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Japan avoids a Pacific War.

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    Originally posted by AdrianE View Post
    You completely miss the point of this what if. Japan makes peace with and/or does not attack China which completely removes the reason for the embargo. No embargo = no war with the USA.
    Japan still had her eye on the European and American colonies in Asia and the pacific, war would come sooner or later. Japan's mindset made the war inevitable, without altering their mindset, all you can change is when the war starts.
    Standing here, I realize you were just like me trying to make history.
    But who's to judge the right from wrong.
    When our guard is down I think we'll both agree.
    That violence breeds violence.
    But in the end it has to be this way.


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      Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
      It would have eventually if it continued to happen.
      In June 1941 US President Roosevelt decided to order the US military to occupy Iceland, replacing British soldiers there. Task Force 19 carrying the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade arrived 7 July & was offloaded by 12 July. On 6 August, the U.S. Navy established an air base at Reykjavík with the arrival of Patrol Squadron VP-73 PBY and VP-74.

      Historically Hitler was focused on the just started attack on the USSR & only cursed the US for 'invading' Iceland. The PoD here is Hitler reacts badly to the news of US forces moving to Iceland & a series of bungled orders from him lead to a German submarine attacking a US flagged ship, wich quickly escalates into US counter attacks, including German aircraft reconoitering the Iceland area. In a fit of rage Hitler declares war on the US in August 1941.

      Basically this is a worst case version of what was already occuring the Atlantic with the US exclusion or nuetrality zone and US ships playing chicken with German submarines. The previous incidents compounded by one or more US ships of TF 19 being torpedoed & a German submarine or two sunk, or reconissance aircraft shot down. Hitler did not have to consider compromises with the Republican party, accomadate Democratic party Isolationists, of worry about US public opinion. Unlike Roosevelt he can bring the US into the war anytime he likes.


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