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  • McCartney Embassy Successful


    Qianlong Emperor died 1785.
    Succeeded by his son who was educated by Jesuit Misionaries and have a healthy curiosity of Europe.

    McCartney succeeded in opening China to trade, followed by the Dutch. China kept pace with Europe in technology and power.

    How would this effect the 19th and early 20th century.

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    He might have been overthrown or rendered powerless like they did with the Dowager Empress 100 years later. The mandarin class was adamant about keeping their power.

    Plus in any great reform, and it would be great in scale if China were to modernize, needs a kind of institutional basis for reform. The Pope called for Trent, but couldn't make it stick if not for those under him who were willing to implement the reforms of that council.

    Then if the Dutch get involved, Protestantism gets involved in missionary work. If the Protestants hold than ancestor veneration is filial piety and not worship, many Chinese would convert to whatever faiths were accepting. Christianity poses a HUGE risk for the Chinese government and it's ability to keep the masses under control.

    Just because you have a reform minded Emperor don't mean a thing unless you can make the reform stick.
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      Yes. Either Mandarins would have to get on board with reforms, or they would have to be replaced with some other system. The last chance for that would have been during the Manchu conquest, & they choose to retain the Mandarin system rather than replace it. This is really the question WI the Mandarin system is radically changed or replaced in the 17th or 18th Centurys?


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