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Retrieving lost letters, info., etc.

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  • Retrieving lost letters, info., etc.

    I'm not too sure if this is the right thread, or if there is one in this forum, but
    if you had a tardis or some other time travel device and could go back in time to retrieve some lost letters, information, scene, etc. what would you choose and why? Note, there's no "butterfly effect", you surreptitously get the item (copied, taped, whatever) and leave with no one knowing your activity.

    For written material I might pick one that might be of great, and then again of very little, value, the letters that George Washington wrote to Martha and that she burned. (Omg, what if they told of numerous affairs that lead to many illegitimate children) ! Hey, there were some really foxy Philadelphia Tories---Peggy Shippen, for one. Now why did he let her escape from West Point, hmm! Well, okay, they probably just told her to make sure her slaves kept working to help Virginians gain freedom from oppression from England.

    For video, what else but the grassy knoll in 1963. And if it also reveals theat Specter's magic bullet really was the culprit then I guess I'd have to vote for him in the Pennsylvania primary over Admiral Sestak.

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    I'd collect the bits of paper the artillery battery and battalion CP personnel and forward observers wrote down the computations and other items concerning their fire missions. What were called the 'record of fire' when I served. Those are not perserved, but discarded in a fw weeks or months, if not in a few hours. Unfortunatly they are the single accurate record of the details of the actual execution of artillery doctrine and techniques, both in combat and training. While small fragments turn up here and there I've found it quite difficult to turn up solid evidence of things like time to execute fire missions, quantites of ammunition fired, or size of artillery attacks in terms of numbers of cannon, ect...

    While unit after action reports and unit histories still exist I've found those to be brief and vague, lacking usefull details of the conduct of the fire missions. It is as if every ships captain had tossed the pages of his logbook in the boiler furnace or overboard each time the ship docked.

    Lacking Tuor's time machine I am dependant on incrediblly time consuming searches of off line archives, or of the readers on these web sites finding documents for me amoung grandfathers papers.


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