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Carthage wins Punic Wars

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    Cathage at no point appeared particularly interested in destruction of the Roman empire. Rather, they seemed far more interested in having Rome just leave them alone.
    If we assume this is the case, then eventually there is a rematch.
    If you want to assume Carthage wants to destroy Rome it is more likely to be a Germans versus the French thing in any case.
    That is, Carthage does a half a$$ed job of finishing Rome. The Romans recover and you get another war.
    In the end the tenacity and thoroughness of the Romans will be the end of Carthage.


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      Yes, you're right. However I think that Carthage, especially Hannibal knew that only neutralized Rome will leave them in peace. It was basic aim of second Punic War to destroy Italian alliance lead by Rome. I think that it was the reason why Hannibal did not attack Rome after Cannae. Considering his lack of siege equipment it could be at least demonstration.


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        I believe Hasdrubal was bringing reinforcements and siege equipment when he lost The Battle of the Metaurus.

        If Carthage could have made Spain a permanent part of their polity they might have had a strong base to hold off a resurgent Rome and/or Italian states alliance even after a carthaginian victory in the Second Punic war.


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          Originally posted by Tuor View Post
          I believe Hasdrubal was bringing reinforcements and siege equipment when he lost The Battle of the Metaurus.
          Why do you think so? In ancient times not equipment was important. Rather man who were able to construct it and use efficiently. I think that considering great distance Hasdrubal would rather take engineers to build war machines in Italy!. However I think that Carthaginians had very few if any people like that. Remember that war machines were most probably discovered by Greeks, people who served Dionizios, tyrant of Syracuse to be used in war against ... Carthaginians.


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            Carthage would not be able or possibly even interested in holding an empire the size of the Roman Republic or provinces. With Rome taken care of the alliance shatters into the national and regional interests again, perhaps to be conquered by a later Celtic or Germanic Empire.
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              Or, following Carthage retreat of its influence following peace to North Africa and Spain, Samnites and/or Etrurians take the initiative in Italy to build up a peninsular based power, eventually (generally staying on land) moving to Southern Gaul and northern Spain, slowing wearing down Carthage in Europe and Sicily, then vying with a German power for northern Gaul. Eventually an agreement is brokered with Carthage, leaving the new Italian power in command in Italy, Spain, and southern Gaul, with Carthage holding North Africa (and Egypt?) and most Mediterranean Islands.


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