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Operation Mecury changes

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  • Operation Mecury changes

    Ok here's some changes to operation mercury-the german airborne assault on Crete:
    1. the Operation is launched three days early thus no Gliders or
    2.All forces are concentrated on the Maleme
    and 3. Partial surprise is achieved.

    Could these changes have affected the number of German casualties thus convincing Hitler to allow more airborne assaults of all sizes-Like a drop behind the soviets at Stalingrad, a drop during the bulge, or any number of drops in the Mediterranean; Malta, Suez Canal, Cyprus, etc?
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    Less casualties and a more enthusiastic Hitler may have made a difference to later Fallschirmjager operations but how would they have been deployed? JU-52's were not so plentiful as the war went on and trained crews were even rarer.

    Still, if these problems had been solved then the potential for further German airborne mischief was immense.

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      The only future operation I see as viable would be Malta,
      others seem either impractical (Suez) or beyond logistical
      capabilities at the time (Stalingrad). Look at the difficulties
      of the British at Arnhem in a relatively short drop and
      with ground reinforcements close by.


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