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Napoleone di Buonaparte takes command

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  • Napoleone di Buonaparte takes command

    When France invades the Corsican Republic in 1768 British public opinion, spurred on by Boswell's "An Account of Corsica" forms an alliance with Spain and Sardinia to expel the French after the Royal Navy destroys the French fleet frustrating French efforts to reinforce their occupation forces.

    In 1792 venerable president Pasquale Paoli, alarmed about reports that the aggressive French Republic has designs on his land, appoints a protogee, a young talented officer passionately committed to rebuild Italian glory, one Napoleone di Buonaparte, to reform his forces. Allied with Piedmont-Sardinia, now General Buonaparte subsequently leads the northern Italian forces in fighting the French to a draw but then concludes a mutually satisfactory peace (having taken effective control from the aging Paoli and his brilliant victories making him a darling on the Italian mainland), since he has concluded that France and the nascent northern Italian confederation have two main obstacles to their independence, the British and the Austrians, the British now not at all happy with the prospect of two increasingly (and allied) strong republics on the European continent.

    The French interests are safety of its new regime and a border on the Rhine, Buonaparte's is driving Austria out of the Italian peninsula and union of the Italian states (under guess who ).

    The Russians, Austrians, Prussians, and British are not amused.....
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    A leader is made by his subordinates. How does Nappy's intentions to Italy compare to the resources France provides him? And how does he by necessity play second fiddle to Le Republic, even if the entire penninsula rallied to him? I think his aquisition of Italy would take a decade at least, and then a few more to make Italy a great power.
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