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  • Just a suggestion

    This is not a new scenario but just a suggestion.

    In this forum we frequently talk mostly about the political implications of various alternate historical scenarios.Not much about the military aspects ( and I am guilty of that probably more than anyone else )

    May I suggest that we follow a specific pattern for starting new threads here, I propose the following

    background in the OTL
    alternate scenario proposed and why its considered
    OOBs ( if possible ) of the opposing sides
    Likely theater/battle scenarios
    Likely outcomes

    It might be difficult to fit all scenarios into a specific pattern, but it will be a good place to start

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    Makes sense in many cases. Some WI wont lend themselves to that exact format, but as a general guide it sounds good to me. of course I will probablly forget I read it by morning


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      It would certainly reduce some of the sillier/shriller answers. The more specific the "what if", the better the discussion should be (well, that's the theory).


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