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The Mexican-American War of 1863

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    America, having beaten the snot out of Meixco twice before mobilizes an army of nearly half-a-million men. Although most only have rifled muskets, they are drilled and mostly volunteers who are looking at this war as a defense of America.

    The US Navy begins building a war fleet not just to attack Mexico but to take Cuba, and every other Spanish possession in the Caribbean. The US Pacific squadron heads for the Philippines with the intent to take that country followed by taking Guam and other Spanish possessions in the Pacific.

    The various Indian tribes are irrelevant.

    California mobilizes a huge militia to defend not just the state but to secure the Arizona and New Mexico territories as well as invade Baja California.

    Within weeks Baja California is in US hands being virtually undefended by Mexico. The small Precidios at places like Tucson are massacred as the 10 to 20 troops assigned are hit by regiments of Texas and California volunteer cavalry and armed with breech loading carbines as well as light artillery.

    Within a few months not only has the US sent several huge columns of troops into Mexico totaling well over 100,000 men but has successfully taken Cuba and is poised to land in Central Mexico and march on Mexico City.

    The US press is proclaiming "This time we are staying!" and there is talk of annexation of all of Mexico as part of the US.

    Worse for Spain, both France and Britain are seeing an opportunity to jump into this war and grab Spain. So the Spanish government is contribuiting little to the Mexico defense.
    If it were the French instead, the British decide to throw in with the US and thump France. They get the Germans to join the alliance and invade France proper.

    In the end, any way you slice it, the US today, 150 or so years later has 65 stars on its flag not 50.....


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      Oh, so Mexico becomes our Quebec.... joy joy.


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        Originally posted by Exorcist View Post
        Oh, so Mexico becomes our Quebec.... joy joy.
        Why not? In to every life a little rain must fall


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          Unlikely. The US Army owned the Mexican Gulf coast, its capitol city & the near empty northern half, at the end of the first Mexican war. There was little interest then in annexing the populated southern half. over the next 60-70 years the US passed on several proposals to incorporate other areas in Central America, & there was some opposition to taking charge of Puerto Rico, & the Phillipines. Perhaps a few more northern provinces would have been transfered after this second war but taking over the whole thing runs counter to several trends in US expansionist politics.


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