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Germany gets a 5 year tech bost.

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    Hi Wolery

    You wrote:-
    Very few counterfactuals are bad...provided they are played with honestly.
    I agree but having a balanced approach is of equal worth. Very few big scale WI exist in a vacumm and the ability for some not to recognise this fact or even admit that there would be a possible opposite consequences usually brings them down.

    There are so many historical military scenarios that tettered on a knife edge that only minor adjustments could have swung the outcome. Yet we get WI's such as this with grandiose flimsy logic and scenarios etc.

    You mentioned a very important word in your post:- Evolution
    Without evolution there but numbers picked from the ether, meaningless and without context. So Britains got got 20,000 Lancasters but god knows where there all going to be stationed as Britain doesn't have airfields to start with, the pilots to fly them or the infrastructure to support there construction without it affecting other weapon programmes. It doesn't have the experience in 1939 to fly such large formations against specific targets, it lacks various pieces of other equipment that helped the Lancasters, such as pathfinders or target flares or Oboe or this or that, or that and this again.

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." Churchill

    "I'm no reactionary.Christ on the Mountain! I'm as idealistic as Hell" Eisenhower


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      True Andy, but the benefit here is that though the poster's aims aren't being addressed, the readers are being forced to factor in other things (guides, doctrine, training) than simply bulky military equipment. For my part I think the best thing the ASBs could do for Germany is given them the planes for really awesome blockade runners and a synthetic oil infrastructure that could supply the entire Wehrmacht truck network X3. Not a single tank, plane or attack sub needs be given. That kinda idiotprooofs (Hitlerproofs) Germany's war machine.
      How many Allied tanks it would take to destroy a Maus?
      275. Because that's how many shells there are in the Maus. Then it could probably crush some more until it ran out of gas. - Surfinbird


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        I don't know, Wolery, looking at the political situation in Germany and the seemingly rampant urge to self-destruct through either military means (most of the far-right parties) or slavish devotion to the Marxist dialectic (the Communists), the best thing the ASBs could have done would be to stimulate the German economy through the production of basic, affordable trade goods and remind the Germans of their great liberal traditions. And brought Hindenburg back as a zombie to eat the brains of all the extremist politicians - yeah, I know, he dies again from starvation but it's worth a shot.


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