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    I recommend that a game on space combat would be worthwhile. Based on something like Star Wars/Star Trek, it would be nice for most people who grew up as Trekkies.

    And, with Troy coming out in the summer, a game on the Trojan War would be a good seller.

    The Star Wars/Trek games could have some alternative futures like what would happen if Skywalker had been killed. Troy could have some possibility of no Trojan Horse.

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    There's a few computer games already out that allow you to 'rewrite the future' of the ST and SW universes... (I know this fits more in the gaming forum, but the forum theme IS alternate histories...)

    Microprose's Birth of the Federation is a turn-based SF/Klingons/Romulans/Cardassians conquer-the-galaxy game set in the ST:NG timeframe (think Civ or Master of Orion type game). Combat generally comes down to who has the bigger, badder, and more numerous starships (meaning no real tactics are used) and the 'borders' are generated randomly (ie. not like the ST universe at all with Klingons here, Romulans there, Federation over there, etc.), but it works. The nice thing about this game is it allows you to start out 'low-tech' (ie. with level 1 stuff around the Miranda Class) and warp at 1 'parsec' a turn up to level 7, pre-Defiant and pre-Sovereign class going after Warbirds and Vor'chas warping 3 and 4 'parsecs' a turn. It also throws in lots of races from the
    series, the Binars, Andorians, Betazoids, Vulcans, Edo, etc.).

    There's also the Starfleet command series for the computer which has some limited value in re-designing the ST universe since it is primarily a tactical combat simulator. It does use the ST 'map' (with the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Gorn empires), but basically you just select a 'zone', accomplish a mission, the results of themision change the map, get more points, get bigger, better ships, rinse, wash, repeat... I didn't finish a 'tour' up to admiral rank, so I don't know where it all ends.

    There's Rebellion for those SW fans. It allows you to build a Death star and go planet-busting (yet somehow Luke survives and ends up wounded in a Bacta tank even when you blow a planet out from underneath him...). It's real-time, not turn-based, and it can get really difficult if you fall too far behind and can't keep up with the Empire/Rebels. Technology ranges from X/Y-Wings and basic TIEs to Bulwarks, Super Star Destroyers, A-Wings, and TIE-Interceptors.

    For historical replays, there's the Civ III expansion Conquests. I had Austria (with English and Prussian help) overrun Napoleon and used the French to take out Spain and Portugal as world powers while trying to colonize the Americas. In my Rise of Rome game, I never defeated Carthage, but the Celts and Franks were completely wiped out and Rome ran from Scotland to Gibralter and from Portugal to the Baltic and Black Sea. And then there was the Meso-American campaign where the Mayans destroyed the Aztecs and Incas and held off the Spanish...

    Rise of Nations is a little gamey on the strategic side (given it's RTS-core game-play), but it can produce interesting 'political maps' that deviate from history. The new add-on expansion is supposed to make the strategic side of the game more involving...

    Other historical games with strategic alternate-history possibilites are Europa Universalis I (so buggy I would not recommend it) and II, Hearts of Iron (a WWII favorite of mine), Imperialism I (I think it came with a world map, but maybe not) and II, Medieval: Total War (sort of), Victoria (so I've read, but not yet played), and of course Axis and Allies and Diplomacy. Superpower has SOOOOO much potential, and yet fell so short... I can only hope Superpower II is better.

    Enigma: Rising Tide is a tactical naval simulator that takes place in an alternate world where Germany won WWI and there's three world powers, Germany, an aggressive US, and a combined Japanese/Commonwealth Navy. There's not much strategy involved, but supposedly, your tactical battles lead to changes in the game world politics (ala Starfleet Command above). Anyone remember Red Storm Rising (the computer game, not the board game)?... it's kinda the same thing.
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