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What if MacArthur goes on the offensive on Bataan in early 1942?

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    Originally posted by Exorcist View Post
    Lunging out to gather those supplies would seem to make sense...
    As I pointed out earlier, the supplies were left for lack of transport, and organizational problems. Even if this hypothetical mechanized group lunges out and siezes supplies there still wont be the transportation to take them anywhere.


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      Good point, but something is better than nothing, and the Japs could not have destroyed or used up everything.

      Also, the very fact that the operation happened at all would have been a big, bloody nose for the Japanese Army in the middle of the biggest winning streak they ever knew. Its very, very hard for me to say what they might have done next. THey might have gone wild, throwing units in piecemeal, as they did in Guadalcanal, and get a lot of good troops chewed up. Or they might have gone to Mindanao first, looking for easy victories and to isolate Bataan further.
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