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    I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, but I don't know where to put it.

    If you were going to be Lord of a major port city, would you want:

    A) ...mostly land around but with access to the sea like Venice or Genoa?

    B) ...mostly ocean around at the end of a peninsula like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas or Simferopol?

    C) ...on an island like Crete?

    D) ...on a straight stretch of coast like Acapulco?

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    Port of Rotterdam

    Port of New York

    Port of Huntington
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      It depends on the purpose of the port.

      For cargo handling, it needs to be deep and protected from the open ocean; with a wide access point.

      San Diego, San Francisco, Huntington, Long Beach...Are all good.

      The Chesapeake Embayment might be one of the best harbor complexes in the world...

      It includes Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Baltimore and quite a few other harbor areas and it is navigable quite a ways inland. Plus the Chesapeake is surrounded by advanced transportation infrastructure.
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        IMO best port geography would be a safe seaport with deep anchorage and a navigable river stretching deep into an economically well developed hinterland.
        • New York
        • Rotterdam
        • Shanghai

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          According to the Royal Navy in 1788, from a defensive point of view, the two best Bays were the newly established Port Jackson (Sydney) in Australia, and Tricommallee at Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

          Though I do like the pic of Chesapeake bay.

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            My choose would be Hong Kong or Singapur


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              I would go for an area along a major river, just before it reaches the sea. New Orleans and Houston are two good examples. What sets New Orleans apart from most of ports is the cheap water transportation along the watershed. The area the watershed covers is also huge!

              Now if you want to defend it, that opens up another can of worms.

              The problem of most islands like Hong Kong and Singapore is lack of space for infrastructure needs. Just finding fresh water could be a problem.

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