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Britain remains neutral in WW 1

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    Originally posted by Full Monty View Post
    Trouble is, as I've pointed out to you before, the ethnic mix is a very complex one, especially in the Balkans. I also don't believe that the Poles are simply going to take whatever crumbs the Germans offer them unless some of the old Lithuanian Empire was thrown into the mix. As for Austria, and any other German areas, I think Germany will try to maintain the status quo for as long as feasible. The problem will be if 'feasible' and 'reasonable' don't match. Imperial Germany will get the lasting resentment of non-Germans from Slovakia to Istanbul.
    But I was talking about Poland, not the Balkans. With the Balkans, assuming an AH disintegration, it would be enough to create a Croatia, an independent Bosnia (the Serbs sure as hell wouldn't get it), or add Bosnia to Croatia. The question would be more serious in Hungary with large minorities all over the place. Most of the squabbles in the Balkans would not be a problem the Germans would consider important, long term problems, that is as long as the Serbs lay prostate. Serbia would be held in this world responsible for WWI, as it should be here, and the Germans would play rough with them. Germany would probably manage the Mittle Europa poorly to some extent, but it would never come to full scale war.

    But again, I must reiterate my point, this time a little more bluntly: there is virtually no problem humanity cannot solve by killing enough of the right kind of people. The problem is that that's a very poor use of resources, their are better means of management. If someone where to the Balkans into 10 states or so and then totally confined one group to one country so that there were no minorities anywhere and everyone had their own territory, the Balkans would calm down real quick and peaceful like. The primer in the flashpan of the Balkans are minorities outside the territory, and douche bags like Milosevic play up the resentment that inevitably follows when people feel entitled to a chunk of land they can't get. No minorities = no blame game, no agitation, no pan-whatever's. Just peace. And again, there is a track record I can point to as justification.
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      hmm, why would britain stay out of a war they wanted and made sure it happened at all costs. remember, britain's strategy since the early 18th century was to avoind ANY continental power to become too powerfull and that involved fomenting war after war to put would-be continental powers one agaisnt the other... spain, france, russia, turks, germany... etc. etc.

      so... not plausible.

      if Britain stays out. Germany crushes France in august/september 1914. WW1 therefore is called the "1914 summer war".

      France stops it's arrogance
      Austria is the hegemon in the balkans
      Russia has to reconsider his pan-slavism and re-focuses back to its industrialisation and natural alliance with .. germany... Russia is quickly the N.1 or 2 industrial power of the 20th century, and eventually democratises.
      Germany is the undisputed european power - N.1 in the world for R&D, high-tech, science, etc.
      Ottomans stay in place, no problems in the middle east.

      millions of european, educated youth, live to become the greatest generation ever and go to bring wonders in work and discoveries to the world.
      USA does not become N.1 imperialist power
      Britain declines a bit but keeps it's empire
      Colonisation continues and Africa becomes civilized and organized - no decolonisation
      no WW2, no holocaust, no Israel
      no Soviet Union, 40 millions russians live - 100 million russian more now - that means 50 millions russian women!!!!!!! wow!!!!! the world is a massively more beautifull and smart place!
      civilized globalisation under the aegis of nations instead of banks

      all in all, only good things.

      ww1 was the worst single moment of human history.

      80% the fault of britian 20% the fault of gullible germany who fell for it. spark provided by silly Serbia and Austria.
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