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Interactive hypothetical history studies

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  • G David Bock
    I can see you've put a bit of effort into this.
    Will look over later when I have more time.

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  • Steven Vincent
    started a topic Interactive hypothetical history studies

    Interactive hypothetical history studies

    The free interactive hypothetical history studies I have developed, which can be downloaded from, might be of some passing interest.

    The Lessons of History studies are interactive virtual tabletop displays of military campaigns, civil wars and revolutions and may be used in several ways:

    a) As a means of testing hypothetical outcomes;

    b) As graphic study notes used to explain and describe a complex chain of events and the forces and influences at work in determining the outcome.

    When reading an account of a complex and fast-changing historical event such as the Russian Revolution or the Thirty Years War it is difficult, even with the aid of maps, to keep in one’s mind a clear and coherent grasp of the events as they unfolded. The Lessons of History studies provide a clear graphic display of the passage of events and the means to test what might have happened if things had not gone to plan or if different decisions had been taken.

    The focus of interest in The Lessons of History studies are diplomacy, personalities, politics, economics, intelligence gathering, the weather and chance events. The deployment and manoeuvring of military forces is represented abstractly through the visible control by either side of objectives. Terrain also is represented abstractly through events subject to chance.

    A slightly different version, the Lessons of History Virtual Tabletop studies, has been designed to be easily edited and can be played as a game.

    I hope this is of some interest and would very much welcome feedback.

    Steven Vincent

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