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1944: Antwerp Port opening delayed months

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  • 1944: Antwerp Port opening delayed months

    What if the Belgian White Brigade failed to thwart the German demolition of the Antwerp dock crains, the Canadians fail in clearing the Scheldt, and V2 fire causes total evacuation?

    In OTL, the first US supply ship unloaded in Antwerp docks on November 28, enough time for the Allies to build up 2 weeks worth of supplies to counter the German Bulge counterstroke.

    If Antwerp was still unavailable as a port well in to 1945, how would this have affected the war in the west, if at all?

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    The effect would be minimal
    1 The supplies to counter the German Bulge stroke came mainly not from Antwerp .
    2 The supplies that were unloaded in Antwerp were minimal, because the depots could not store them and because the supplies could not be transported to the front .
    3 It was not much different in 1945 : Antwerp became important only at the end of the war .
    4 In the HTL The V2 fires failed to cause decisive destructions ,they would not do it in the ATL.
    5 The supplies going to Antwerp were limited by the storage capacity and by the capacity to move them out of Antwerp .
    What was important was not the number of supplies that arrived in Antwerp, but the number of supplies that were leaving Antwerp ,and for the first month after its capture ,only 313500 tons left Antwerp, 10000 per day, insufficient to supply the Allied forces .
    45 % left the port by rail ,15 % by waterways, the rest mainly by roards .
    Source : Logistical support of the Armies Volume II
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      If Hitler heard that Antwerp docks were out of commission/blocked for months, could this cause him to delay/cancel/scale back his attack?

      With Antwerp not functioning, might this thwart the Allied advance from the Lowlands until spring, giving increased emphasis to the Italian and S.French fronts?

      With no functioning Antwerp Port, the life of the Red Ball Express, which in OTL ended on November 16, would be extended considerably, resulting in a shortage of qualified Black soldiers to run it.
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