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Spartan versus Picts

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  • Spartan versus Picts

    This particular contest I would predict would be largely an asymmetric conquest. In terms of the Picts I imagine the Hadrian's Wall era Picts that kept the Romans out of Scotland. And in terms of the Spartans I imagine something akin to the Peloponesian War era Spartans.

    In terms of technology I give the edge to the Spartan due to the armor and weaponry. Mobility would definitely be to the Picts, especially in weather that is foggy or rainy.

    I imagine the battle would take the form of ambushes would use on Spartan formations on the move on the part of the Picts. No matter how brutal the Spartans would be I imagine the Picts would prevail against the Spartans.

    Any opinions?
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    Sparta simply doesn't have the numbers to take and hold Britainnia, even assuming they somehow manage to solve the distance problem (which is exacerbated by the the lack of a direct path from the waters surrounding Greece to the waters surrounding Britainnia.) If you start adding Sparta's Allies in the Dorian league, then you'd start adding in soldiers who are markedly inferior to the Spartan Equal Hoplites in training, and it's still highly doubtful that they'd have enough soldiers to take and hold Albinion without resorting to divide and conquer and mercenaries. You need a lot more troops to hold territory than you need to win a battle.
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