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Hitler lost on diplomacy

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    Originally posted by Full Monty View Post
    Poland was partitioned after WW2 started. Not only that but the alternative was to have the Germans that much closer to Moscow when they invaded (neither Stalin nor Hitler was under any illusion regarding the potential longevity of their pact).
    As much as Stalin seemed to want to believe he could work with Hitler, he was no fool, and was always ready to expand Russian territory to help strengthen his position.

    However, he was also a believer in international treaties and such, and probably felt that Hitler would not break the treaty so soon, and by then the USSR would be strong enough to dissuade the Germans from attacking.

    Stalin was not plotting to invade Germany, but knew that he needed to be strong militarily to oppose any actions taken against him by the 'Capitalist' nations or by plotters in the German Army/Government (Stalin honestly seemed to trust and/or respect Hitler on a personal level).

    Stalin: The Mustache that Saved the Soviet Union.


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