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NO Great War & WWII= Old Powers & WWIII

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  • NO Great War & WWII= Old Powers & WWIII

    Russia & America came powers of the world cause of to events-Great war & WWII,and old powers declining Briton,France and Germany.
    Now,What if,Great war & WWII never have happend at all?
    France, Briton and Germany in todays world would be the powers of the world,there would be no United Nations too control any new modern conflicts between the old powers,also,the atomic bomb would possablity not have been invented yet.
    In history France and Briton had been arch revils in past wars and Germany a newer nation that had the same ideas has being the dominate country towards british and french that threated british & French ruling.
    We would be witnessing WWIII ourselfs,and with modern tech these days,I would be in despair.

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    I think that once the Civil War ended it was inevitable that the US would be a superpower due to the fact the economic resources it commanded were so large relative to any other country. I think also it was inevitable Russia would be a superpower once it reached the Pacific via the railroad before China industrialized. If things had developed differently I think Germany could have dominated Central Europe and the Middle East, as they almost did.

    I don't think it was inevitable that there be a unified (except for Taiwan) China as there is today; there are so many languages and there are rice growing and wheat growing areas.

    I think Britain's power and France's power was bound to decline over time, as their power was in large part based on industrializing early and on their colonies. In the long run the continent sized powers have way too many resources, relatively.


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      South America could have been dominant Continent

      I was thinking about it and I think that if history had developed a certain way South America could have developed as a dominant continent, dominated by two Giant powers, Brazil and Argentina. This is how I think it could have happened:

      The Civil War could have played out in many different ways, which could have led to continuing unrest and on and off fighting in (what was) the US. This would have inevitably led to greater European immigration and investment in Argentina and Brazil, especially Argentina at first. For example, if in the summer of 1863 The CSA under Lee under been able to do great damage in Central Pennsylvania, including cutting the key rail-lines near Harrisburg, and Vicksburg did not fall during the summer, I can see the North agreeing to a settlement, especially after huge riots in NYC and Baltimore.

      After the settlement, the settlers moving west from the USA and the CSA would be in constant conflict. California and Oregon could go out on their own as a separate country. The South would probably look toward the Caribbean to get more slave lands for sugar, etc. (Scenario taken from The People's almanac in 1976, which postulated that more or less this could have happened, but on July 4, 1976 the three countries would have come together.)

      This would have led to larger and earlier immigration to Argentina and Brazil from Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe than there actually was. English capital would have been naturally attracted here also. The much greater industrial development of South America could have led to Argentina and Brazil building powerful navies, to keep out Europeans.

      The key factor would be if Brazil and Argentina, with two different languages, could develop without fighting a war or having a huge arms race. I think this is certainly possible; after all, they never did fight a war or have a huge arm race. Also, the spirit of revolution and democracy would still be strong from the revolutions that took place in the early 19th century.

      It the late 19th and the 20th century had constant strife in China, and an arms race in Europe as it did, and if North America was in constant strife, South America could have developed as the richest and most advanced part of the world. I think Germany would have eventually dominated Central and Eastern Europe (which it does economically today).


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