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French Campaign 1940 : no medium tanks for Wehrmacht

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    Originally posted by The Purist View Post

    It is interesting to note that Hoepner's divisions, after an initial fighting with 1st Army on the 15th were disengaged and moved south to support the exploitation of the other seven pz divs. It has been suggested by some sources that it was the seriousness of the losses to 4th Pz, in particular, that contributed to this decision. Whatever the reason, after Gembloux, neither German division played a major role in remaining the pre-Dunkirk campaign.
    I dont know how the losses compared to the other armored divisions. From memory this corps had to hook back around Namur and cross the Meuse River where the 5th & 7th divisions had passed. They were about five days behind the others & the 'Panzer Halt Order' came before they reached the Dunkirk area.
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