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Rommel Captured Spring 1941

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    Originally posted by The Purist View Post

    I should also mention that in the game the allies did not risk a Normandy style invasion and instead went in through Portugal and Spain. Thus the allied armies had a secure foothold but a much longer row to hoe in reaching Germany. Their advance was significantly held up in the Pyrennes and they never did try for Sardinia and Corsica.
    Iberia did not work for me either. Tho it was impossible to hold the coast the thin rail network and mountains slowed the Allied advance. Although I have not researched I suspect the few railroads that cross the Pyrnees were inadaquate for supporting a decisive Allied attack northwards.

    Second time around I created a Portuguese enclave & kept the Axis bemused with a second Spanish civil war and other shadows to leap after in the Med. The main attack came in NW Europe in early 1944.


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