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What if WWII had been started later?

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    There's that jet again...
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      Had Germany waited? well theres many things that could have happened: One- Britain couldnt have tolerated Chaimberlain forever and would have booted him out in the next election. Two- With a larger and larger German surface fleet- the Brits would have started another large scale ship building program- something to counter the Bismarck- for little known knowledge is that the Bismarck had a sister ship under construction- and the two of them in open seas could have destroyed a lot!. Three- the absorbing of the Czechs and Austrians would have made a larger Armed Forces. Four- a scarier Luftwaffe indeed. Five- a hell of a lot more deaths (maybe more Jews? like if the war went on even 2 years longer- 6 million Jews could have seemed a much smaller number than what could have happened). Six- a larger German national gas reserve.
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        Re: What if WWII had been started later?

        Originally posted by Larkin
        Its been a while since I last posted, and I thought this would be a good way to get back in. I had read that the top military leaders of Germany had been told that the war was to start in the mid-40's, not the late-30's like what is historicaly correct. But think about it. The U-Boat fleet would have been larger. The Auto-Ban (sp?) would have been completed. More countries might have been annexed by the Axis. Extremely modern war machines would have rolled out of Germany. Do you think the Allies could have won? What are your views?
        Would Japan have attacked Malaysia, Indonesia and Indo-China in 1941 - 1942 if England, France and Holland were not at war or already defeated by Germany? Would they have attacked Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines? If they did, the Allies could have focussed their entire effort on Japan; probably defeating the Japaneese Empire in 1943. Of course, the Nazis may have taken advantage of the fact that the armed forces of the USA, GB, France & Holland would have been comitted in the Pacific.
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