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What if Kesserling had full power in dec 1941 ?

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    Excuse me but Chypre have not so much interest, and at that time Malt was the problem.


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      Originally posted by grosnain View Post
      Excuse me but Chypre have not so much interest, and at that time Malt was the problem.
      Ah, quite right, we are meant to be talking about DECEMBER of 1941, sorry about that.

      Okay, the Luftwaffe is mostly grounded in Russia, so there is no excuse for not making the maximum air effort in the Med.

      Rommel is about to re-bound and go all the way to Gazala. Now, the plan after that was to let him go all the way to the Egyptian border, then stop and wait for Malta to be taken. We all know what happened to that plan.

      It was a bad plan in the first place. First, Malta needs to fall, THEN you unleash Rommel and let him go as far as he can. As he goes, Axis forces build up Rhodes. As soon as Rommel hits a rough patch, wherever he is, Stop him and switch to an attack on Cyprus or even a landing in Palestine.

      You cannot forget that no matter how much bungling they to on the tactical level, the UK forces have more men and more resources, so you have to keep alternating your targets or you will loose the battle of attrition they keep try9ing to set you up for.

      That's what I think smiling Albert should have set up for 1942.
      "Why is the Rum gone?"

      -Captain Jack


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        Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
        Kesserling proved to be an excellent commander on defense. How he would be on offense is questionable.

        side note

        His family still runs a brewery in his home town close to Kitzingen Germany.
        Your are right.
        That's why i ask the question. Maybe it's not the defence point that is relevant but the fact that when he had full power (and not so much Hitler's eyes) he did a good job.
        But he had full power when germans were already in defence.


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          Originally posted by grosnain View Post
          What if Kesserling whould have full power on the Med Theater, and also a luftflotte permanently attached in dec 1941 ?

          I mean chief of all axis power in Med, even Italian Marine and transport ships.
          Also Berlin would give him a little bit more armament and supplies.
          I mean also a plan to make the war in Med, not a day to day tactic.
          Kesselring or no Kesselring:the situation would not change:there were no massive reinforcements available.
          About a Luftflotte permanently attached in december 1941:a Luftflotte is as an army,it can vary from 200 to 1OOO aircraft .
          In april 1942,Luftflotte 2 had a strength of 662 frontline-aircraft (397 serviceable) and 50 transportplanes .
          About the supplies:Rommel had enough,but the problem was moving them from Tripoli to the front .


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