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July 20 plot against Hitler....with outside help?

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  • July 20 plot against Hitler....with outside help?

    Much of what I've read indicates the Allies had no clue of the July 20 conspiracy until after it happened. My Alt-history scenario -

    Stauffenberg and/or others within the plot make secret, subtle advances to Allied intelligence about wanting to knock off Hitler....if the Allies thought there was a good they agree to help? Or is there a common understanding at this point that Hitler alive issuing silly orders a better aid to the Allies than if he were dead?

    How would the conspirators approach the Allies, and how would the Allies respond to such request?
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    From what I have read about that period, Hitler's death would have simply produced an immediate successor. Had the plot succeeded in its entirety, there would likely have been a period of confusion and internal turmoil before power was centralized, most likely in the hands of Himmler if the plot ultimately failed, possibly in the hands of Rommel had the plot actually succeeded. However, I never got he impression that all of the plotters were fully committed; many seemed only to have their personal best interests at heart and were willing to bail out at the first hint of difficulty making it less likely that the plot would have succeeded fully in its original scope and plan.

    Having Hitler alive at that point may well have been the Allies' best hope for their own success, although the Allies did not appear fully aware of Hitler's personal illnesses and mental difficulties. However, Hitler's approach to ruling by dividing his major subordinates into bickering antagonists not fully focused on the national goals was itself a vital assistance to the Allies in hampering the German war effort.

    I remember reading that the personal antagonisms and pettiness between Goering and Adm Doenitz, for example, resulting in entire wolfpacks idling at sea not knowing where Allied convoys were because Goering only provided one or at best two reconnaissance aircraft at any given time.
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