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Briton/Germany V's America/Russia- WW2???

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  • Briton/Germany V's America/Russia- WW2???

    Who woulde win this battle of ww2???

    At the start of ww2-If Briton jioned up withe Germany forces and America join forces with Russia,who wuolde win ww2???

    And Please ,I want trufful answers! If yuo are an American,don;t just say America woulde win! If yuo are russian,don;t just say Russia wuolde win!
    If yuo a british,don;t say briton wuolde win,if yuo are german,don;t just say germany wuolde win!
    I wuolde like possiable real life answers on who wuolde win this battle1
    Sorry,if i suonde rude but most members alwayes say that there own cuontry wuolde win ww2 (I too,sometimmes at fault to this aswelle)


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      I'd say the Russo-American alliance would win.
      "To be defeated and not submit, is victory; to be victorious and rest on one's laurels, is defeat."
      --Marshal Józef Piłsudski


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        Man power


        Pacific Ocean

        All favor a Russia/American alliance.

        Once again acess to oil would play a major factor. The US/Russia had the oil, UK/Germany did not.
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