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France vs Prussia

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  • France vs Prussia

    In 1870 France invaded Prussia over the bigger rights in the uniting of Germany. In 1871 after France lost Napoleon the Third was captured an had to give up his position as leader of France. France was declared a republic and Germany was united by Otto von Bismarck.

    But what if France would have won?

    In my opinion France would have become a republic anyway. Napoleon the Third was far to stupid to notice the jumble of internal affairs that were plaguing his country. Eventually somebody would have overthrown him and perhaps we would have a communist France?

    CHEERS and happy posting!!!

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    France wins?
    Not impossible, they had a better rifle and a volley gun that might have done some damage... if they had known how to use it.

    It would have to have been a longer war, it might even have turned into a WW1-style butcher's field.

    This would have had two effects;
    Napoleon, France's version of Mussolini, would have been strengthened and might even have been able to make his dynasty stick... for a while.

    German unification would have been delayed and Bismarck would be remembered as a failure. I am not sure what effect this postponement would have had, the variables are pretty vast.

    Oh yeah.... and certain historians would not have been able to gloss over this war, the way they do sometimes.
    When talking about the early part of WW1, some folks try to make it seem as if Europe had been a very peaceful place since Waterloo.
    Wasn't really the case, was it? Imagine what would follow your scenario; the interlocking suicide-pact of alliances that made WW1 what is was might never have evolved.
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      France gets too powerful, a new round of british-french wars begin under a new napoleon


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        Napoleon III would have been insufferablly full of himself. Post 1870 Bismarck had sense enough to see his primary goal was accomplished & he reduced instigating small wars. Napoleon III might have continued to strive for martial glory. Keeping Europe in a uproar with his complex diplomatic plots.


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