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Wehermacht goes for Moscow first then Kiev

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  • Wehermacht goes for Moscow first then Kiev

    Would this decision have brought a favorable outcome for the Wehermacht. Want opinions of historians and experts on mechanized warfare. Meanwhile I will present my views.
    1. Wehermacht has more intact equipment especially tanks after smolensk then after kiev.( Distance from Smolensk to kiev is 400+miles and the wehermacht squandered precious time and resources in the diversion)
    2. Better Morale and less fatigue among soldiers.
    3. Not having to deal with mud and inclement weather.
    4. Since Moscow is a transportation hub, its fall and the distance of 540 miles between Moscow and Kiev decreases possibility of timely flanking attack by the red army from kiev considerably.
    5. Considerably more Red army men and material is neutralized at Moscow than at Kiev.
    6. Urban environs in and around Moscow helps Wehermacht better face winter and Soviet counteroffensives.
    7. Better bases and logistics for luftwafluftwaffe around Moscow
    8. The earlier in 1941 Typhoon commences the less time Soviets have to build defenses around Moscow.
    9. The Agricultural resources of Ukraineare no use to the germans till summer 1942 as the rich agricultural areas of Ukraine will not be productive in the winter.
    10. With the dense rail road and air network around Moscow in german hands counteroffensives from any directions by Soviets become very complex and challenging.
    11. Army group south by itself cannot take Kiev by itself. But its presence near kiev keeps the Soviet forces in Kiev tied up and not risk a flanking attack on army group centre
    12. Encirclement and isolation of Leningrad becomes considerably less complex
    13. With Moscow strongly held the industrial and urban resources can be used to repair and refurbish worn and damaged equipment and rest and heal injured men.
    Having taken Moscow how feasible is it to take Kiev in late fall of 1941.
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    There is no proof that in August the WM could go to Moscow,all facts are indicating the opposite .
    There is no proof that if the WM was going first for Moscow, it could take Moscow .
    There is no proof that if Moscow was taken,the Soviets would collaps.
    As long as the SW Front was not was to risky to go to Moscow .
    Last point : the fall of Moscow would not cause the collaps of the SU, but the collaps of the SU would cause the fall of Moscow. Thus there was no need to go to Moscow in August 1941,even if it was possible, which it was not .


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