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How would you structure your emerging nation's military?

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    I'll divide this into training, Northern, Southern, and Reserve Command:

    Training Command:

    Give them the T-34s. Cannibalize to get as many running as possible. These will be the trainer tanks for your mechanized school, and trainers for infantry that will be operating in close proximity to tanks.

    You want to set up the schools to train armor, infantry, engineers, anti-aircraft troops, artillery, and the supporting arms. Emphasis on the officers, especially with the supporting arms, as logistics will be vital to sustaining any conflict past the first 10 days or so.

    Northern Command:

    This command has the terrain that's most suitable for operation of mobile forces. Also because of the nature of mobile forces and the neighbor to the north, you can reinforce the South in event of war.

    Therefore I'd look at building a number (between 2-3) of "Motor Rifle" divisions based on the following model:

    1 bn (5 coys, 20 tanks total, plus 5 recovery vehicles and 20 trucks (configured for ammo, fuel, and other supplies)) of armor.

    2 leg infantry battalions. Logistics support vehicles, but not enough to move the battalions around. Primarily these will be used for rear area troops and holding fixed positions, or as tank riders.

    2 Motorized infantry battalions:

    1 Company of Anti-aircraft vehicles (truck-mounted SAMs and cannon) (approx 15 vehicles with support personnel).
    1 Anti-tank Company (vehicle borne. a platoon of BRDMs with missile launchers would be ideal with another platoon or two of ATGMs with Toyota pickups to carry the launchers and crews.)
    1 Company of BTR borne infantry (BMPs would be ideal, but we're trying to be economical here). These will be the assault infantry.
    2 Companies of Truck borne infantry. Try to use the same toyota trucks, at 1 squad per truck. Also have 1 truck mounted MG per platoon, and 5 vehicles as HQ platoon (Coy C, 2 MGs, 2 trucks carrying recoilless rifles)
    1 Heavy weapons company: Use trucks carrying mortars and crews for rapid deplioyment, Recoilless Rifles, and HMGs)

    1 Artillery Battery of 105mm or 152mm towed guns (6-8 per division).

    2 of these would suffice for Northcom. Southcom would consist of the following:

    4 infantry divisions consisting of 2 infantry regiments apiece, each regiment having a battery of 120mm mortars and a company of tanks and of truck-borne ATGMs. Each division should have a battery of 105 or 152mm artillery. Each Division should also have an air defense company around the same model as the armored divisions

    The reserves should be based around infantry with sufficient supporting arms troops. Reserves should be organized into fully functional regiments by region, so that they can be activated and added to existing divisional structures in short order. Reservists should also pull periodic duty on the borders as their annual training requirements. By skillfully setting this up, this should provide border patrol military forces for the nation, in addition to customs forces already in place.

    I'll leave the airforce stuff to someone else.
    Tacitos, Satrap of Kyrene


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