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Disect this video...Is it crazy!

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  • Disect this video...Is it crazy!
    Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla

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    Moved to Alternative Timelines as it is a what if thread
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      Some interesting points, if Halifax had been made PM instead of Churchhill it becomes very plausible.

      But.... damn, too many errors with the translation, and it gets weird at that end.


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        The video has much of the logistic and engineering problems wrong. The maker(s) didn't look closely at these issues. For example, Tula falls. That's a major industrial city that didn't move. That's a loss of around 5 to 10% of Soviet war production. If the plants were moved in this scenario, they would still be out of production for a year or more until restarted further East.
        The Soviets also relied very heavily on hydroelectric plants on dams north of Moscow. Here, these fall. The Soviets lose about 25% of their electrical grid. That's a huge hit on every factory in the Moscow - Tula area.

        Without having to deal with France and a Western front, the Germans have the engineering capacity with OT and within the military that the rail system in Russia, along with roads would be in far better shape. This means that the original problem of sufficient rail capacity is closer to what's necessary than the historical scenario. This helps with both the Moscow battle and the Stalingrad battle.

        Without having to deal with a North Africa campaign the Germans have roughly 3 to 5 more panzer divisions and anywhere up to about 250,000 more trucks than they did. I could see Opel (GM) and Ford both expanding production in Germany significantly simply to profit off the war making far more trucks and cars than they did historically.

        Without an air war versus the West, the Germans might be able to get a strategic bomber in some strength (say 100 to 200 operational) like a He 177 or something similar in service by mid to late 1942. This would give them the ability to bomb targets beyond the Urals. They had the aircraft to do the reconnissance, so the Soviets aren't going to be able to hide what they're doing for long.

        I think the Soviet Union would have collapsed and had to negotiate a very poor peace treaty with Germany as a result of this scenario.

        But, the Nazi's plan per Mein Kampf would still result in a empire that was teetering on collapse by 1950 so...


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          Too many inconsistencies and unanswered questions which makes it at best hugely simplistic. For example does Germany hand back all the gold and currency reserves confiscated in 1940? in the real war these were used to finance imports of iron ore from Sweden and oil from Romania not to mention wolfram (tungsten) from Portugal. All vital to Germany's ability to fight the USSR and Germany was desperately short of FX.. For that matter one cannot see Germany going to war with the USSR without Romania as an active ally as the latter controlled most of her oil supply.
          What does a free Poland mean? Does Germany hand back the annexed territories of the Wathergau? The autobahn network round Poznan built in early 1941 by Jewish slave labour from the Lodz ghetto was a vital nexus for supplying Barbarossa. Was the Central Government to be evacuated? The rail network at Warsaw was likewise vital.

          Moreover the vid does not at all reflect what people thought they knew at the time. Britain did not think in 1940 that her economy would be destroyed (something of an exaggeration in any case). A lot of the loss of confidence that led to the decline of the Empire resulted from the failure to deal with the initial Japanese onslaught in 1942 and this could not have been predicted in 1940.

          One could go on but all in all to quote Arthur Dent a load of steaming dingos kidneys
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          Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe (H G Wells)
          Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens (Friedrich von Schiller)


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            Hard to follow as statements are made that confuse the issues. To many what if's for sure. The question "Is this video crazy?" Yes.


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