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If WW1 never happened...

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    Great way of putting it Carl.
    Studying Logistics since birth....


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      Thanks. But I did a typo wrting 1941 vs 1914


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        Crap happens.
        Studying Logistics since birth....


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          If not Sarajevo in 1914 then somewhere else a couple years later. Europe was a brawl looking for a barroom to break out of. The Kaiser was looking for an excuse and one would've happened. However no communism is very likely and a world with out the evil and misery of atheist socialism would have been amazing.

          Originally posted by TacCovert4 View Post
          Could you imagine a Germany/France/Britain axis taking on a newly formed early version of the USSR/Warsaw Pact?
          If the anti-Nazi coup of 1937 during the Munich crises had been carried out this might have happened in 1944-45.


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            No WWI means several smaller wars to relieve the tension. Imperial Europe lives on for a time, because the tremendous loss of life and the scope of human suffering across Europe was the impetus that created the critical mass that led to the end of the Monarchies.

            This begs several questions:
            1) Which Monarchies survive into the 30's?
            2) What happens to colonialism?
            3) What replaces the Monarchies that do not survive?
            4) Does the worldwide depression happen anyway?
            5) If the worldwide depression does happen anyway, does WWI happen anyway, but in the time of WWII?
            6) How do the communists fare in all of this?
            7) What happens to the Byzantine empire? Does it putter along or collapse under the weight of its own rot?
            8) How does the worldwide explosion in the damand for oil help or hurt the Byzantine empire?
            9) Is Facism stillborn?
            10) What happens in America (industry / politics / lifestyle /


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              I once read, that the next in line to the A/H throne was the son of the Czar. I'm not big on European royality so could someone line out the Royal lines...I know that King of England, the Kaiser and the Czar were cousins and looked remarkably alike.


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