intricate calculations would bring him fame in Europe.

                      This comet, he declared, had passed close to Earth thousands of years ago—so close, in fact, that the comet had doused our world with water from its tail and exerted enough gravitational force to pull forth oceans from beneath our planet’s crust.

                      In short, Whiston concluded, the same comet seen by incredulous sky-watchers in the 17th century also unleashed the epic rainfall and great Flood that had cleansed the Earth of sinners in Biblical times.
                      Calculations conducted by Edmund Halley suggested that the comet of 1680 swung by the Earth every 575 years. Working backward, Whiston noted that one such cosmic encounter occurred in 2342 B.C., which, at the time, was believed to be the date of the great Deluge.

                      According to the Book of Genesis: "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights."

                      Whiston argued that a comet passing close to Earth could explain these phenomena. The gravitational pull of the comet, he said, fractured the planet’s crust. And the vaporous tail of the comet saturated the upper atmosphere with excess water, which lead to a cataclysmic rainfall.
                      But new discoveries and theories about the formation of the solar system, the nature of comets, and the age and structure of Earth eventually rendered Whiston’s theories about the great Flood obsolete. (Even Halley’s calculations about the 575-year orbit of the comet were later found to be incorrect.) And, as the Age of Enlightenment progressed, so too did skepticism of the historical accuracy of the Bible.


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                        Predicitions of "Doom for Earth, because of Nibiru (Planet X)" been floating around for about two decades now, the following is another, but worth an archive despite the probability, or not.

                        Will the world end in October? Conspiracy theorist claims mysterious planet Nibiru will smash into Earth

                        • David Meade is author of the conspiracy book 'Planet X – The 2017 Arrival'
                        • It claims a mysterious star is currently driving Planet X towards our own planet
                        • Planet, also known as Nibiru, has been predicted to end the world since 2003
                        • 'Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax,' Nasa says

                        By MailOnline Reporter
                        Published: 06:47 EST, 3 January 2017 | Updated: 13:54 EST, 3 January 2017
                        The world could be set to end in October this year, when a giant mysterious planet collides with our own - according to a conspiracy theorist.
                        David Meade, author of the book 'Planet X – The 2017 Arrival', believes a star, which he calls 'a binary twin of our sun', is coming 'at us towards the south pole'.
                        He says the star will bring with it 'seven orbiting bodies', including Nibiru, a large, blue planet that he also refers to as Planet X hurtling towards our planet.


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                          Archiving some related articles.

                          Our Moon May Have Eaten Many Smaller Moons
                          Rather than a single cataclysmic impact, our moon may have been formed by many massive impacts, creating a collection of moonlets that merged as one.

                          The Biggest Yeti Of All?


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                            More eclectic items for this subject;
                            New candidate for 'missing element' in Earth's core
                            Japanese scientists believe they have established the identity of a "missing element" within the Earth's core.

                            They have been searching for the element for decades, believing it makes up a significant proportion of our planet's centre, after iron and nickel.

                            Now by recreating the high temperatures and pressures found in the deep interior, experiments suggest the most likely candidate is silicon.

                            The discovery could help us to better understand how our world formed.
                            Lead researcher Eiji Ohtani from Tohoku University told BBC News: "We believe that silicon is a major element - about 5% [of the Earth's inner core] by weight could be silicon dissolved into the iron-nickel alloys."

                            The quest to create animals with human organs has a long history – and it is now becoming a reality. Has science taken a step too far?
                            It is 120 years since Wells first published his novel, and to read some recent headlines you would think that we are veering dangerously close to his dystopic vision. "Frankenstein scientists developing part-human part-animal chimera," exclaimed the UK's Daily Mirror in May 2016. "Science wants to break down the fence between man and beast," the Washington Times declared two months later, fearing that sentient animals would soon be unleashed on the world.

                            Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 22 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets

                            Ooohps, one more ...
                            A Metal Ball the Size of Massachusetts That NASA Wants to Explore
                            NASA will be heading to a metal world.

                            The space agency announced on Wednesday that a spacecraft named Psyche would visit an asteroid named Psyche, one of two new missions it will be launching into the solar system in the 2020s.

                            “For the purpose of simplicity, and out of our initial excitement, we just named our mission directly after what we’re going to visit,” said Lindy Elkins-Tanton, director of the Arizona State University school of earth and space exploration, who will serve as the mission’s principal investigator.

                            From radar observations, Psyche the asteroid appears ellipsoid in shape, about as wide as Massachusetts. It is also quite dense, with estimates of 200 to 450 pounds per cubic foot, which is much denser than most asteroids. (By comparison, the average density of Earth is 344 pounds per cubic foot.)

                            Psyche is also very bright, adding to suspicions that it is made of metal. “Humankind has visited rocky worlds and icy worlds and worlds made of gas, but we have never seen a metal world,” Dr. Elkins-Tanton said. “It’s the only roundish, fairly spherical metal body in our solar system. Not only is it unique, it’s improbable.”
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                              Another piece of the puzzle to look into, the Black Knight satellite;


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                                One other recap here ...

                                Consequence of the Geminga Supernova is the destruction of the HomeWorld, and likely some of the near-by earliest interstellar colonies. We are talking the lives of at least tens to hundreds of millions of sentient, star-faring beings of several cultures/civilizations.

                                Earth would be one of likely scores or more of out-laying "frontier" worlds/colonies left without a developed base of support, having to "rise by their bootstraps" so to speak. Also there is the matter of spiritual evolution/karma/reincarnation cycles disrupted and in need of new physical/genetic worlds for continuation. The tale so far suggests Earth and humans a localized link in that restoration (we humans might be half "not of this Earth" ... ...).

                                The "galaxy" wasn't so far away.
                                The "Time" wasn't so long ago (in Celestial scales).