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What if Spain joined the Axis?

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    Originally posted by grognard
    Hitler couldn't use Minorca without Franco's permission. Franco demanded a lot to help Hitler, probably because he really didn't want his civil war ravaged country to fight again so soon. Hitler described his meeting with Franco as worse than having a tooth pulled by a dentist.
    I know that. What I meant was..... what the heck - he owes us! You follow me? Adolf was, otherwise, known to take what he wanted. For some time, anyway. The Brits used Menorca for many years during the Napoleonic wars due to its strategic location. Without asking, I believe. Jack Aubrey was there....
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      The Brits used it because they could. If Hitler tried without Franco's permission, he's going to find an assault on Gibraltar a problem, because Franco wouldn't support Hitler. Also, Spain might make some raids into occupied France, thus creating another headache for Hitler.

      If he could talk Franco into joining the war, Gibraltar falls. Then Malta because it can't be supplied. The Brits throw everything into Egypt via the Cape route and maybe bring more troops from India--can the Germans and Italians take Egypt is the real question. (I'm assuming Franco's forces occupy the parts of French North Africa Franco got in exchange, but the war weary Spaniards do not join the attack into Egypt).


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