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What if the third revolution had succeeded?

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  • What if the third revolution had succeeded?

    What I mean by that is what would have happened if the Kronstadt sailors had managed (in some way) to overthrown the Bolsjevik party that they originaly helped to power?
    Would Russia have been a demorcatic country? Would it have been a USSR?
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    I think the USSR would probably still be there, I think the people would have more freedom and the govt. would be more open and less repressive.
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      the country would be alot better off and probily could haved saved millions of lives


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        Was there an agenda or programme behind what the Kronstadt rising that was sustainable?

        Their declaration:
        • Immediate new elections to the Soviets. The present Soviets no longer express the wishes of the workers and peasants. The new elections should be held by secret ballot, and should be preceded by free electoral propaganda.
        • Freedom of speech and of the press for workers and peasants, for the Anarchists, and for the Left Socialist parties.
        • The right of assembly, and freedom for trade union and peasant organisations.
        • The organisation, at the latest on 10 March 1921, of a Conference of non-Party workers, soldiers and sailors of Petrograd, Kronstadt and the Petrograd District.
        • The liberation of all political prisoners of the Socialist parties, and of all imprisoned workers and peasants, soldiers and sailors belonging to working class and peasant organisations.
        • The election of a commission to look into the dossiers of all those detained in prisons and concentration camps.
        • The abolition of all political sections in the armed forces. No political party should have privileges for the propagation of its ideas, or receive State subsidies to this end. In the place of the political sections various cultural groups should be set up, deriving resources from the State.
        • The immediate abolition of the militia detachments set up between towns and countryside.
        • The equalisation of rations for all workers, except those engaged in dangerous or unhealthy jobs.
        • The abolition of Party combat detachments in all military groups. The abolition of Party guards in factories and enterprises. If guards are required, they should be nominated, taking into account the views of the workers.
        • The granting to the peasants of freedom of action on their own soil, and of the right to own cattle, provided they look after them themselves and do not employ hired labour.
        • We request that all military units and officer trainee groups associate themselves with this resolution.
        • We demand that the Press give proper publicity to this resolution.
        • We demand the institution of mobile workers' control groups.
        • We demand that handicraft production be authorised provided it does not utilise wage labour

        Without a party or organization to back it was it really an option? Note they wanted to retain the Soviets and keep social control of employment.

        Say the Leninists ran away (unlikely), who could have taken over? Would social collapse not have been more likely?
        What would Occam say?


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          Several possibilities come to mind.

          1) The USSR collapses into civil war again, something that would only result in mass starvation.

          2) Another USSR is established much as under Lenin. Russia did not have the kind of infrastructure demanded for a functional democracy.

          3) Poland takes the opportunity to re-establish its old national borders by adding much of the Ukraine and White Russia.
          Signing out.


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            Hmmm. very interesting point you have there in number 3. I see 1 and 3 as being the most likely.
            What would Occam say?


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