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World War of 1883

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    Since you are re-visiting, a few other things you may want to reconsider:

    France is more concern about Germany and is looking for an alliance with Britain to counter German influence and power (Germany defeated France in 1871.) This will eventually turn into the Entente Cordiale of 1904 between France and Britain.

    France got kicked out from Mexico in 1867. There is no love, even for diplomatic reasons, between both countries.

    France is not, at this point, going to ally itself with a slave-owning State such as the CSA. France abolished slavery in 1848 and public opinion would not tolerate such alliance.

    So, a French alliance with the CSA and Mexico is quite improbable.

    As for France influence in Quebec against the British, it is was very low to none. French Canadian businesses and the Catholic Church do very well under the British Crown. There is a rebellion in Lower-Canada (Quebec) and Upper-Canada (Ontario) in 1837-38, but that has to do with fighting for better representation of the people in the government and the decision making powers of the Elected, vs the British authority in both colonies. That issue is pretty much resolved by 1883 (with a representative parliamentary democracy creating Canada in 1867.)

    Bottom line, this is Lakechampainer's alt history scenario, and he can define it how he wants. I'm just trying to bring a bit more on the actual situation for France -and Quebec - in 1883.
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      Good points, Capt AFB . I will also point some things I left out of North America - in Missouri the southerners settled the state first, naturally along the Missouri, so there was a lot of mixing in the state, as it was in fact nasty during the actual Civil War. Look for example at Harry Truman's own family and in-laws. Also, I didn't account for the Mormons in Utah/Deseret. I'm going to assume with more settlement they swore off polygamy earlier.

      Clearly, I didn't account for the Native Americans. But I will assume that they were treated somewhat better in this alternate scenario, although of course most of the damage was already done.

      Regarding France, I assume that Germany takes an approach towards France which is they don't really want to fight it, they just want them neutralized as a threat: the Germans see their economic future and Lebensraum to the East and in South America. Likewise they never try to build a high seas fleet that could challenge Britain. And I assume France has a nationalist gov't which wants to get Alsace-Lorraine back, but the Germans actually use this to their advantage as France is trying to build an empire, including aligning with Mexico. Also, Germany doesn't try to build a xxxx-xxxxx empire in Africa and the South-West Pacific in this scenario - that got them essentially nothing in real life.
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