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Alternate outcomes.. Even plausible ?

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    Originally posted by waldron View Post
    Understand I'm not trolling or flame baiting.. just considering the probabilities of changing history. Here's something else to consider. How resilient IS history ? How set is the course it takes ? Can history actually be altered by changing a single event ? Or would it merely return to its original course at a later date ? I wonder.

    Take for instance the Hitler assassination. Someone goes back in time and shoots Hitler as a boy and WWII never happens. But the social movements of the early 20th century "secular humanism and moral relativism" are still in place. Germany is economically unstable and most veterans are still angry about the outcome of WWI. The Republic is still looking for a "controllable" puppet in this vein to satisfy the mobs and are still willing to hand over extraordinary powers to this individual. Who's to say some other would-be dictator wouldn't write Mien Kampf and just step into Hitler's role ?
    If his buddies that went along with him were anything to go by,.......YES more than likely! lcm1.
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      Is it possible that the South could've won the war if they had used a 'defense in depth' strategy?


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