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Conventional Cold War gone hot: Berlin?

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    Originally posted by rom87 View Post
    I have a question would Nato actually go over the top and use nukes to stop the Soviet spearheads or is it more likely a scare tactic simply because of the escalation and retaliation this would surely bring upon Nato.
    My recollection at the time was that the Americans, with the exception of the Carter presidency, was expected to do so. The British and French seemed serious about their willingness, as well. The Germans, understandably, were less anxious to nuke their own terrirtory.

    The Soviets apparantly took the liklihood seriously enough to have desant and Spetsnatz specifically tasked to the tactical nuke launch sites as well as chemical strikes on the NATO air bases which would be launching nuclear strikes.

    The Soviet intelligence also went into full propaganda mode as might be recalled from those who remember the enhanced radiation warheads, i.e the neutron bomb which would kill large armor formations without leaving long periods of fallout to deal with. The line from the "peace movements" of the time was that they were designed to kill people without damaging buildings, i.e. "capital".
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      I think three brigades of mostly infantry and support troops. One US, one UK and one French (how long they would last is another question). As for Artillery, unknown. I believe they had some tank support, but not much.
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        See here:

        and as further signs of how things were:
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