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Starlight and the X-15

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    Why fit external tanks that are only part filled? It doesn't make any sense at all and given that NASA are rarely very stupid it seems unlikely.

    I suspect tanks were only part filled for some initial test flights but after that it would be madness.


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      Originally posted by peter_sym View Post
      'Space' then was only about 60,000 feet. A U2 does more than that. Hell, a guy in a balloon did it! Reaching 60,000 in an X-15 seems highly probable.
      Once again, I will point out that the boundary of "space" was recognised as being 50 miles by the USAF. "By the end of 1963, this X-15 had flown above 50 miles, the altitude that the Air Force recognized as the minimum boundary of spaceflight. FRC pilot Joe Walker set an X-15 record for winged spaceflight by reaching 354,200 feet, a record that stood until the orbital flight of Columbia nearly two decades later. These flights, and others later, acquired reentry data considered applicable to the design of future ”lifting reentry” spacecraft."
      Again credit to "Chukka" for the source.
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