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Sunni vs Shiite

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  • Sunni vs Shiite

    Suppose after the US exits Iraq the Saudis and the Iranians became more aggressive about Iraq and a shooting war began in the Middle East between the factions.

    How might it play out?

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    Sunnis are 90% of the Islamic population. Shiites are 10%. But a contest limited to the middle east, would be interesting. It could be genocidal, as both regard the other as apostates worthy of death, but then again, who are not seen as worthy to die in Islam?

    In truth a contest between Iran and Saudi Arabia would be like a three stooges fight not funny. The only country in the region that has a clue about modern warfare is Egpyt, and that's just enough not to invite the Israelis from blowing up the Aswan Dam.

    Limited internet prevents me form finding it, but any discussion of ME warfare should read 'Why Arabs Lose Wars'. Just google it, it's not hard to find.
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      However it turns out, the US would back the Saudis if only to protect OPEC. Hopefully, at the end of such a scenario, after the entire middle east is taken over by the Fouad family, the US would be the beneficiary of the same gas and oil prices that they enjoy in Riyadh./
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        I've spent some time in the region in my younger days, and I've seen Muslim fight Muslim for almost no reason whatsoever. So, it will not take much to get them "getting it on", it's just a question of desire. For a "what if", this IS very possible. The Saudi's have the capability, maybe even military intelligence to be effective, now just a well placed bomb going off by the usual suspects.....
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