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    Yes, you've made some excellent points there. Hitler's visions may have been clear to him, but they were unrealistic given the sheer scale of the undertaking.

    What I find interesting regarding the successes of Army Group South was that this area was also where, IIRC, the Soviet armoured forces made their strongest (and for a short time seemingly almost successful) efforts. Von Runstedt's forces performed very well and triumphed in the end, succeeding in destroying the Soviet 6th and 12th Armies and then inflicting another 600,000 casualties (POWs included) at Kiev but as you say, to what end I wonder, given the overall situation?
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      Originally posted by nastle View Post
      i think we need to re-focus

      questions are
      1- will staying on defensive in center and attacking in south only with romanians and north with finns help the germans in the short term' i.e bleed the red army without any huge losses of their own.

      2- does red army have a chance to conduct a offenisve on central front if facing fully mobilized 100 german divs inc 20 panzer/motor divs ?

      3- why do posters think that being on defensive will be counterproductive for wehrmacht in 1941 ?
      If you stay in the defensive on AG Center then AG North and South need to have more tanks so they can deal with extra reinforcements. When Hitler haulted AG Center the Russians didn't transfer troops they massed them there. Resuming the offensive after a halt is dumb. I think the best way is to advance to the river line and let the Russians bleed themselves white on it.
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