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Mosquito usurps the Lancaster.

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    I also like the idea to a certain extent. You need fewer bombers to raid a wide city area target, unless you are "terror bombing" in hopes for a fire storm. With the retrained heavy bomber crew excess, train the for Mosquito use as a scalpel, not a shot gun. As for deep missions into Germany, not so much, unless escorted. But throughout France and close targets in Germany, where radar intercept may be a little difficult, when you have the "heavies" absorbing assets while the Mosquito can come in fast and hit precision targets (even using some with the USAAF), would have messed up some German minds for a while. Using, let's say 6 Mosquitoes to hit a railyard, let's say flying low and fast, hitting the railyard minutes not seconds before the USAAF "heavies arrive with escort, leaving a mile high smoke pall to aim for. I'd say that "saturation" bombing may have been easier.
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