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    I was speaking a little bit ago with my office's Public Affairs analyst and we got to wonder how the war might have changed had the Internet been available during the Vietnam war (or any other war, but this is the one we discussed). Many people have been disappointed by slanted press coverage in wartime and the Vietnam War is a frequently given example. Had the people back home been able to receive unfiltered raw info from soldiers (via blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.) rather than get news that has been processed via the government or anti-government/anti-war sources, what might the result have been? Might Nixon's famous "silent majority" have abandoned the papers years earlier?
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    possibly, but I doubt it.

    The ones that would be tweeting would be the draftees who are pissed off. The professional soldiers would be too busy out in the weeds actually fighting. Also, the hippie-mafia back home would be far more adept at controlling the new media than the older generation. I forsee no change, just less overt anti-war demonstrating, and more internet-based sabotage, terrorism, and anti-war blogging.
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      As a teenager during the VN war I got as much news about it by word of mouth as from the 'News Media'. Every local boy who returned from army service circulated a story. Doc Ruthfords son flew heliocopters as a WO, Bruce Johnsons sons served in the Army (3) & Navy (2) & one daughter as a nurse. Charles Meyers son lived next door while a ROTC instructor between his first and second tours. Hardly a week went by when some bit of news or story was not passed along. Call it what you will but in retrospect it was as accurate as anything Dan Rather spewed out.

      I also suspect the volume of content and speed of transmission was only slightly slower than the current internet.


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