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    A group of German officers bent violate their oaths and overthrow the head of government so as to demand easier terms for peace.

    I remember how well that worked out in 1918 and FDR, Churchill & Stalin will also.

    Of course, given the ineptness displayed by the conspirators repeatedly, from previous failed attempts to the fact that only in Paris did a senior officer actually act on word that Hitler was dead in an effective manner…

    A few other reasons why the British and Americans will not be amenable to cries for a negotiated settlement...

    The German motive: If this is to be carried out by representatives of the General Staff and German aristocrats, and it was in OTL, the benefits to the Western allies would be nil. Whether these were Hitler's tools or vice versa is debatable but irrelevant. If they succeed, they form a provisional government and demand negotiations and NOT unconditional surrender. As an example, a concession regarding Austria, the Sudetenland, and the Polish Corridor. Just for starters.

    Dolchstoss/Stab in the back: Allowing this and agreeing to a negotiated surrender repeats the error of WWI, leaving a Germany subject to the deadly poison that they were defeated by traitors at home while the outcome in the field had not been resolved. Such a post-war Germany would seek revenge, first against the home-grown 'traitors' and then World War Three would be at hand.

    A pox on them all: Far too many of the conspirators, such as Carl Goerdeler and Marshall Beck, the civilian and military heads of the conspiracy, were ready and eager to follow Hitler before there was a Hitler to follow. Why were they conspiring against him now? He was losing the war. Hardly an attitude to endorse or have much confidence in.

    From this perspective the true enemy is German militarism and German expansionism. It is this and not a particular political figure who must be destroyed.

    Assume the coup is given the blessing of the UK/US along with various promises which might or might not be honored. Now assume it is crushed. If this happens, is it not likely that if the Nazi Party finally reaches the point of discussing an arrangement, they will do it with Stalin?

    As previous possibility but assume the coup is partially successful, and Germany lapses into civic breakdown or outright civil war. Also note Stalin's Red Army is much closer to Berlin...


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      About Stauffenberg and his plan, most assasination attempts made with plan to get away after/before deed is done are quite prone to fail. If however plan is made without regard to escape plan (ie. suicide attack) preventing assassination will be much much more difficult.

      For example in Stauffenberg's case he could simply have used pistol hidden in that case (which contained bomb in original scenario), or rigged bomb to explode when case is manipulated in certain way, like opening its lock or something. Preventing that kind of attack would have been much more difficult and it would not been as prone to fail as original attack did.


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