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Robespierre as first consul, then???

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  • Robespierre as first consul, then???

    Robespierre evades the guillotine and then went on to a dictatorship eventually leading to perhaps a consulate in 1800, could you see Robespierre leading France into the nineteenth century? how do you think early nineteenth century history would have turned out with 'The Incorruptible' at the helm of France? Perhaps toying with the idea of Emperor, despite his un-military background.
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    Robespierre was a paranoid, fanatical, homicidal maniac. If he hadn't been knocked off by sane people, then the French Revolution would have ended simply because his style of leadership was totally devoid of reality. We're looking at peasants revolts, and army desertions because of bad management, massive disillusion, more than historical, and I suspect Louis XVII would have been put on his brother's bloodied throne before the century was out and France would be utterly humiliated by the Reactionary regimes on the Continent.

    Actually it might have been better if that DID happen.
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      I'm not getting involved...

      I'm not getting involved...

      I'm not getting involved...

      I'm not getting involved...

      I'm not getting involved...

      Mickey must you bring up this subject ?

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        Very interesting question.

        In order for Robespierre to make it to 1800,he would have to be constantly decimating his generals. So every time a Moreau,Bonaparte or Massena pops up,he would be getting rid of them to assure his power.
        I can see him as a Consul for life but not as Emperor,I think,although he was a bloody figure,he was devoted to his ideals.
        That said,I don't see him surviving long after all that,the Army would topple him. Which,imho,would set up an series of power struggles that would probably last through the mid 18th Century as no one would be strong enough to hold power for a long time.

        I don't see the other powers intervening either,as they would rather see a weakened and disorganised France.

        Nice thread PC.
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          He was certainly a fanatical nutjob and an endless need for bloodshed via Madame Guillotine,,,That is a scary thought..
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